Baidu knows to use the acme of marketing promotion three jump [up]

Baidu’s many products are promotional tools, but this article to share with you the most familiar, "Baidu know."". There are two main reasons: one is because Baidu know the operability, copy the strong promotion of the site for its low requirement is two; if you insist on promotion, Baidu know can bring the effect (not only visits) well. Baidu know the promotion of a specific means belongs to knowledge marketing application, Baidu know the first time use is about two years ago, from the beginning of the first method to promote the use of contact network, practice found that if the Baidu know promotion to extremes, and the management mechanism of wits, will eventually evolve into marketing three jump.

because the content of more details, tentatively divided into the last part to release, the first part is very basic, most people may have seen many versions, but this version is Song Xia version, applicable to any website promotion. The second part is shared by personal experience. If your website has been banned by Baidu, if you don’t just want to get traffic, how do you use Baidu to know marketing?.

Baidu knows: the world’s largest Chinese interactive Q & a platform [nobody should have never heard of, did not use Baidu know…… [


Baidu knows entry-level Keywords: answer questions, references,

The question of "

" in this "best answer" is not in the minority, and a few drops in only a little loss of points, and most of the questions are retained. In this stage of several features: new station, novice, Baidu know the normal account, website links can be added.

Baidu knows is a very good marketing promotion channels, although for advertising review and blow is more strict, but for bring effective visit, and long-term marketing has very good effect. But at the beginning of 09 years, Baidu knows that now the registration of new users of behavior monitoring is still relatively strict, so when you are ready to start, Baidu knows, you need to register at least 2-3 accounts.

tip: you can use your site Chinese name registration account (such as Song Xia blog, Song Dynasty blog), but this method is not recommended. Unless you have been included in the site, and you are prepared to answer the professional questions in the form of a brand station. Otherwise, it’s better to register some other names. [Huyou or hidden point Huyou]

in the first 3-4 days of your registered account, try not to answer questions with a link to the website. This answer is usually sifted out. It is better for you to choose different categories, first answer questions, and then accumulate 100 points, then start promotion later. (new users activate +20 points, the first daily landing +5 points, each answer questions +2 points (daily maximum 20 points), participate in voting +1 points, the answer was accepted as the best answer, +20 points system points + reward points. This calculation, 3 days every day to answer the 10 question, even if you don’t have any answer is adopted as a satisfactory answer, do not participate in any vote, you can get.

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