The Ministry intends to screen the registration of overseas registered domain names

not for a long time to Admin5 feeds, these days I have been domestic policy make gas is not one to play, had waiting next to the computer, on time every day to focus on Chinaz, Admin5, discuz, phpwind on the relevant national policies related to the interests of the individual owners of dynamic.

‘s hand for a long time no movement, because early premonition situation is not good, came through Chinaz ylmf ", see the upper left corner of the two lines of waiting environment to his career entirely beneficial to begin, will never succeed. [in the greenhouse imagine the Antarctic, anyone can do it], I feel quite reasonable and appreciate that they have always maintained a passion for entrepreneurial team.

but looking back, not ah, these words of encouragement, our personal webmaster, it is too far away, we can’t get the environment, not the basis of what we now have is passion, the environment overwhelmed, we just want your love the way of life mix to eat, how is it so hard to


some time ago I also for our Internet, for our people pleased and proud, because I feel that now more and more people’s way of life, not just the same as early as nine late afternoon commuters living way, Chinaz and A5 have been reported, there is through to write novels eat well, write a year can earn a lot of money, but we also know that any industry is in Pyramid in the form of development, get the money less and less, will have an industry No1, NO2, NO3 or limited, ten fingers and one on the end, more is a huge industry base, unfortunately, is also very lucky, so much like ants large Adsense team will have you, I have

I know, at this moment many webmasters are of vital importance, and actively take the website policies, but I want to bring a webmaster has data migration on the bad news now reads as follows (this article I fortunately preserved, but also in the NetEase to see, but now it is removed):

Phoenix Financial News, according to the French Radio International reported that China recently launched a nationwide domain name registration service management, special regulation campaigns.

in December 16th, the Ministry of industry and information technology of China organized the national domain name registration service and management institution, and held a special action meeting in Beijing. At the conference, China will not be allowed to use the international domain name registered in China unless it does not resolve the name of the domain name which has not been filed.

industry insiders expect, this means that China’s Internet will implement the "white list" system. Once the large-scale promotion of the measures, in addition to a small number of international large sites, there is no "record" of overseas sites, will be technically unable to resolve domain names, in China can not access.

, according to the Xinhua news agency, the Ministry requested domain name registration management

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