The stationmaster has insisted that the light of dawn shines on you

, it’s not difficult to do a station now. You won’t do anything. 500 yuan outsourcing. Someone can make you a beautiful, practical and good site,


can make the station successfully, to IP, converted into brightly coloured bill, it is really need a lot of hard work


pinch that calculation, I contact the webmaster circle have a year and a half, do stand for 10 months. The middle tasted sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the most painful suffering, the middle had several times the thought of giving up, again and again to inspire and support their faith and friends, let me hold over, some of the more stable English station now, Chinese station has 1 stable, and 6 out of the station in 500 IP above, the monthly income is still relatively objective. I want to talk to my novice friends who have just entered the webmaster circle. I want to help you with my personal experience.

just started, are hazy, but also that SEO is more esoteric things, I still don’t know SEO, I just started is updated every day, what all don’t do, a few months later, found wrong, I know that learning to find the reasons, novice friends, at the beginning, don’t head into their own website, must learn to go back for your site, you will be familiar with the background function, don’t be afraid to do bad, bad can be repaired, but you can’t just wondering, SEO tutorial site, you can go to learn the essence of the content of many, it to see if you look.

you want to expand your circle of friends, contacts or any of the information you can change the life of the road, many webmaster Wangzhuan group and SEO group, technical exchange group, who has a relationship with the website group can join, don’t shield news, do not know to ask, there are still many good comparison enthusiastic webmaster! You have a mentor can take you into the master, of course, it is on the one hand, it is important to your ability to deal with the problem of the communication.

also, the multi bubble forums, Admin5, im286, Chinaz, dunsh forums are great and can benefit you a lot.

in short, opportunities are looking for, the method is flexible, make good use of, more learning, more thinking, good observation, execution, catch up, brothers, stick to it, you will succeed!


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