Some experience with a rookie garbage station

in this article and rookie webmaster experience chat, master don’t scold.

7.11 months, bought a shared space, want to do a garbage QQ station, want to own technology not much how to do, have no intention, in visiting Adsense nets found in the sale of 10 yuan / share of QQ station program, bought a copy. (buy time, flying fish, etc. I N long, the CCB online banking is not going, money can not be played, flying fish, etc. some of the time, it is estimated that the appointment was late. Oh, here you say sorry, brother).

started to hang onto the space program, waiting for Baidu included, went to Ai Rui, here a few stationmaster net link, after half a month Baidu included the more than 380 pages, I want to come to the traffic every day, dozens of IP think very happy, because we have never been so excited feeling (rookie be excited ~_~). When Baidu update, good times don’t last long, my station was K to 14 pages, now remember, but always adhere to two times a week update. One day, suddenly found that traffic came up a SITE, found Baidu included more than 500 pages, my day, excited……. At the end of a period of time is always up at about 100IP, often running station network, see the experience of others, to do site optimization test (Ali mother a bit silly, I’m serious?) I found my website title is too long, but the content is too messy, so I decided to shorten the title, content, do some specific and after a month Baidu included page more than 1700 to know my station is the more than 1800 page total number of posts. The flow to maintain at more than 200 IP every day, but do not go on, finally ask graph king, let me figure Wang optimization, graph king said home pictures a little big, let me change, I think this is also a relationship? Finally believe that ginger spicy or too old. Ha ha, the home page picture is smaller. This period of time, traffic steady at more than 500 IP, rookie site is not easy, the article late at night, essays written, AD once: QQ group (

rookie experience rookie share:

1. title should not be too long, no more than 10 words, preferably.

2. garbage station content should be single-minded.

3. use Baidu related search to see more, time has known. By the way, Baidu Related words query address: query related search heat.

finally thanks King Wang, thanks to flying fish. Thank you for all the help you’ve given me.

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