Personal views on the travel industry website

I have engaged in the tourism industry in Hunan, Zhangjiajie, witnessed the Zhangjiajie tourism industry website number from a few years ago soared to more than 700 now, the growth so rapid, intense competition situation, certainly there will be a considerable part of the site will gradually disappear, said his opinions on tourism industry website here. I hope you can help and understanding for everyone in the tourism industry (individuals over a period of time attention to the Zhangjiajie tourism network

currently, the overall features of the Zhangjiajie tourism industry website are:

1, website section numerous,

is basically a tourist site, there will be: tourist routes, hotel reservation, ticket inquiries, tour guides, car rental, travel, meeting, gallery, folk…. section can be described as large, but the real profit point, or only focus on the 1-2 forum. For example, Zhangjiajie travel to the site, the main section is: line, hotel, conference, ticketing, company introduction, secondary section is much, reached more than ten is very complicated, and this section of the numerous phenomena in Zhangjiajie is very common, and even become a standard for their construction site, that is the all rounder the "King", visitors will identify the characteristics of comprehensive website.

in fact, most visitors in time to see this website, will choose to leave, why? Because at a loss, they are difficult to quickly find their desired content on a website, clear column and content is the key of tourism website to attract users and visitors. On the other hand, the benefits of the limited energy and resources spent in highlighting the rapid updating of information, improving content and more humane work are not mentioned in the same breath.

2, do not pay attention to website color collocation and so on

tourism is an energetic industry, full of vitality and bright colors. It can attract tourists’ attention and identify the authenticity of websites, thus promoting the business of tourism.

, and the color and vitality of the site, not only reflected in the FLASH, pictures of how much, more lies in how you go to the picture, color, animation for reasonable collocation and layout. Comment on the homepage color collocation, personally think that green and yellow collocation is consistent with the tourists to buy psychology, green landscape of Zhangjiajie is a very well, look at the picture of IT application, I think it’s the top page of the first edition of pictures and use too much, in the travel and travel and contact on the layout is not reasonable; the text more, give people a visual sense of oppression, hybrid, tourists have no interest in reading and reading focus on good, this is a drawback of the website. The other location of the home page, color collocation, picture put in position are better, very good reflects the effect of combining graphics and text, I think these articles and pictures will also become the focus of visitors click to read.

4, website comprehensive SEO, to the website band >

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