After 90 site experience worth recalling

talked about my website to tell the truth when I feel a little money spent, I am just a junior high school graduates will enter the website which will do what ah, remember the website before I can’t know that a website is how to get out, and I most loved ones on the net also is in a play the game is a little chat or look at what the QQ movie network use to know.

, let me talk to you about how I was officially in touch with the Internet. Remember, I worked in a factory at that time. It was a typical office worker. I didn’t do anything except go to work every day. In the 09 year of June [as if I can’t remember when the factory is good off-season] have nothing to do one day to play very idle for a week up to 4 days, the remaining time is to play, then I will go to Internet cafes playing games every day.

one day I was playing games in Internet cafes, my QQ rang I see is my brother, remember my brother asked me why I said to be playing a game, he asked me how to surf the Internet every day, free not to go to work, he and I said I now in the factory, then my brother and what I said is not remember, I remember that to find something for me to do, I was a promise, to tell the truth I do not play games every day that people do not want to work in the cafe, but I was still very young was 18 years old but I don’t want to so day after day, I want to live a full point every day is the best to do something that is the best. At that time my brother let me do, let me give a website to update the content, I do not know what this is more to let my brother a little to teach me, I was very strong, just don’t know when he handed is not very difficult, no matter how to say some knowledge of my brother until now, or in a website to teach me, I really thank you for my good. By the way, he has been mentioned all the time. We don’t know what kind of person he is. Let’s introduce it to you.

in my heart, he is a very talented people, no matter what happened in that he can be solved, he in my mind never gets angry and never and others had contradictions, I remember when I was young love in his fart after pestering him. Until now, too, in my mind, he is my role model, a value I go to learn.

My brother

was the of this website gave me every day to update the content, I did not understand what this is doing? But he let me do I have to do, not only to do but to do, this site is a forum to update the content is very simple in inside hair post very easy. After I got this job to my brother every day to update Internet cafes, the beginning is let me put things in the copy others website to go inside the can, after a few days, not to say such things to write their own original, we can imagine that a junior high school graduates who could write what I believe, is to write can’t see. I told him, and he said, "let me fake it."

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