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when is the best time to start,

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1 really good project

you’ve got to figure out what to do about it, and it’s something that excites you. You don’t have to think about the same things that others have done, but you have to think about whether you can make it successful.

first of all, you have to have a really good project. Second, you need the support of money. Third, entrepreneurship should have a very good team. Fourth, the founder must be a true leader.

now, entrepreneurship has become a hot topic, if China’s big situation does not change, then in the next twenty or thirty years, entrepreneurship will still be a hot topic. The reason is very simple, the advent of the mobile Internet and the smart age, brings more opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

business can not be a temporary impulse, you can not see other people’s business, so they have to start business.


second sites I just found today, when I was in a restaurant today, we took the Yangzhou evening newspaper read, found at the bottom of the advertisement is full of logistics advertising, then check the word Yangzhou logistics and logistics network in Yangzhou sh419 index, sh419 did not show the amount of search, though but still very few people search space, you want to search in sh419 ah Yangzhou logistics are some factory owners people may not always search. However, I found that we are still doing Yangzhou Yangzhou logistics network, ranked first is an advertising position is 2500, sold out of advertising is still a lot.


I don’t think it’s the best time to start a business. All days are the best time to start a business. When students should start their business, I think it’s worth exploring.

is now a lot of entrepreneurs pay attention to entrepreneurship best period, young people the best entrepreneurial opportunity is what time? Three years from 500 thousand and a reliable thought of entrepreneurial projects, is to buy with the money or for the

there are always opportunities to devote yourself to life, so that you can truly understand life.

What do you need to note when you start

Abstract: I was a New Oriental, and China has tens of thousands of training institutions. The reason why I am willing to do it is because I have the confidence of success, and I do not expect to do new oriental. But now, entrepreneurship, must be cutting-edge technology, others did not do business models have more opportunities, such projects are not too much.


it’s relatively easy to say if you’re going to start a business as a partner. Why? Because you follow other people’s business, the main resources are not provided by you, you don’t need a lot of money and other resources, you need to pay for time and energy. If you fail, the damage will be smaller for you, and it will be easier for you to make a decision at this point.

I found web sites are all suitable for the operation of the grassroots website first, for example, the last time I want to buy a dog on the Internet, in sh419 search inside to buy a dog, and later found that this site is still very profitable, ranked in the top 3 of the profits, are grassroots operation the site, the first site I figured a minimum of 18W income, he sold advertising for a month is 500, a total of 30 advertising, a month income is 1.5W, we can see that advertisers door selling dog at all is not what the cost of selling dog profits this program is very high, the website forum program is very simple, you can do such a site, as long as we do or can make money.

today with you for example, these three websites are grassroots webmaster operation, I hope you grassroots webmaster found more things around, think more. The prospects for the industry are really big, although it may not make money now, but as long as you have influence in this industry, it must be able to make money. For example, the stainless steel net, the Chinese ginkgo tree net are also made by individuals, and they are profitable. As well as the Chinese crankshaft network, no one has done it. There are hundreds of crankshafts in the country at least. Support you find more segments of the industry, looking for segments of the industry.

third website is one of my friends website, what is the specific website I will not say, the manufacturers so few, operating for three years, 2000 months is an advertising revenue, a year can have 24000 of the revenue and advertising people take the initiative to find his

Hello, my name is Tian Shengling, I have been diving in A5, rarely come out bubbling, today I share with you how to choose a successful segmentation industry.

as we all know, entrepreneurship requires a lot of investment, it takes time and money to sacrifice other opportunities. So you need to be very cautious about starting a business.

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‘s decision to start a business is no less difficult than other major decisions in life. For example, the decision whether to marry, the decision to settle in which city and so on. So, before you start your business, especially if you’re the founder, leading someone else to do something, you need to think more carefully.

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