Dry goods livestock enterprises how to choose suitable network media advertising

went to the end of the year, back in 2014 will soon be over, industry has undergone rapid change, animal husbandry industry new pattern of electricity providers emerge, excess production capacity of pig related decline in corporate profits, business transformation is imminent. There is no doubt that the Internet media brand marketing has become the best platform for enterprises, how to use the Internet media to do network marketing, business planning staff is the most troublesome thing. At present, enterprises in the network marketing budget is mainly Internet advertising, Internet advertising on how to more effective? How to choose the most suitable network media? How to improve the conversion rate of advertising? How to evaluate the effect of network advertisement? The author has been engaged in related work, to solve these problems, share some practical dry cargo

1, how to accurately predict website traffic?

advertising network, first of all should pay attention to the traffic and user characteristics of network media, the greater the flow, advertising exposure rate is higher; more attention to the website’s user and enterprise customer groups is consistent. Sohu, NetEase and large flow, but our industry correlation is too small, so there are few agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises put these websites from the Internet advertising, the overall characteristics of the website, users more accurate, more vertical, the pig pig enterprise, website site more accurate than animal husbandry, animal husbandry sites than the agricultural websites more accurate. The future is the development of vertical portals, the more vertical the site, the higher the user stickiness, the better the effect of online advertising. Therefore, the choice of online advertising should focus on 2 points: site traffic and user characteristics of the site.

then came the question? How to evaluate a website, the media’s realflux? The answer has many kinds, because the current livestock industry, there is little pay per click model, all web ads are basically according to the location and time of payment, it means the absolute site traffic advertising effect, no traffic, no more exposure. Do not click on the conversion rate and. Here are some websites to assess the traffic errors and scientific means

1) ALEXA rank:

has swept the world in website ranking and traffic statistics. The main principle is to use Alexa toolbar to calculate the percentage of users who visit your website to calculate the site traffic and ranking. ALEXA ranking basically no reference significance in animal husbandry industry ranked first: Alexa for the site ranking and traffic flow statistics have reference significance; secondly, in recent years increased 360 browser, Sogou browser market, IE browser market share decreased, Alexa ratio of the installation tool sharply reduce the statistical sample statistics, settlement the error is large; finally, many websites in order to cater to the customer psychology, using various means of malicious brush Alexa rankings, the current domestic website traffic statistics, the basic reference ranking data Alexa.

2) number of articles read:

in theory, the number of articles read should be relatively accurate contrast method, the same is the home page headlines, visits to the website, the number of headlines reading sure

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