Entrepreneurs say how do mess up a financingDiscussion on new Wangzhuan to earn some money for the

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many beginner think through long efforts, finally earned the first money, so he thought to have breakthrough bottleneck, the next day to earn one hundred yuan is the point the day and await for it a tendon, so do the unpromising Wangzhuan project, after all, a lot of Wangzhuan project can not put into market infinite. There is always a point of saturation, so we must learn to change in the operation of the thinking, the discovery of new Wangzhuan project, so that it can be in the process of Wangzhuan multiplication or addition to the way of making money, or can only be used subtraction way to make money, for a long time, your enthusiasm will decline, also there is no success when

source: I dark horse

in order to prevent the emergence of this mentality to do Wangzhuan, the only way is in the beginning of a careful investigation of Wangzhuan project, can also be investigated as the surrounding friends, and discuss about it, if you decide to do that, we must insist, at least to persist for several months, the if there is no result, even if the back down do not feel regret!

many people with great enthusiasm to join Wangzhuan career, many people in the If You Are The One imagined himself to his own career listed before the age of 35, from retirement, free disposable wealth, with a lover to travel around the world, but to imagine like, it is covered with thorns, the difficulties, or even several months not to earn money from the phenomenon, is not visible Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, everyone can succeed the meat and potatoes, but also full of fierce competition and survival of the fittest, here we have to analyze why many Wangzhuan couples do not earn money

we were going to sign a $1 million 200 thousand convertible debt contract. I submitted a revised balance sheet, which added $30 thousand in liabilities $200 thousand in liabilities on the balance sheet filed during the due diligence. This revision is due to accounting mistakes, and as an honest person, I think investors should see real debt figures before signing contracts. But at the meeting, our investors dropped the contract on the table: "we were going to sign it, but now we can’t trust your finances, so we need 75% of the shares agreed on 21%."." Our team was very frustrated. I tried hard to bargain through our angel investors, and at the end of the day the shares were fixed at 52%, but to be honest, I should have refused. Nine months later, I was out of my own company.

that’s my first angel investment promotion meeting. At that time, I was so excited that I had been practicing for two weeks, and changed many times. I tried to keep my time under five minutes. When we arrived at the meeting, we were told to wait for 1.5 hours because the speaker in front was out of time. Finally, we made a speech at 1:00 p.m., when most of the angel investors

lesson: never give up control of your company in the early days of your business. Don’t take money from investors who show up in the negotiations. Ta’s greed and shortsightedness could ruin the company.


no matter how the financial status of the company as CEO responsible, investors in this negotiation was using the old price strategy, when buying a car with good, used in the start-up technology companies financing negotiations in reality be inopportune or inappropriate.

Author: Dana Severson

two: great leap forward

after two years, the company’s management confusion, lack of funds, but not financing, because no one will venture to holding 80% of the start-up investment after TA had me further dilution of angel investor and founder of the company. Ambition is a good thing, but blindness and greed are not.

if you’re doing tech start-ups, you’re likely to need financing at some point. The consensus among entrepreneurs is that financing often takes time and effort, and pressure is difficult. Here are three financing stories and insights shared by entrepreneurs:


many beginner as we beginning to say, full of longing, but encountered difficulties, but no patience, no incentive to continue, thus becoming the first Wangzhuan failure, these people often have a common characteristic, that is in the beginning is not clear your goal, as long as you can make money on the line, but when the project does not make money immediately after the replacement of another project, always in the project changing way under the survivor, nature are not always good money, so the resulting Wangzhuan

three: lack of innovation,

I dark horse: now financing is often an integral part of entrepreneurship. Today we have a look at three foreign entrepreneurs, their financing story, I hope the failure and lessons of TA can bring you some enlightenment. At the same time, welcome to our dark horse question and answer, share your entrepreneurial story.

requires a lot of time to do Wangzhuan innovation, can not only rely on the path of others to do, others can only be a reference object, not the object of imitation, of course, do Wangzhuan project will not be able to do some strange innovation, everything has a frame, more than the innovation the framework, it tends to another extreme, so long as you can within the overall framework of Wangzhuan, can innovation, can always find their own road to success, but if blindly imitate others, then unfortunately, most take a little break.

1: no patience,

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