Sincere advice to a novice station owner and a webmaster who has a weak will

as a novice webmaster has a lot to learn how to do, how to do station reform program page. Today I’m not going to teach the new owners how to do, but with their own experiences to the new owners and doing station owners will is not strong but some sincere advice.

08 years do very difficult website, because it is personal webmaster, because is new station, many novice webmaster or new station are easy to make such a few faults:

1 with interest website three minutes, your website do website today, tomorrow to see your website development is very good do you like this, entertainment station tomorrow music station today, the last to see which thousands of people have changed the forum forum. To understand the precipitation down, patience to think about what kind of station, I want the most clear, do not yourself is very confused, and finally your station is also a confused station.

2 do stop, do not insist on updating every day, every day to take care of personal AdSense and other commercial webmaster difference is that the general personal webmaster are very diligent, are every day before the computer N long kind. For example you want to watch the news 163 this morning to see all the news yesterday? If every day is such a few days they will not come to your site, because there is nothing to see, webmaster is easy today of interest to the update, an update tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is not happy then think of update update. Why do you have any reason to ask why my website does not flow, why will not always succeed in their own station ah?.

3 copy and copy serious personal Adsense, are generally imitate start up, original rarely, always said he did not have resources, can’t have new original every day. Do you have the same idea every day? Do you see an idea and an attitude every day? Write it out of your mind and write it on your own mind. It’s an original article every day. Big spiders like visitors to your site every day, too. Because you can see new things on other sites, don’t you think so,


4 will not firm, new webmaster is easily by other sites around, and in the end he is not clear what kind of Web site you want to do. It’s not clear whether you’ll be a successful station in a few years. A webmaster need to understand the patience of precipitation, down to do their own thing, do their own station, other good places we go to learn from, but not let oneself three days, two days to deny yourself.

do stand a few years every day is spent looking for early update resources in, can understand now do stand hard work and not easy. So hope new and will not firm owners less take some detours less impetuous. Believe know webmaster will stick with the precipitation of success. This is the original source of imperial owners welcome the webmaster to share with me on.

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