On the 5 day, Baidu Google collected my website

half a year ago to do a station, and now Baidu has not included, did not expect to do when the National Day hao369 site home, today Baidu included. Baidu snapshot time is October 9th. After the website is formally submitted to Baidu, I inquire at least two times a day about the site of Baidu’s collection of my website. Now do web site than looking at the site of the station more, everyone wants to be included. Let me talk about how a new website will be collected in the shortest possible time.

one, for the content of the site is imitation of hao123, so no originality. After the online site, I ran for the first time behind the forum, friendship link plate issued a friendship link post. Soon be included in Google, after all, is behind the station. Then go to Baidu, Google site manual login, and there is Yahoo website login, Youdao search site login ah.

two, go and dispatch personal portal to open a blog, search engines will soon included. To Baidu post bar, reply to their web site introduction, this is not easy to be deleted. Use Baidu to know website recommendation to recommend your website

three, third, go to some related forums, signature files, plus links to the site. Patiently detailed answer some questions online friends, coupled with their own chain, this is neither irrigation, and increase their own chain, why not? I went to the forum discuz ah, outdated..

four, domain name and space, a good domain name is a very important part, you look at my domain name, hao369.com is easy to remember, the domain name is very important, if you can’t remember the name of others, then you have less of a person, no one remember your website, not a bit use the site to do much good. There is room to be stable, double line speed is fast enough.

said a lot, and maybe a little help for you,.

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