Click once to punish 200 yuan

everyone’s been lured in. First fined 200 yuan, huh,.

this is a kind of marketing method is practical in SEO optimization techniques, we all know that the content of SEO in the optimization of the king, as the link, but how can let the content become the real king, and attract users in reading? This time the title is our most needs to be polished, to optimize the part. Then SEO optimization what are the most commonly used Title SEO


there are several kinds of titles about this:

1.: shock can attract eye-catching title.EX: Subaru SUV Winpard.

100 thousand discount

2. definition: to define a certain thing, also known as conclusion,.EX: development is the last word,.

3. decoy: a bit deceptive, but the content is in line with the reader’s needs,.EX:, our article title.

4. news: a simple sentence, ".EX:, if you are the one", was released on January 2nd,.

above these are SEO optimization in the title of SEO, more likely to attract readers approach, I hope everyone in SEO learning SEO practice, explore more good skills.

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