The Philharmonic live beggars transition guide community holding a golden bowl of the future

The birth of the initial

Philharmonic live is to assume "Baidu middle page platform bridge, Baidu will not sell the flow in the middle platform is another way which is transformation, underestimated the traffic on this platform will enlarge the commercial value. This is also an important piece of Baidu layout O2O, but unfortunately, after a year of tossing and turning, even from Baidu’s Pro son into Taobao’s dry son, which is really surprising.

criticism has been a lot of people, I also stand in their angle, put yourself in the Philharmonic live thinking, analysis of so much, why?.

Why did



year in the field of O2O toss, Cai Hu summary is: due to the low level of life service business Internet, Philharmonic live community + electricity supplier model early. In fact, in the field of O2O, the model of a successful community + There are plenty of people who, life service businesses on the Internet has been a lot of forerunner level O2O’s popularity is very good, especially in the delicacy, decoration, wedding and other important areas, so the Philharmonic live basically and businesses without failure.

for a variety of reasons can be attributed to the core of 2 points: first, the strategy is too greedy, and two is not grounded.

Philharmonic live team too bright background, and took $50 million in financing, not a matter of shaking heaven and earth to the audience, so the strategy must be high, coverage must be wide, the result is a year in the strategy under the guidance of the website, and finally most of the user’s impression is "hodgepodge", I don’t know why you are, I just do? Business by Baidu background call came, but no orders ah, this is not fooled people? Business users confused, confused, the team can not


O2O is a strong regional differences, Category attribute is very strong, very difficult to have a standardized solution, because the O2O work is mostly Zanghuoleihuo, team fit figure is not dry. I do not think the Philharmonic live team really pick up on the earth, but from the top to the bottom of China Unicom is not suitable, WEB product support, operational support, sales support, the whole thing to run through, in fact, there has been a lot of problems, the final result is not ground gas.

Why is



from the current situation, this revision is reasonable, but it will inevitably be despised. O2O failure, inevitably abandoned by Baidu, VC’s money is conditional, patron instability, and the funds are unstable, fortunately, there are traffic in. This kind of endgame can only be so, the first knife cut past, O2O input all stop; second knives layoffs, control expenditures; third knives, existing flow with the shopping guide realized income, as soon as possible earnings. So, Cai Hu said, "we’re going to make a profit at the end of the year. We’re actually going this way, and we’re going to cut corners, and we’ll probably be there soon.".

what’s the result of this road,


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