Many fans of economic nonsense Correct understanding is the key

fan economy, in short, is consumer behavior caused by a particular brand or a star. Nowadays, the application of more obvious millet, hammer and other new generation of technology products, these products are also well-known because of the fans economy. But with the rise of sports star, the brightest star of the hype means also meet the eye everywhere, broken sooner or later meet the eye everywhere, the trick to be identified, so the "passers-by turn pink" is the phenomenon of It is often seen. then, in such a rapidly changing society, how to retain and even expand their fan base, how to drive yourself the development of the operator or from the media become particularly concerned about the topic by fans economy. So, the topic back to the original place, facing the fans economy, how should we grasp, how to know,


fan economy is not equivalent to blind guidance, product positioning should be consistent.

, for example, a health products for the elderly in marketing to invite popular idol star, although it takes a huge amount of advertising, but did not get old people’s sense of identity, so this is why? First, old friends watch idol is a relatively young actor, followed by the endorsement of the elderly health care products no convincing. This is not failure. Therefore, when we make use of fan economy to create revenue for us, we must find the intersection of product audience and endorsement fans, so that it will play a positive effect and improve the purchase rate of products. Fan economy is not without brain economy, it gives you should be broader marketing prospects, rather than simply celebrity effect. The value of internet fans economy of many people, the fans economy do promotion products there are many, but not every enterprise finally succeeded, such as Chen Ou, although the United States is CEO, but has been positive, Chen Ou sunny image of the show, and several times in public show of the value of enterprise, and that as a group of young face position is very consistent, can be said that will Chen Ou as a spokesperson for a little wrong not because of his own characteristics, fully consistent with the values, can play a multiplier effect.

fan economy, powder is not necessarily personal, it may also be corporate culture.

recent days, hammer phone limelight does not seem to fire a few days ago, it was said that just a few months to witness the decline of hammer feelings, feeling like a lovelorn. Net friend is no limit to ridicule, there are feelings of Luo Yonghao. Hammer technology is a failure, but it can not be denied that, at the beginning of its marketing is successful, Luo Yonghao’s speech will be their feelings into the hammer phone, hammer powder everywhere. So hammer hammer on the day of sale, hammer sales is still very objective, but Luo Yonghao follow-up preparations are inadequate, end up numerous powder to passers-by, hammer powder hammer black. But the thing that tells us is that although Luo Yonghao does not have any high skill points, it gives the hammer technology an important selling point and attracts a large number of fans, so tell me >

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