The key to making money online is to increase the amount of site visitsDiscuss the premise that the

first its website should pay more attention to the latest events, such as entertainment settings is why do industry related foreign information? As long as it is hot, as long as the hot news, hot entertainment topic is most people are concerned about the news, is an important way of suction drainage, so often do some hot the topic of reports, use your own ideas to write even to write the corresponding negative views will increase to make an important contribution to the site traffic.

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wants to increase the number of visits to the website, it is necessary to learn to do some activities irregularly, such as a number of award-winning Q & A, quiz and other types, are very good choice. If this is the forum can be considered to carry out T building activities on a regular basis to send some of the user through the T building activities will help the integration, all of these measures are a good way to increase the popularity of the website! Finally, please indicate the author of the station, taobao ladies: read more

Yu Minhong was it better to start business with me than it is nowTeach you how to choose a niche tha

when is the best time to start,

, take me for myself, I >

1 really good project

you’ve got to figure out what to do about it, and it’s something that excites you. You don’t have to think about the same things that others have done, but you have to think about whether you can make it successful.

first of all, you have to have a really good project. Second, you need the support of money. Third, entrepreneurship should have a very good team. Fourth, the founder must be a true leader. read more

Xiong Xiaoge successful nternet Co must be simpleLiu Erchuang Adwords content network is the bigges

what will happen when Vc firm hits the Internet? I have a definition of our own work. First, first of all, to vote for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs do what? It is important that he be able to create some services and techniques. Second, to replace the existing regular industries, or to have a peak role in the existing industry. Third, the less successful industries that are now on the move should be able to destroy the original model. There is also a very important point, we should take the market behind the development of replacement. No > read more

4 criteria for registering shlf1314 Adsense accountsDocument writing services, cutting-edge industry

1. must apply for independent domain names, free blog is no longer supported except shlf1314 blogger, his blog at home most of the time, but it can not be normal access, a free forum this kind of non independent website domain name application but after application, can put ads on blogs, forums.

3. website domain name registration time more than 6 months. Even before registering for a day’s website, the registration time is now limited.

editor: learning the latest web site optimization technology of foreign Wangzhuan skills   network marketing network   xuanxue login study. read more

The choice of PPC advertising keywordsThe novice must learn to do Wangzhuan station

actually, building a website is pretty simple. It’s only 1 to 2 hours for a beginner to learn to build a personal blog or build a forum with WordPress, or Discuz. It’s hard to build a website, and how can we use this site to make money, and more aptly, how do we build a website that will generate money for us?. Think and learn how to build a website that will make money for us. This is the first step in learning how to do the website, and this step must be divided into the following small points: read more

Offbeat promotion of crime and punishment that FireFoxTo know that notes live focus on the design ch

team size: 13 people,


      however, a lot of things to Chinese will be added to Chinese features, Firefox is no exception. As a result of the promotion of Firefox proceeds, ordinary advertising hits cannot satisfy people’s greed, some owners will be playing the evil idea: deception, intimidation, also some websites simply use the JS code to important content page in the hidden, only use Firefox to browse a variety of "creative", emerge in an endless stream. Later on, simply appeared a group of professional cheat Firefox ads, and use SEO technology to search engine pollution in a complete mess, although several clean-up, still can be in the search the engine of the first page to see a lot of such "dump". read more

After 90 site experience worth recalling

talked about my website to tell the truth when I feel a little money spent, I am just a junior high school graduates will enter the website which will do what ah, remember the website before I can’t know that a website is how to get out, and I most loved ones on the net also is in a play the game is a little chat or look at what the QQ movie network use to know.

, let me talk to you about how I was officially in touch with the Internet. Remember, I worked in a factory at that time. It was a typical office worker. I didn’t do anything except go to work every day. In the 09 year of June [as if I can’t remember when the factory is good off-season] have nothing to do one day to play very idle for a week up to 4 days, the remaining time is to play, then I will go to Internet cafes playing games every day. read more

Ten degree interaction the optimization of website construction from a best-selling book

SEO (search engine optimization) for website construction, is a long lasting topic, is also a commonplace topic. Read of every hue SEO tutorial, there are online selling thousands of yuan a so-called cattle book, is packaged into a variety of Mars marketing concept of so-called professional course, at first glance, like it, really want to practice, not what effect, but because of excessive "indulgence" is the search engine of K station, because be specific what point, "master" who never say "you to master", even to the point of love can only be sensed. Well, I was browsing through this article and you grok it, you believe it? Etc.anyway, went straight to the theme of read more

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the rapid development of local websites and discussi

believe that many webmaster do local website, because some local network after the success began to do, just like many webmaster imitate webmaster network. In fact, this is not wrong, good things should be learned, the domestic very powerful, is not also a lot of things imitate others?. But careful webmaster will find that the company’s products have been changed on the basis of imitation, and this is what I want to share with all of you today – innovation.

undeniably, the local website is one of the websites with great momentum of development in recent years. It’s one of the reasons why there is still 09 years to buy all over china. Local web site is also a general downturn in the Internet industry environment, grassroots Adsense most able to achieve their own Internet business dream of the best choice. But everything is a double-edged sword, the local site development so fast and popular sample There are both advantages and disadvantages. "benefit" here, not much said, believe that the choice of or will choose to do local webmaster friends are clear, and here I mainly analyze the "fraud" in what place. Because there is a successful precedent, such as local websites appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain forum program, look at the official forum of the user’s personalized signature, XX port, XX network, XX network and other convenience life innumerable, by estimation, every day there will be about 2-3 local website was born. Big woods, what birds will have, although we are doing local sites, but the quality is uneven. Do not know if you have this experience, when you run out of business when some businesses listen to your site is done, immediately to do like see results. If you have the nerve to ask why, he’ll tell you that XX has been here a while ago and charged a very high fee, but it didn’t work at all. Chengdu love home network has the same experience. You can say that it’s your industry that killed you, but in the end, it’s because local websites are growing so fast. Of course, what I said above is that the quality is not good. The website has affected you. Here’s how the quality of the website affects you. read more

Village network enterprise network marketing magic weapon

I do

network marketing for 6 years, a good mood today to my experience to share with you, ha ha joke, I think for the enterprise website in Riga customer website online consultation, online ordering, online message, online complaint system is very important. Why is it important? I’ll show it to you. Let’s start with I joined the company in 2006 as an Internet marketing specialist. Because I haven’t used any space before. Top-level domains. After entering that company, just begin to learn the website of original independent website uploads, data uses FTP software to undertake. (I used to upload it directly with WEB in my free space) no nonsense. Get to the point. read more