Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the rapid development of local websites and discussi

believe that many webmaster do local website, because some local network after the success began to do, just like many webmaster imitate webmaster network. In fact, this is not wrong, good things should be learned, the domestic very powerful, is not also a lot of things imitate others?. But careful webmaster will find that the company’s products have been changed on the basis of imitation, and this is what I want to share with all of you today – innovation.

undeniably, the local website is one of the websites with great momentum of development in recent years. It’s one of the reasons why there is still 09 years to buy all over china. Local web site is also a general downturn in the Internet industry environment, grassroots Adsense most able to achieve their own Internet business dream of the best choice. But everything is a double-edged sword, the local site development so fast and popular sample There are both advantages and disadvantages. "benefit" here, not much said, believe that the choice of or will choose to do local webmaster friends are clear, and here I mainly analyze the "fraud" in what place. Because there is a successful precedent, such as local websites appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain forum program, look at the official forum of the user’s personalized signature, XX port, XX network, XX network and other convenience life innumerable, by estimation, every day there will be about 2-3 local website was born. Big woods, what birds will have, although we are doing local sites, but the quality is uneven. Do not know if you have this experience, when you run out of business when some businesses listen to your site is done, immediately to do like see results. If you have the nerve to ask why, he’ll tell you that XX has been here a while ago and charged a very high fee, but it didn’t work at all. Chengdu love home network has the same experience. You can say that it’s your industry that killed you, but in the end, it’s because local websites are growing so fast. Of course, what I said above is that the quality is not good. The website has affected you. Here’s how the quality of the website affects you.

there are many webmaster friends, or have a good site of heart, from the beginning of the quality is very good, can not get little popularity, get a good reputation. If you want to make a local stop in this place, you have to think it over carefully. What do you do to compete with others? As a novel? Local website user has not think what new things; do quality? People every day will have its own users and broke the original; others do popularity? Active users every day to let you do your service as the acme of perfection;? How many services can do


we read the contents of the above is not that local site has no head? You are dead! In fact is not, like his martial arts novels, poisonous medicine will have the antidote, then cattle Impenetrable Defence cocoon will be vital. Do the local website a ready-made panacea is innovation, the local website is vital for change.

innovation, do web site want to innovate, but how to innovate local network?

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