Financial turmoil, the webmaster should see how spring

winter has come, can spring be far behind,


economic depression, the winter outside is very cold, if we are only pessimistic, see difficulties, then doomed to failure, as individuals should be how to correct the mentality of the station, see the spring,


first, do the content and see the user more important than "God"

Sequoia Capital once said: "when winter comes, cash is more important than mother."." But for us, we should say is, "winter comes, it is our webmaster to improve the content of the occasion, the service user intentions of the machine, because we take the user to see more important than god."

, it must first consolidate your website, stable traffic, patience. Enter the websites it honestly, do good stability and stronger and toward users and their goals, follow up, do not want to chop and change to eat a bowl of pot, from the aspects of content and depth to do fine, do fine, do have height.

at the same time, to allow users to have a "home" feeling, because the user is the cornerstone of the development of our website, without a good user experience of Web site do not last long, this truth has been proven many times before. We want to understand a little bit: Although advertisers and angel investment are our God, but the user is far more important than "God", they are our god".

second points, platitudes SEO, you insist

even from the initial professional SEO era into today’s national SEO era, search engine optimization is still our webmaster must often study, ponder, and to be applied. After all, our site is most of the flow from the major search engines, and hence the user site to search engines affinity has great influence on whether our website can bring a large number of users, it is our most important God "".

We do not agree with the method of hard copy of

, because the SEO does not exist and the routine method really, can not find a "law" course (which will have some optimization strategy is a short period of time will not easily change). But agile thinking is more important to SEO people than strategy thinking because he represents a breakthrough".

do SEO, the webmaster does not need to spend too much time to see how others do, perseverance, timing, flexibility, how to do a key part of SEO.

third points, honed a pair of looking for "spring" eyes, decisive attack profit model

, when everyone thinks it’s winter, we should be good at finding spring. At any time, the world is not lack of "spring", but only the lack of "spring" eyes, which is more testing the business acumen of the webmaster.

, the most popular game in the Internet economy now is the game, and the hottest part of the game is the Internet

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