4 criteria for registering shlf1314 Adsense accountsDocument writing services, cutting-edge industry

1. must apply for independent domain names, free blog is no longer supported except shlf1314 blogger, his blog at home most of the time, but it can not be normal access, a free forum this kind of non independent website domain name application but after application, can put ads on blogs, forums.

3. website domain name registration time more than 6 months. Even before registering for a day’s website, the registration time is now limited.

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The presentation class of

benefit analysis:

Registration information for domain names on

, if first, second can not reach, then no one can help you, and make good efforts, good content, good flow, meet the conditions after the application. If third, fourth can not reach, this relatively easy to do, you can buy online registration time of more than 6 months domain name, webmaster network, Taobao have such domain name transfer. It should be stated that the domain name purchased is a normal domain name transaction, and the purchased domain name is applied for the shlf1314 Adsense account, and there is no violation of the shlf1314 Adsense policy.


here, I summed up the 4 criteria that the registration shlf1314 Adsense account must satisfy at the same time:

operating conditions:

4. must be consistent with the information requested for adsense. This is to prevent the use of other people’s Web sites to apply.

2. website content must be the webmaster or website users of the original content mainly, can’t be copied everywhere, collected content. If you use the garbage station to apply, it is recommended that all the contents of the home page be made original before the application.

2. personal needs: personal letter, telex, contract, contract, agreement, etiquette documents, personal resume, application report, autobiography, family history, and the type of thing, a civil complaint, the complainant, legal divorce like instrument, or even to write letters, speeches etc..

new century personal entrepreneurship surge, every day a large number of individual industrial and commercial households, individual proprietorship enterprises, small private enterprises continue to emerge. These new enterprises to cope with the higher Department of industry and Commerce and taxation inspection, summary or their work, corporate image, product promotion, there is often a lot of paper to write, but because these operators have enough time and energy, or culture is limited, don’t do it yourself. And because the enterprise is small, it is difficult to find employees who can catch pens, so that some copies are not written and cannot be written. All these provide considerable market base and unlimited business opportunities for the successful operation of the manuscript writing service.

can choose a writing firm, a writing service agency, a business writing company and other different business models depending on its own strength. If you have the ability to write "code words", it’s better to operate easier. The home office and the lack of funds early small entrepreneurs should adopt the firm service mode of operation, to personal power, and a small amount of hired assistant part-time form, use of the existing conditions in the home telephone, computer, printer, etc. can be run, the investment of 10 thousand yuan that liquidity can run the company, rent a facade of 30 square meters of office or, briefly divided into decoration, business office and studio. It is best to operate in the commercial or industrial development zones, and facilitate the connection with enterprises and companies to provide more efficient and convenient services. In addition to invest 30 thousand yuan for the purchase of computer, printer, copier, fax machines, office chairs and other office supplies, hiring staff with college degree or above, can be independently engaged in writing, best foreign language translation has a good foundation, the operation of funds of about 40 thousand yuan.

service content:

as we all know, now it is difficult to apply for shlf1314 Adsense account, many webmasters are filled with enthusiasm to apply, but has repeatedly been rejected.

when the application is rejected, shlf1314 Adsense to the webmaster mail, usually like a robot like reply, let the webmaster also don’t know what causes the unsuccessful application.

1. units written: all kinds of rules and regulations, work plans, summary and report, all kinds of project application and analysis report, various enterprises and institutions of the history, publicity announcements, notices or orders, agreements, contracts and litigation, advertising presentation and business letters etc..

writing service should be developed with a reasonable fee standard for local people. A presentation such as ordinary letters, regulations and rules, etc., 30 – 100 yuan per thousand; an important presentation such as planning report, bidding scheme and litigation documents, per thousand charges in 100 – 300 yuan; special presentation such as personal biography report, etc. can be taken into account by the required the time and energy, difficulty and expense, establishing a reasonable fee standard.

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