Laotaimen soup rich history

we all know in many catering franchise brand in the Laotaimen soup is a leading landmark catering brand project, do you know how to do is Laotaimen soup up? Look at the following introduction you know, there must be a place for you to learn.

small package support business

a little and dainty soup, a bite, a mouthful of oil, the taste, the vast! Meat fresh, thin, fragrant…… This is known to every family in the Zhejiang area "Laotaimen soup". This is 5 cents a soup, is the interpretation of a modern version of "unity by the rich". read more

The analysis of investment and entrepreneurship mode

‘s day nine to five days and anguish? If you want to change your life, it will start from the beginning of their own life is not the same. The join venture is to share brand gold, share know-how, sharing of resources and support, to take direct and entrusted to join, franchise and other forms of franchise, the amount of investment varies according to the types of goods, shop requirements, technical equipment and the different ways to join. This is a very popular business choice, the following Xiaobian to give you a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of this new thing, so that we have a better understanding of this thing! read more

What is the procedure for joining Xu Xuan noodle

do noodle business, choose well-known brands will be more popular. There are a lot of stores are concerned about Xu Xuan’s noodle house to join the project, hoping to get the right agent. Today Xiaobian to introduce how to join the food project, I hope to help you.

join amount: 1-5 million

project features: the entire shop output free training

? read more

What do you need to know about breakfast

breakfast shop is now doing more popular, many people are eating outside to buy, so the moment the breakfast industry has become more popular. If you want to invest in the breakfast industry, open their own breakfast shop, you need to know what the situation? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

first, the breakfast shops around the crowd. First of all, to analyze what the consumer is facing their own consumer groups, the need to pay attention to open breakfast shop? Then analyze the situation surrounding consumer groups, including their spending power, professional sex and other aspects, so as to determine where the shop will be more appropriate. read more

Mentality of elite students selling dumplings to get rich

students called God’s favored one, in the opinion of most people, university graduates should do some related work and identity. But now the social competition is more and more intense, the annual college graduates to the enterprise’s position has been oversupply. College students are no longer a special address. As the top students of Tongji University, Chen Kai gave up his life in the big city office, and the choice of home business selling dumplings. The following is the entrepreneurial story Chen Kai sold dumplings for college students. read more