The value of Meizhou local time portal

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with the development of the network deeply in the hearts and minds of people’s life gradually to close to zero distance network; now people rely on the network as in ancient times, people believe in the prophets, to make a fetish of "". Change this life has changed our habits, a side effect is that some local network properties will disappear, the new productivity will change our old things on an inherent perception, is now the Meizhou space.

for a long time, people’s concept of the local gateway is to read news and information, that’s all. In the network, we may find the news they want, but we can not be aware of what is what, not to mention the place is to understand what happened; after all, this news, and the expression of pure TV and there is no difference. At the same time, lifestyle changes, network communication mode is also changing, the portal mode is also more and more IT; thus, the Meizhou space began the old version does not meet, in this situation, the Meizhou space came into being. The reason that Meizhou is a comprehensive local portal, because it embodies the value is not limited to the basic needs of the people of Meizhou for news and information; should see more, it is able to truly create information portal value, and the Meizhou local users network brings great influence, and thus derived from the social value is immeasurable.

"we are just a platform. This platform is the Meizhou space time network.". We want to make this platform perfect, accurate and powerful. Meizhou space time network provides all kinds of information, including eating and drinking, food and clothing, basic necessities, and produces perfect results technically."

industry insiders believe that the local portal is currently one of the most growing and promising areas of the Internet industry. Meizhou space-time network launched the Meizhou moon cake group buying activities, this e-commerce platform has great practical value, economic and social benefits. The local portal market is considered to be the next "gold mine" of the internet".

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