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was going to ask?

this is a science and technology reporter recently visited an NetEase in Beijing almost antithetical couplet knows 768 Creative Park office, from the "book of history" in the "small personal consultation makes knowledgeable," (it is difficulty to ask others will continue to progress and profound, listen to the opinions of others is opinionated is not easy to fall into a sentence, arbitrary) is the legend of the famous literary man Ma Boyong (rational meditation: small auspicious Royal Free) in Lunar New Year Eve is known to almost exclusively written, as rational literary men know almost founder Zhou Yuan will be posted on the door to know it between the office area, look there is no sense of violation and.


graduated from the Southeast University Department of computer, full of restless bones cell source in the first week of Shanghai went through channels doing programmers do after the transformation of science and technology reporter three years later in the Empire to do Meta search business trying to do a little fast until it will be called a "know" the Q & a community this 80 years, only to find their own geeks feel really interested in things. This experience, he himself in the know, with a "know why" has done a detailed emotional narrative, so this part of the pen is no longer too much ink and ink rendering.

in late March of this year, a low-key Zhou suddenly officially announced the latest known data. Since the first half of 2013 opening date, the number of registered users know almost from the 400 thousand jumped to 17 million monthly unique visitors in 88 million, the station produced a total of 3 million 500 thousand issues across the about one hundred thousand topic areas.

that’s not enough,

source said, from June 2013 to July 2014 in the 14 months period, in response to user or page monthly retention rate in more than 80%, if the cycle stretched to 36 months, with a basic data. For a start-up company, this data looks like "Xi" when (SI) Kong (Ji).

now, know not only many related industry practitioners and the parties love on the news soon after writing a comprehensive interpretation for these new things and first-hand information, and now Li Kaifu, Wang Xiaochuan, Wang Xing and other "big V" is still known about active users.

then a string of serial "knowledge on" the question is: what do attract Wang Xiaochuan active user monthly quiz, retention rate in more than 80% of the community is what kind of experience? At the same time, the problems facing the mobile terminal products gradually revealed the production inconvenience, web page marketing gas Sheng gradually frequently questioned the how to break? How to avoid the risk of today’s entrepreneurial star, opposite tutorial


: how do you get together the first batch of high quality users in the early days of


week source said, "at the beginning of a question and answer agency."

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