Ten degree interaction the optimization of website construction from a best-selling book

SEO (search engine optimization) for website construction, is a long lasting topic, is also a commonplace topic. Read of every hue SEO tutorial, there are online selling thousands of yuan a so-called cattle book, is packaged into a variety of Mars marketing concept of so-called professional course, at first glance, like it, really want to practice, not what effect, but because of excessive "indulgence" is the search engine of K station, because be specific what point, "master" who never say "you to master", even to the point of love can only be sensed. Well, I was browsing through this article and you grok it, you believe it? Etc.anyway, went straight to the theme of


long ago seen such a few words: Zhizhirenxin before you do website optimization work, please touched his heart, asked whether this approach will be more beneficial to the viewer to read? I guarantee to God: before every time I do the optimization work, really touched my heart think so! Do some optimization case later, I found several features of the website optimization: the first is the original, second is the index of third is clear to outsiders evaluation. These three characteristics summed up, I actually found and a best-selling book characteristics are exactly the same. Why is this?


first, originality. Search engines like new things because they want to push new things for visitors, and new information gathered from different angles and websites. Similarly, readers also love the book has new content, rather than put all sorts of things together a hodgepodge. Then the original index embodied in what aspects? I want to search engine, the first is the title of the original, because the search engine spiders will first climb your website Title, keywords, description, and other content. Titles are distinctive, fluent, easy to understand, and direct to target keywords. Do not stack keywords, others, also not new in order to be different. Generally speaking, the first word of the title is the most important. Target words in general with a key word and two auxiliary word is appropriate, between the word and the word is best not to forcibly separated, you can put some key words into a sentence on a complete semantics of words, this will increase the subject and auxiliary word combinations into new probability. For example, our website homepage is such a title: "Guangzhou website construction _ do web design and website construction company _ ten interactive" best, the first "Guangzhou site construction", and "web design" and "website construction company", behind the two words and front "Guangzhou" "Guangzhou web design company", "Guangzhou site construction company", "website" and other words. Followed by the title of the original, write an article between, should first search whether there is a similar title on the Internet, the original content of the article is the same. Search engines need new content, Internet users need new information, and human needs new knowledge, that’s as simple as that.

, a best-selling book, also requires original content, which can be a new point of view, a new issue

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