T Dr. tea first big Chengdu talent network promotion problem diagnosis

question: personal encountered some problems in the promotion process. Do not know how you look at the prawns? (this article only published in this forum) or what good ideas, if good suggestions or comments were adopted, and so my site developed, we must remember feedback:)

1, when did you start investing in


my site 8 months time, has been more and more, but the promotion I trial is mainly three, 1 is the blog and is a member of the 1 group promotion, mail promotion, the 1 is the search optimization (this is some simple optimization, such as the head and below).

previously considered Ali Mama, buy links etc., then one of my friends suggested that I don’t put the cost of the promotion, because the only way to know exactly what you are, I am a layman for network marketing practice, so adopted his suggestion. But in the later stage, it is definitely necessary to invest money to promote it. When do you think it’s more appropriate to start paying? What’s a good way to do it?


2, why Baidu and Google’s rankings differ greatly,


I of Chengdu talent network keywords in Google ranking stable in second, the first is rc114, while the front there are 2 ads, 1 Google life channel, rc114 accounted for 4, although I am second, but every day traffic is 40 Ip or so, they still want to do Baidu optimization, but Baidu has been in the 11 place, in front of at least 5 site quality is obviously not me, and I did not update the quality is good, but is in stable, better than mine, and is not the domain name registration time there? Is time not included and Baidu hasn’t been too? Understand. It should be said that Google ranked well, included, means that I stand this is a good station, how Baidu does not favor it? Please advise practical methods and reasons.

3, is there a good way to cooperate? Can you recommend


school we are looking for cooperation and open the channel, I have started to consider after March next year and then negotiate the details for these schools, but many graduates, I worry about my resume quality is not very good, so this is a contradiction. What’s the best way to do it locally,


I think some websites have good format for this kind of exchange advertising. However, most of my advertising still want to achieve sales, and if the publicity to me is not very large, I think it does not make much sense. After all, my station now also started a little income, a lot of advertising as long as the price is lower and lower lows, or sell. But we didn’t want to make the price too messy at the beginning. Therefore, we do not reduce prices in general enterprises.

I wonder if you have any suggestions or comments.


IT," answered Dr.

, first of all, feedback from you: analysis, advice >

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