Love Shanghai search keyword tools to provide more accurate data to the station upgrade



also quietly tell you: the near future, tools also provide curves of the last 30 days, the website performance trends more clearly; not only the PC side data, wireless terminal data have been prepared, is currently in beta. Please pay attention to the webmaster love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued announcement


3, the update algorithm, and more accurate data


The following one by one:

1, & data show the amount of clicks;

my site within a day to love Shanghai in search results can be? How many times? "Before the master is unable to obtain the exact number, but now easy to fix. The graph provides the last 7 days, 30 days to show the amount of traffic data can be used to observe the webmaster site in Shanghai love search engine performance, find the variation of the data. At the same time increase the share function, support the station drying out flow. read more

How did get the SOGOU index from 0 to 51 in 20 days

to share my experience with you, I hope everyone’s station is getting more and more fire!


from I took over to find fun network, SOGOU index is only 0, want GG PR value is high, so first must start from the SOGOU index. SOGOU index is high, you can see that you GG PR value will be how?. Because the station is new to do, traffic is very small, baidu included only dozens of pages. Everyone knows the chain is very important to the index. Then you have to find a very good outside chain before you can solve it. Then I worked out a few steps. read more

Goal on the current station group profits to achieve the N way

today’s Internet is still in the golden age, let’s look back ten years ago, there were no few full Chinese webmaster, and the webmaster have to write code to do a website, but the effect is only the most simple static pages. And look where we are today’s environment, a variety of excellent and mature website program, from CMS to BBS to SNS to inefficient station group software, all good with the plug-in, various Adsense exchange and promotion platform, various webmaster tools, let the Webmaster Station to start today "as the tiger wings". We don’t have to complain about being born later than Ding Lei and Ma Huateng. In fact, you may not be able to do what they did today because you were in the same running line with them. What we need to do is to base ourselves on the environment we face, and make full use of the current resources, as soon as possible on the Internet to dig the first pot of gold. If the efficiency of the fastest station procedures do not stand together, read more

Why do college students fail easily

The number of

graduates in college students after graduation employment pressure is increasing, however, the government has introduced so many policies to encourage students to entrepreneurship, but why the number of entrepreneurs is still scanty? I am a college student, often see some of these articles on the Internet, not experienced, may not speak right, but I think these reasons for college entrepreneurship tend to fail the summary should not is nonsense, otherwise you can in my blog I cursed. read more

There are ways to make money in rural entrepreneurship projects

many people optimistic about the rural market, want to venture in the countryside. Indeed, now there are many entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas, rural entrepreneurs want to start their own businesses can choose their own projects. So what do you do? Here are a few small projects.

opened to connect the garden and vegetable market car, can not only solve the labor intensity of the constitution dish selling vegetables, but also can make the combination of supply and demand and market garden. If the shop to open the paging delivery, but also to meet the needs of housewives cooking nutrition and delicious. read more

Dry cleaners need standardization

now dry cleaning market is very broad, in such a vast market, a large chain brand, but also a lot of shops, business is not standardized, not only affects the operation of shops, for the development of the industry also has a very large negative. In short, as a dry cleaning shop, especially small and medium dry cleaners, objectively speaking, although it can not be said to be in the strict sense of the enterprise, but the sparrow is small, five internal organs".

Planning, organization, leadership and control of the read more

The attendance machine ten brand list – the whole

traditional signature attendance is no longer popular at present, and the higher content of science and technology attendance machine began to be more widely used. Of course, because the market demand, leading to the attendance of the large market brand is also very much. So, attendance machine which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the attendance of the top ten brands list, so as to help consumers choose to more suitable attendance machine products.

attendance machine ten brand list NO.1, in control: high-tech enterprises, one of the world’s largest biometric identification of civilian products, one of the core technology provider /OEM manufacturers, Shenzhen city in the control of Biological Identification Technology Co., ltd.. read more

The future development trend of the whole – dessert Market

now so popular dessert industry to invest in many dessert shop investors wonder: is the so-called world development is by Sheng Zhuanshuai, now the dessert market is so good, the future is not what. In fact, this is worried about excessive performance, the booming market for dessert, open dessert shop is the first choice for many entrepreneurs want to own. Then understand the development trend of this dessert industry must be done, if you understand the development of the dessert market, it is equivalent to walking in the forefront of fashion, but also afraid of their own dessert shop to make money. Do you know what the development of the dessert market is like, read more

Holiday Notice of Spring Festival

according to the notice of General Office of the State Council on 2013 part of the holiday, February 9th to 15 vacation days off, a total of 7 days. February 16th (Saturday), (Sunday).

