Do some problems appearing in the small station

‘s little station, February, soared, and ranked very fast, but suddenly a big problem came the week before. Station 2 two was Baidu included, at the time when included, mainly to do external connection of the friendly, every day do six or seven of the PR in the connection, more than 5 of the It is as expected, Baidu included very quickly, it included my station for two days, have not considered their ability, just think of themselves good luck, nor do the page optimization over SEO. The top and foot a little bit, and the rest of the work is on the daily updates and external connections, articles every day to maintain more than 10 updates, the connection also maintained at about 5. Half a month later, Baidu’s ranking rose to the three page, about a week later, ranking fifth and second, and after a week, the rankings continued to third and second.

has recently had some problems, ranking dropped to five or six pages, summed up the causes of problems may cause the change of page links, thus causing the spider again in the station that the station changed, the page is not stable, there is no smooth sounding down, it becomes a the transition period. The website ranking changes either Baidu or GOOGLE is actually caused by trust, PR, degree of authority, but sometimes it is extremely unstable, it is possible to chain problems, best to check your chain. Overall, the site optimization is not much difference, pay attention to the webmaster attention problems, and then insist on updating the original article every day and do a few authoritative links, website ranking will soon go up. Too transitional to do links, in fact, may bring their own small station devastating blow, Baidu is the most sensitive, and found you cheat on the miserable, for a long time, perhaps six months do not see up. There are some key words by businesses. As a result, the possibility of such artificial intervention, do not expect this keyword for a long time, how long do try to make long, must do local portal or large industry station, this station is not considered too many optimization problems.

Keywords small

is better to do, if you do a good job, a good income of a station, for many small and medium-sized webmaster, I remind you to do some small, some small monthly total income is also good, put less manpower, but it can receive good harvest returns, hope every webmaster struggling in the evening at the same time every day, a good harvest. This paper from the business opportunities feeds, reproduced please indicate the copyright of


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