Digg founder did a lot of things against the company’s product DNA


Digg founder Kevin · Ross (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Yu Lin) July 16th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, after the Digg was at the price of $500 thousand sold to Betaworks Digg, the founder of Kevin · Ross (Kevin Rose) for the first time to accept the media interview. He said he had sold some of the company’s stock when he was financing the venture, but he did not make much money".

however, this is only one of the frustrating things for Ross. In 2004, he founded Digg, and has since served as executive and executive of the company until the company has been sold.

Digg was the first social media website, it allows ordinary users to news and other Internet content to the web page, no longer rely on occupation to hold news editor of people’s preferences, in order to attract more like-minded people. According to Dow Jones VentureSource report, the valuation of Digg in 2008 was more than 160 million U.S. dollars,

however, Ross believes that a series of mistakes, an established fact as well as Facebook and Twitter and other social media is better than simple news to share, which makes Digg ruined the great situation. One of the missteps was that Digg messed up the new version of the line in 2010, and the more deadly thing was that Ross thought the company was slow to respond to Internet users’ criticism.

Ross said, "we’re struggling to get the traffic back to its previous level.". However, after we recovered, some community netizens had given up on us."

also said Digg had made a big mistake because of the cloning of websites such as Twitter and Facebook. "We did a lot of things against company products, DNA," Ross said."

Said Ross

, Twitter and Facebook gradually began to eat Digg traffic, because the two sites have invaded the Digg sphere of influence, but also let users more convenient to find and get the latest news and information.

"Twitter has become an important site on the Internet for breaking news," says

, while Facebook is where links are shared. Social media is really on the rise."

, these new web sites are easy to operate, making content sharing easier. "On Digg, you need to take 8 steps to share a link," Ross says."

Ross says the last straw crushing Digg is its own technological appearance

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