decorate the road of entrepreneurship

summer afternoon, the beautiful Nanchang city hero, Castle Lake DIO coffee shop, < from Beijing; Chinese entrepreneur > magazine reporter Yuan Yin of course I founded makeup dot nets made a personal interview, she talks quietly, thinking carefully, as if I returned to

10 years ago…

Jiangxi Nanchang, a Chinese Internet industry underdeveloped City — the red revolutionary base, is the birthplace of the FACE network. 12 years ago, I from a village in Jiangxi of Jiujiang carrying nearly 20 thousand yuan of debt, after graduating from college, stay in the city I love, doing art and planning in an advertising company, 290 yuan monthly salary to maintain my life, 97 years after the Spring Festival, I he resigned to go to Shenzhen to work, I spent half the time to pay off the debt owed by the school. Because not willing to work career, perhaps in his youth dream… By the end of the year, I returned to Nanchang. Opening a gift shop with a friend. Because the shop is very limited space for development, not long after, I put the store dish out, he founded solely an advertising company, at that time coincided with the advertising industry to flourish, plus my original project selection, only one year for me to the accumulation of life first bucket of gold 1 million, it was 1999. Later, due to many objective reasons, the company operated a lot of detours, the operating situation was not ideal, and in 2005 even returned to my initial stage of entrepreneurship.

create the FACE makeup dot nets "idea from a gathering of students, it was 2006, that time is the rise of online shopping and online shop. Coincidentally, at that time, 2/3 of our classmates were women, and their favorite shopping was shopping. Cosmetics and clothes were the most popular. But because of the limited capacity of the economy, at the mall or store to buy the price is too high, so they always expect to be in the Internet to buy cheap and ensure the quality of cosmetics and clothing. Their demand instantly inspired me and decided to open an online shopping mall for cosmetics.

in the evening, we intend to invest 3 people had a crazy "shareholders" meeting, you can think of almost all the difficulties are thought of, including how to solve the funding, how to find the product channel and how to build a website, how to promote and so on, more and more excited about. Until dawn, no one has a trace of drowsiness.

‘s all night talk made us firm in our determination to start B2C’s women’s goods network company. At this model of enterprise is not many, only Dangdang, excellence to achieve a certain scale, but they are mainly to do book audio products, and in the women’s cosmetics market segments have not done well in business. If in accordance with the B2C mode, only sales of standardized products can easily be strong customer acceptance, while the integrity mechanism caused by the customer sales network was sold on the Internet is not a sense of trust, thus founded such companies should first solve it.

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