Dong Jingyi Baidu related search and drop-down box principle and mplementation


traffic wizard can replace some repetitive work in SEO. There are three main aspects as follows.

one, about keyword optimization,

we all know, search engine rankings for each site, traffic is one of its more valued scoring points. The external traffic search engines may not be able to monitor, but the search engine from the search engine’s antecedents is well informed. For example, when a client retrieves a keyword, a total of 10 natural home display results, if the majority of users click on the eighth ranking website, so that a search engine will think the eighth ranked sites than in the top 7 sites are more popular with users, resulting in the next update the search engine. The site will be ranked eighth points in the flow of scoring points, this website will enhance the overall score, may pull the target keywords ranking promotion.

based on this principle, we can use it to simulate a large number of users, through Baidu search for a keyword, and click access to a web site this process. So that the search engine that your site more popular with Internet users. Because it is based on P2P, the traffic is real traffic, so the feasibility of this method will be higher.


needs to note when using this method is:

1, before use, it is necessary to find out whether your space is limited by traffic or IIS, or if the load is too large, it may affect the access of normal users.

2, after use must adhere to, if use has been used in the end, can be set to boot from the start, the general will not delay your other work, obtained from Baidu to make a relatively stable background traffic every day, don’t let the flow change radically, change radically will be eyeing, after the fruit may be right down, so the use of software there are still risks.

two, about search

when a large number of users through different IP search a keyword, and search for a keyword, that is, the two key words may be related to each other search keywords. For example, the first is to use the Baidu search "Dalian SEO", and then think of the search term is not accurate enough, then search the "Dalian SEO move, when there are a large number of users to repeat this process, Baidu will think" Dalian SEO "and" SEO Dalian move "is related to the search. This time we’re going to use the target URL function.

brush search is designed as the main keyword is hot, we can not dominate the main keywords, so we need to search through the relevant long tail keywords as far as possible the main search keywords target customer guidance to our advantage of the search results page.


needs to note when using this method is:

1, because the relevant search is often updated, related search update speed >

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