Small and medium owners to win in China four should learn to assess the situation20W cash acquisitio

webmaster at the same time through the alliance platform issued promotion code for CPA registration, user class advertising sales, each guide successfully registered a user, the webmaster can get 0.20 cash.


monthly fee: 100 yuan

            in the previous section we explain the small owners based on the Internet and how to win in the Chinese, respectively, from the user’s point of view, as well as the site itself, and the webmaster should have the mentality of detail. But some irresistible factors often make efforts or make the opportunity slip by cast to the wind, in front of an industry opportunities. So what made all of this? Size up the situation can explain this truth.

time: 2007-10-09,

address: www.the5v Chinese videoinfo:

            webmaster, always know what you should do, and what is not to do. So what should be done? The premise is, of course, not illegal. But is that all? Simply give an example: how hot is the movie station? While not breaking the law, it is easy to infringe upon copyright. How many of these websites are closed? Even if they all fall down, do you still have to be more cattle than they are? But there are still many owners in the upstream, that do not for this day, also said how to improve website rankings and get the favor of users. But the actual result is fun, and if you take it as a route of development, it won’t work.

            two: don’t


            or "search lead"

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up Type

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            I think the Internet is China from 08 years into a boom in the contention of a hundred schools of thought, after every day a large number of sites, in this development in recent decades is far from the website so quickly. So what makes the network like a raging fire? On the one hand, with the popularization of the Internet, the national demand is increasing day by day, and on the other hand, it is caused by the fast pace of life. Combining these two points, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion, Internet users for what: leisure and entertainment, meet psychological needs, and fast-paced work life integration. On the one hand, relax yourself and relieve yourself. On the other hand, through the network media to improve themselves faster or high-speed transmission of information. This website development in the limelight also behoove, but no matter in reality or in the network. Precisely because of this, in the full development of the network, there is no reasonable constraints, environmental drawbacks have also emerged. Some owners use garbage stations to gain profits, and some directly involve state bans on content to win profits. As a result, some policies had to be introduced to rectify the Internet in China, which led to the fall of large tracts of websites. However, under the consolidation, everything is filled with higher challenges, and the Internet is still a place for talented people.

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