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Wallwisher’s team demonstrated their web page applications at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. To make it easy for users to use the service, Wallwisher’s ideas are simple and clear. For example, you can make a scrapbook, a bulletin board, a list, a poll, etc., and then use them to stimulate group discussion or manage an activity.

"There are many similar success stories," says Ding Ran, manager of the

Wallwisher address: http://s.wallwisher/

according to Geng introduction, when he went to technical school, he studied automobile manufacturing, and the design was self-study. 4 years ago, when Witkey was just starting, he bid several tasks, and some won the bidding. Now, he has a stable job, Witkey as a hobby, and sometimes a month in Witkey online income four thousand or five thousand yuan.

the biggest advantage of Witkey is the ability to talk about heroes." Xiao Chen said, in the major Witkey online, participate in the task of bidding, not only college students, there are many masters, doctors, and some long-term professional work professionals. Although the lack of experience, but many students creative unique, still can beat professionals.

"you do Witkey?" in February 15th, sponsored by several human resources agency of Beijing "to create a better future talent recruitment", Hebei university graduates of 09 Chen resume caused many units of interest. A recruiter from a cultural company looked over the work submitted by Chen on the Witkey website and told him on the spot: "the design is very innovative and will come to the interview the day after tomorrow."."


creative unique, beat professional

"Witkey" is the homophonic translation of Witkey wit means intelligence, key means key. In the Internet age, people who rely on their creative ability intelligence and creativity to help others on the Internet so as to get paid are witkey. In simple terms, Witkey is the person who sells his intangible assets knowledge goods on the Internet, or the people who sell intelligence and creativity on the Internet as a commodity.

so far, Wallwisher users have grown very fast and very active. Of the 400 thousand Wallwisher users, 257 thousand have used the service in the past 30 days and have produced 262 thousand posts.

because of this, Witkey online active a batch of educational background is low, but the ability of witkey. Geng one is a senior Witkey who has been a Witkey for 4 years. He has designed a unique creative Logo scheme for many enterprises.

Wallwisher is a beautiful and practical online collaborative sticky paper application that literally means "Wishing Wall."". The founders believe that a major reason for people to keep the computer and paper and pencil is not easy, so this application lets users on the whiteboard on the production, collaboration and sharing of content, a bit like a refrigerator door home, free and convenient, at the same time to two people did not meet the communication.

The two functions of ?

Wallwisher greatly improve the user experience: real-time collaboration and file upload. Users just click the button to create a "new wall" and share it with friends, family and colleagues.

group. "This has prompted many college students to feel important to exercise their abilities."

, one of the largest Witkey websites in China, has a population of more than 1 million and has grown at a rate of more than 2000 per day. Among them, nearly 40% of the Witkey students are college students, the proportion is rising.

Wallwisher has received $40 thousand and $16 thousand from Startup Chile and Thymos Capital LLP, respectively.

Wallwisher founder · Niteshen; Gore Nitesh Goel said: "if people can put content like paper and pen as easy on the web, they can do so many fantastic things. Our creativity stems from the question of why people reach out for a piece of paper while sitting at a computer. "

asked when he graduated from what university, he said: "I did not go to college, just a few years of technical schools in town."."

clear Chen

"refrigerator door" Wallwisher: why do you want to use paper and pen to keep the computer

for many people, "Witkey" is a new word, but in a few savvy college students, it has become a synonym for part-time online, in advance of entrepreneurship and job security. More and more college students from the freshman year, sophomore year, when the beginning of the Witkey, and spare time to do part-time work on the network. The task of "Witkey" meets the challenges frequently. It can not only exercise ability, but also pay a lot of money, and accumulate experience for finding a job." Xiao Chen told reporters.

flexibility is an important advantage of Wallwisher relative to Trello, shlf1314, Docs and other competitors. Gore’s team didn’t take it too seriously at the beginning of the Wallwisher, but now they are beginning to devote themselves to the project.

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