Qinghai provincial government office

January 30, 2013

Xining applauded the new changes in the screen

January 1st, Xining TV news channel two news section xiadou "news broadcast", "zero distance" xiadou gorgeous transformation, after the new upgrade appeared on the TV screen, the audience is one of the bright eyes. The people Ms. Lee said she is "xiadou zero distance" section of the faithful audience, the new upgrade of the "zero distance" xiadou made her very surprised, she joked that we did not think of Xining TV studio host is so fashionable, full of vitality, is really a pleasure to watch the news. read more

Crispy barbecue join a very promising project selection

such as barbecue food, always very attractive to consumers. For franchisees, but also has the potential for development of the brand to join the project selection. Crispy barbecue? Brand food. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, crispy BBQ to join the project, the best project timely free business.

barbecue is a very unique form of food, the development of today’s history has been very long, and change to today, more and more clean, but also brand diversification. Crispy BBQ is quite representative of the brand, here we have a lot of guests, so the shop to make money is no problem, such a good project is really worthy of our franchisees trust, not wrong. read more

Online entrepreneurial attitude determines success or failure

now there are many online entrepreneurs, while the network business has become very common, there are a lot of people through the Internet such a platform to achieve their goals in life, then, in the online business need to have what kind of attitude?

to earn a lot of money from the Internet is difficult today, but will make money from the Internet is the trend of tomorrow. In the next 2-3 years, online shopping, online shopping, online sales will become a very important part of our lives. As a new emerging industry in the future, the most important thing is not to make money but to accumulate experience. At the beginning of the business, do not work for money, but also for their own happiness, for their own ideals and the accumulation of experience. Not only for their own money has been made to be happy, but also for their own creation and perseverance of the work and happy and proud!" read more

Need to pay attention to open the candy shop

wedding industry is now concerned about the industry’s profits, the prospect of unlimited. So many investors have begun preparations for the opening candy shop, shop should need to pay attention to what issues? If you are not very clear on this issue, you can pay close attention to the relevant information, Xiaobian finishing a few points, I hope to help you.

read more

Want to open a western restaurant store selection is very important

from western food into China, a lot of people interested in Western food, Western food market has been hot, but to join the western restaurant, store choice is very important. People’s spending on Western food gradually increased, which is the standard of people’s living standards continue to improve, the development of China’s western food market is becoming increasingly popular. Thus triggering the western food market opportunities, so also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs to invest in the eyes, then choose how to do a lot of Western franchise store read more

Sichuan through the computer Yaohao public rental housing options

for public rental housing problems, many places are in short supply, in the face of such a situation, the relevant government units to take measures to open the computer Yaohao, in order to protect its fair notarization. Below we for the Sichuan province through the computer open Yaohao, choose a specific understanding of public rental housing.

5 30 in the morning, the computer open Yaohao, this year the city center the first batch of 11128 to apply for registration in the object is to determine the order of selection. It is reported that this Yaohao optional public housing rental housing a total of 8478 sets, involving "Jincheng East A District, B District Jincheng East", "Shang Jincheng" project. read more

Masil cake sunrise industry worry about entrepreneurship

the best choice for the quality of life, in our lives, has always been a choice for the development of the market space. Join Maxiell cake? Naive project, worry about entrepreneurship, you are still hesitant what?

cake industry is a fashion career, because of its elegance, taste and fashionable young men and women and children’s favorite. Chaoyang industry, fashion occupation, elegant work environment, a huge market demand, high profit space, make the cake pastry industry has become the gold industry the ideal twenty-first Century. read more