A station master failed to teach

New Year’s first day of work, just sit down into the office, the phone rings, the phone came the sweet voice of MM, " Mr. Yang, we wish you a happy new year, your domain name and space business has to do the work, please renew timely, thank you! ". I reluctantly answered a sentence" good ", he hung up the phone. I remember last year’s experience of the site, I thought a lot. At the beginning of 2008, I lofty into the establishment of the work, the dream through the website to earn their first bucket of gold, but the reality is without any success, one year I bought a domain name, constantly changing with the theme of the site, no one is going. The result can be imagined, not only lost a lot more money, wasted a lot of time.

2009, the new year began again, and what course to follow is whether to stand or stop. I’ve been thinking for a long time, and I’ve been losing my mind for a long time. Finally, I decided to go on and go back to.

first of all, I summed up the lessons of the previous year’s site failure.

1., the choice of topics for the site is not accurate, the past year I did the site has a video search category, there are reviews of the class, there are weight loss classes, there are health classes, in fact, these are not good at their own field,.

2. did not adhere to the spirit of the past, the past year to do the site, there is no one can adhere to the.

for more than two months

3. is too impatient, do not pay attention to the accumulation of slowly, always want to do a lot of Web site

4. is not confident, always doubts themselves, the amount of visits on the site does not go, they will have doubts about their original ideas.

for the above points. For the construction of the new website, I made the following adjustments,

1. is now the site "network", the cocoa anti-virus anti-virus software as the theme of the site, the reasons for choosing this topic is mainly engaged in IT industry have their own long-term experience, for the better understanding of


2., for the content of the website, I have also made sure, no longer big and all, mainly provide anti-virus information, special kill tools, virus library updates, free antivirus software download, system patch and other columns

3. adjusts the mindset, builds confidence, and prepares for the long standing

09 is a year full of hope, I will stick to it, I wish many webmaster friends in good health, good luck in everything, I hope you give me encouragement. Often sit station (http://s.kekesd.com/).

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