Five years to do station experience from doing technology, back to do the station

when I contacted in 2005, I started doing web work. I remember using DZ program to do a film and television download exchange website. If you insist on it, at least it can reach 100 thousand every day. For me at that time, or brilliant, shameless University era, with the support of their own vision of doing a lot of young times should not have things. At that time I am very general technology, Win2003, *nix, web server, what do not understand. Remember every day to play with DW, and finally draw a web model, out of excitement for a long time. Thanks to DZ, I was able to bypass the level of technology.

at that time bought a space in Shanghai, registered a domain name, landscaping completed, remember to spend 300 yuan, for Xi’an that place, 300 is my half a month of living expenses. It really takes a lot of effort to do it from website to operation. At that time, completely do not understand SEO, do not understand technology, friendship link is also Hu do. Do not know how to write soft text, to do promotion. The only thing you can do is get up in the morning and go to the popular movie forums before class. Manually send out the latest movie downloads. That time can only do the thunderbolt, BT seed dare not do, one is the space is too small, is afraid to download too much, affect speed. Such a persistence is more than half a year. Flow from the initial dozens to more than 1000. Heart filled with joy. Then through the QQ group with many webmaster friends, I know that the old Xie (do not know now where to go), know diypage, know little bees, and many were not well-known small webmaster but now all IP 100 thousand big webmaster.

         ;       after class, come back to communicate with others everywhere, about how to do the station, on how to manage the site. I did learn a lot during that time, I remember when I published an article called "how do I manage the film and Television Forum", which was commented by many people. During this period, I learned a lot of standing knowledge (excluding technology, SEO, hackers), and was also fooled by IDC space business many times. Bully me, I don’t know anything. A lot of times, websites can’t be opened without reason, and then QQ asks the space providers. They say the server upgrades, or the switches move. I thought it was more than 1 days. The mystery of mother waiting for me later to IDC to penetrate the inside. This one says later.

later, in 2006, when the day of the film forum IP reached 10 thousand, I had not yet put up an advertisement (when I was silly). One day, the habit of Baidu site, see the home page. I was depressed, and it was the first time I started reading online about Baidu’s K pages. What keyword stuffing, what hotlinking what the Trojan horse and so on. I carefully analyzed the next, there are only two possible reasons, one is my content is really someone else, I sort of reprinted, and the other is my

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