Online shopping system construction, JAVA, PHP programming language analysis

with the successful promotion of e-commerce in China, the successful operation of large-scale B2C integrated online shopping mall such as Jingdong, Suning and so on, a batch of independent online shops have also developed in full swing. Along with this upsurge, online shop system and other related derivative shop platform, the industry also appeared jet well development. At present, there is a certain impact on the online shop system, there are more than a dozen, such as users familiar with the JAVA shop system: SHOP++, Probiz, PHP, online shop system: SHOPEX, ECSHOP, etc., has been successfully serving about 400000 businesses. We compared the shop system has its own characteristics and advantages in function, performance, service and other aspects, the ultimate goal is to sell online friends, here we simply analyze how programming language of JAVA and PHP in the shop system construction, of which programming language is more suitable for online system construction.

Technical architecture analysis of

online shop system

technology architecture is the frame of the system, the hierarchical system is effectively the performance of the organization, the hierarchical system of good design, can achieve the "high cohesion, low coupling", also can be separated from the specific problem, easy to control, easy extension, easy to allocate resources. PHP is the use of the process oriented development method, PHP shop system can only achieve a simple framework of distributed two layer or three layer; Java is using the object-oriented design method, using the MVC design pattern JAVA online store system, multi-layer network architecture, system architecture. The system is more efficient and reasonable.

can learn that the programming language of JAVA and PHP in the design of different systems in the technical architecture of the differences, makes the system scalability, demand flexibility on gap is more and more big, the unique design of the SHOP++ JAVA shop in a hierarchical system is a living example.

Security analysis of

online shop system

shop safety is the most important, but for online shop system is not absolutely safe, security should be relatively within a certain range. JAVA and PHP speak for themselves. JAVA has an absolute advantage in security, and PHP is vulnerable to some security holes for its design reasons (such as: SQL injection vulnerability). In the program code, the code after the PHP code to get ordinary technician, can be easily modified; and JAVA awareness in terms of security, the program code is compiled class.Class, if JAVA shop system does not provide the source code or source code comments, ordinary programmers to crack JAVA system source the code may take years. The most obvious example, now the world’s top five hundred, banks, defense, government, payment sites are built based on JAVA technology, we can see that JAVA is an important place in system security.

Database analysis of

online shop system

network programming, the most important is the database, the database is now

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