Why should enterprises do website optimization promotion

we all know that now is the Internet, mobile Internet era, the traditional industry and the Internet has become more and more closely; Ma Yun said: "no backward enterprises, only traditional thinking."". In fact, not to do a business official website, that is, combined with the Internet, there is Internet thinking. According to our experience, many business owners in the enterprise’s official website, do not know how to operate, there is no dedicated maintenance. In my opinion, this site is actually a decoration, information island, can not play any role. Analysis of its reasons: its customers and business sources through all kinds of channels under the line, the hearts of the Internet does not have much hope, and even feel that the site was fooled by the network company to do.

as " sales; did not sell any products, not only the sale of products, " your business online business does not do well is because you do not understand the Internet thinking, no professional knowledge, strong execution. Therefore, the same industry, some people do particularly well, some people do poorly. The following push God network analysis enterprise website to optimize the significance of promotion, hope to understand the network operation promotion people help.


first, the meaning of enterprise website optimization

1, compared to other promotional marketing tools, website optimization can get more accurate traffic. We usually also pick up some customers, I know my customers, often you take the initiative to talk about, not necessarily successful. And really want to find you to serve customers, he will find you through the network, understand your company, brand and product, and this customer is undoubtedly our target customers. Because customers have basically recognized you, as long as you answer a little bit, you can sign the list, everything is a matter of course,


2, to enhance the popularity of the website. In fact, we might as well think about it. If you don’t have much financial or material resources, you want to do your brand. It’s a very difficult thing, no doubt. And website optimization can improve the ranking of keywords. For example: search your product keywords, in the home page you can find your official website. Then you can introduce a large number of traffic, increase brand exposure, visibility.

3, solve the customer’s trust problem. If you optimize your site in conjunction with other promotional methods, you can let your customers see your information anywhere. No doubt is a good way to solve customer trust. As we all know, online cooperation, mutual understanding, customers will not easily find a person to cooperate. If you optimize the site, and this is just a knock on the brick, so that customers find you, this is also an opportunity. If you do not optimize the site, you do not even knock on the brick, and no chance.

doesn’t think its customer source is offline and traditional, but it lacks the awareness of developing new customers online. And really do a good job and bigger enterprises, the Internet plays a pivotal role in them.

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