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station, station will undoubtedly become the industry, now follow the trend of the object, how then do we do a local station? The development prospects, profitability…… the author in August also built a local station (Chengdu Tribune), although not much time, but also have some thoughts on local station. Compared to the local station owners earlier, experience or a lot less, here to start a discussion, I hope we can discuss together!


potential and development opportunity

first let’s talk about the potential and development potential; whatever do industry has a certain potential, just need to keep stable development, not afraid of competition; but now everything is competitive, the industry specializing in surgery, professional, the customer will find you. To bring you benefits, better development potential lies in the local advantages, which is the fundamental reason why a large number of local industry now station! If the home is in Chengdu, and we want to buy things in Chengdu and Beijing, I think we will generally choose local, even a little expensive! First of all in the trust and psychological effect on have a certain advantage! And localization services and customer service can provide more and better


also has a lot of local station development opportunity, if you live in an area, when you want to do the industry have been carved, felt unable to compete, then you can consider a block around the city and county-level city, of course, population and economy scale should be considered, which directly affect the to your development and future earnings, if your local station has been familiar to many local businesses and individuals, to provide services for them, then, to improve and strengthen your service, they may become your investors, promote the development of you better.

How does

make a local station,


this is what we as webmaster must seriously consider, from the domain name, host, we have better choose some good.Com meters (now more people know.Com.Cn.). The host is also an important aspect. A user can not stay on an unknown station for more than a minute or more.

site content, theme, and columns can be considered! Before that, we need to do some investigation, if your local humane environment is not very understanding, it needs in the network or by other means to understand the population, the number of enterprises, the number of users (not recommended to the webmaster! Do not familiar with the so-called interest for the first place!!) the type of local stations are: local comprehensive portal and enterprise e-commerce, classified information, recruitment, local forums, dating and other categories, before you do the site type, you need to understand the situation of the local network, such as local some large well-known network platform popularity ranking, etc..

e-commerce, let’s talk about it,


website on-line, have certain content, after certain capital, consider again >

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