Do network promotion must be patient and confident

do you know, promotion is a very important and not the lack of a step, for a long time, often a friend asked me to add my Q, he tried a lot of methods, the daily working time is very long, how old are not what effect such problems. In fact, I am just a learning network, promotion time less than 2 years of new people, below I say a bit of view on these issues.

one, it depends on our audience,

, whether we promote websites or commodities. The first thing we need to know is how big our promotional audience is. A previously encountered enterprise website promotion personnel, often ask me a question, we do not go to the website how the total flow? Tell him through my observation, the use of their products Group Co., the reason is very simple, their products are large and heavy industrial products. General enterprises and individuals, buy useless. Especially the online shopping crowd is certainly very little. So I was advised that he should not pay too much attention to traffic, targeted user traffic is difficult to have a big breakthrough, and now need to consider how can these incoming traffic into users. That’s the point. If you do IT digital products promotion, the audience of such products will be great. Digital products, has been one of the best-selling products in the network, a wide range of users. It can be said that the existing online shopping crowd, a large part of the Internet has been buying digital products experience. Therefore, the promotion of such products, whether it is from the flow or users, the effect of natural than the previous said that the effect of this product is much better. Therefore, we should consider the effect of network promotion according to the audience size of different products. This is not only for the staff, but also for the Department heads. Don’t focus on traffic every day.

two, it depends on our promotional purposes

we do promotional purposes, in fact, are very similar, if it is website promotion, traffic is king. Just ordinary website promotion, for traffic requirements is multifarious. As long as you can bring traffic methods, you can use me. For example, the telecommunications company, according to popular channel navigation, users love into the channel for promotion, it is necessary to users. The aim is to netizens very much users browse. This traffic for the promotion of users, so you have to work in accordance with the nature of the site to determine your promotion purposes. Maximize the value of traffic.

three, it depends on our promotion method

in fact, the network promotion method is only these, the key is to see how you integrate these methods to your product to be promoted, how can these methods used for me?. This is based on your product, reasonable to integrate these methods. As a website promotion, its promotion method is nothing more than search engine optimization, friendship links, soft Wen promotion and so on. These are the old methods, there is nothing new, mainly depends on the effect. The best way to achieve good results is to do good

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