Goal on the current station group profits to achieve the N way

today’s Internet is still in the golden age, let’s look back ten years ago, there were no few full Chinese webmaster, and the webmaster have to write code to do a website, but the effect is only the most simple static pages. And look where we are today’s environment, a variety of excellent and mature website program, from CMS to BBS to SNS to inefficient station group software, all good with the plug-in, various Adsense exchange and promotion platform, various webmaster tools, let the Webmaster Station to start today "as the tiger wings". We don’t have to complain about being born later than Ding Lei and Ma Huateng. In fact, you may not be able to do what they did today because you were in the same running line with them. What we need to do is to base ourselves on the environment we face, and make full use of the current resources, as soon as possible on the Internet to dig the first pot of gold. If the efficiency of the fastest station procedures do not stand together,


believe that the webmaster have seen station group software website group is how to put the spectacle of some popular keywords Baidu search results before two pages or more are all occupied, if you have used the station group software must also know it brings revolutionary changes to the station station, automatically according to the set of keywords web content acquisition and pseudo original, and can be carried out for SEO optimization, improve the station group of search engine friendliness, the rest is the webmaster need the idea through what mode by stations to achieve "profiteering"! Stations from there to review this time today, station group profit model has been maximization rich station group profit model owners use their ability and cleverness created various today, let us look at the same station group violence Benefit method:

1, the use of SEO keyword optimization search keywords

this is the realization of a station group value and advantages of the most efficient method, but to use station owners must have higher requirements, the optimization of higher levels of SEO, can do can use the station itself with various optimization settings, coupled with the use of the chain help to realize "for some time hot" or even popular keyword search results page occupation. Some guest webmaster is our common on some popular areas of the long tail keywords or even popular word for optimization, make stations dominate these keyword search results page before a few pages, the flow not only, but also high quality, so this brings profits as can be imagined.

2, converting huge amounts of traffic into affiliate advertising revenue

do stand at the early stage of most commonly used profit model than advertising alliance, from the big Google Adsense to Baidu alliance, to major domestic advertising, to the station to provide a reliable and many high-quality advertising source, use the advertising alliance provided by advertising code, can be set in the eye-catching advertising station group every site is the best advertising position, such as the top position on the banner, left 300*300, station >

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