North District Federation of trade unions to carry out a series of activities to send warm autumn

in the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, union with general Seongbuk proposed "face to face, heart, hard work of the masses", carried out a series of warmth activities.
A, carry out the "send warm autumn activities". In September 26th, Chaoyang Square held a "warm" autumn area for the 460 sanitation workers to send out holiday greetings, let sanitation workers their deep feelings to the party and the government’s care, let them feel the warmth of the trade union organization, to enhance the cohesion of the trade union organizations to gather people, warm and stable the hearts of the people, promotes the harmony and stability in our region.
two, to carry out care for migrant workers activities. In order to further implement the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, deepen the grassroots, down to earth, do practical activities, to further increase the migrant workers attention, care and love, let them feel more warmth of the party and the government, feel the unions for their care. September 27th, the District Federation of trade unions in the north of the environmental sanitation Park and office building construction site for 50 migrant workers held a free medical card.
three, carry out condolences Lamor activities. In September 28th, the District Federation vice president Wang Qicheng led the staff to the area workers home condolences for the national model worker Mei Lanfang’s home, asked in detail about the life and health of Mei Lanfang, on behalf of the District Federation of trade unions to extend holiday greetings to her, and the cakes and other gifts to the hands of Mei Lanfang, let the workers feel that the party and the government’s concern. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the City Federation of trade unions, the area of 5 frail national model workers free physical examination.
four, single, difficult to carry out care activities of female workers. In order to ensure the health of female workers single difficulties, let them spend a happy and healthy holiday, September 27th, District Federation of trade unions after investigations, the jurisdiction of the 20 difficulties, single female workers issued a "two cancer free medical card. read more

The western party to become community think-tank

In order to thoroughly implement the party’s mass line, the closer party masses relations, the west area to the working party members into the community activities as the carrier, the working party extends from the "eight hours post duty" to "eight hours of community service, in the service of the masses and to become a community think-tank.

reporter learned that the western part of the party members of the party building work experience and other characteristics of the organization, they organize community grassroots organizations, community development. In GA Si Xiang community, the working party members listened to a relevant GA Si Xiang community situation after the views and suggestions on the construction of community. In a small community, Quincy, Jia Kun Dong Xiang, the Chinese community community in 4 communities, nearly 170 working party members into the area of "three noes" floor carpet cleaning health hospital. In the school of Community Party Branch Lane community residents Liu Dianqing home, the working party members through face-to-face contact with the masses, heart to heart talk, understand the needs and aspirations of the masses, and the party’s policy to the grassroots level, to further narrow the distance between Party members and the masses. read more

Small series for you to resolve the process of opening stores in different places

local economic decline, I believe everyone will choose in different places to build entrepreneurial base, in fact, now in different places to open stores has become the mainstream trend, so in the process of remote open stores is difficult?

to the end than in the local places to shop, a higher degree of complexity, the entrepreneurship process, how to reduce the risk of operating in different places? This article only provides the following six different shops to join the steps for the intention of the venture to join the reference. read more

Yili CPPCC held in the fourth quarter consultation to promote youth entrepreneurship

young people want to start a business, we must first have the correct ideological level, a healthy world outlook and entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs are important builders of China’s society, in the face of the current turbulent world, young entrepreneurs should be far away from the impact of religious extremism.

11 20 July, Yili CPPCC on "promoting" 80, 90 "youth employment" held the fourth quarter meeting, aimed at promoting the "80, 90" after the implementation of youth employment and entrepreneurship more fully, consciously away from the religious extremist ideological influence. CPPCC Chairman Shapour, CPPCC party secretary Yu Qingshan, deputy secretary of state, Party committee secretary Li Minghui, vice governor Mei Yu, CPPCC members pulbah · Tu G Jay Fagafaga P, vice chairman of CPPCC representatives, Asad, Liu Ke Hua and the city CPPCC members in part. read more

There are ten tips for getting rich

everyone wants to be a boss, but not everyone can do the boss, is need diligence and wisdom to make a real money boss, do a successful boss. Here we summarize the experience of the predecessors on the basis of the characteristics of contemporary social development, summed up the ten personal business to get rich tips! Hope to be helpful to friends!

1, the amount of venture capital will be reduced to a minimum.

read more

Beijing Liangmahe now woman event has been verified

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

Panzhihua mouse to complete the tax payment

with the advent of the Internet has provided more convenience for our lives, especially before the tax must go to the relevant units can be. Recently, thousand Wo flavor industry food Limited by Share Ltd tax officers Zhang Yanyan opened the online tax service hall address on the computer in the office, less than two minutes to the successful completion of tax payment. "Before the tax day, we have to go to the hall line filling. When the data is not uniform, have to run back and forth. Tax people for a long time, sometimes to wait an hour of the team. Now through the network tax, time saving, more relaxed." Zhang Yanyan said with a smile. read more