The key to making money online is to increase the amount of site visitsDiscuss the premise that the

first its website should pay more attention to the latest events, such as entertainment settings is why do industry related foreign information? As long as it is hot, as long as the hot news, hot entertainment topic is most people are concerned about the news, is an important way of suction drainage, so often do some hot the topic of reports, use your own ideas to write even to write the corresponding negative views will increase to make an important contribution to the site traffic.

The key

wants to increase the number of visits to the website, it is necessary to learn to do some activities irregularly, such as a number of award-winning Q & A, quiz and other types, are very good choice. If this is the forum can be considered to carry out T building activities on a regular basis to send some of the user through the T building activities will help the integration, all of these measures are a good way to increase the popularity of the website! Finally, please indicate the author of the station, taobao ladies:

of network marketing is to allow more users to pay attention to your website, see this purpose whether you spend promotion or not spend promotion will have a direction, only to allow more users to pay attention to your site traffic increase is only a matter of time. But many of my friends are most likely to make mistakes is always hope to have more new users to access your site every day, this idea is not entirely correct, as by the turnover rate to e-commerce sites, the turnover rate is the key to repeat, so we should do the site visit is to strive to increase the place, only the largest the degree of tarry old client through the good to help the people of the content attract old customers, you don’t have to worry about no new customers to your website.

, Liu Ren said, "the world’s most strong business model is: sell cigarettes at the door, 3 yuan purchase, 3.5 yuan sales.". Think about this sentence, Different people, different views. The feasibility and necessity of small business are suggested. Some people put forward to maximize profits, because saw a long time ago, already can test. The profit of a pack of cigarettes is more than 0.5 yuan calculated by Liu Ren.I now return to

the other Chinese internet. Some people have a keen eye and occupy a small field of considerable prospect, namely "blue ocean" in popular parlance". Some people have devoted all their energies to the study of profit models, eager to find a model that suits them to bring cash flow. Some people will focus on how to launch their own, advertising all over the sky. Very few people are doing the technical work honestly, following the rules and doing everything one step at a time. We can not say who is right and who is wrong. We all have our own ideas and have our own way of doing things. Each approach can lay its own advantages in some way. In essence, having a large number of users is the foundation of all, leaving the user, the market, business models, promotion, technology, as a castle in the air.

Internet computer is not communicated with each other, but. With man, everything comes into being.

home should be placed in the 2 to 3 third party statistics on our website, mainly in order to prevent one problem affect the comprehensive analysis on the website, develop a regular website visitors to observe their loyalty, loyalty to see this? Is very simple, look at the daily user visits can, to increase it only a day! Newer and better content users will really love it here, in order to numerous network marketing site of your choice, and even become loyal fans of our website. Here is a bit like or the school network space, have played friends know if the nets do you often update it will find a rule, such places as long as you will update the number of hits, visitors will go up.

first, keep up with today’s hot news, and grab the latest information.

below, the author briefly talk about how to do so that visitors can visit their website again, and these are our efforts to the direction:

second, pay close attention to the amount of return visit

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

third organize regular activities

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