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network marketing for 6 years, a good mood today to my experience to share with you, ha ha joke, I think for the enterprise website in Riga customer website online consultation, online ordering, online message, online complaint system is very important. Why is it important? I’ll show it to you. Let’s start with I joined the company in 2006 as an Internet marketing specialist. Because I haven’t used any space before. Top-level domains. After entering that company, just begin to learn the website of original independent website uploads, data uses FTP software to undertake. (I used to upload it directly with WEB in my free space) no nonsense. Get to the point.

in 2006, the website program was picked up from the source code network. But when the site was first built, it was the boss, a friend who helped him do it, so he said he would be able to get there. In 2007, the company is still doing Baidu bidding, I was responsible for the documentary at that time, there is no natural ranking of the site, there is no good website, corporate image. There is nothing to be taken lightly, but there is a single thing that is pitiful, and the second is through the advertisement. This is a criminal record of that company website.

2007 low, I personally took Baidu search our 3 products keywords, the first page of the top three. Customer visits, orders still unsatisfactory, and then after months of reflection and analysis, the results come out. Corporate network image, in order to establish a good corporate image, I revised the site again, half a month later, the effect came out. A month ago, it was hard to sell a machine after the first month of revision. 6 ideal! My work time visitors have become customers outside of work? How to convert the working time of the visitors to direct customers? Is a ha! But my sales network from scratch, from small to large. Think over a few days later to develop a solution: in the product introduction, add a review system, customers fill out the contact number, name, mailbox, you can comment. Then contact the company online products consulting, ordering, maintenance, complaints system, as shown in the following:


added that after I capture effect for everyone to look at:



this article wrote here, I think you should all look at the webmaster understand, if not understand, welcome to the village network asked, I will be free when the first time reply.

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