Dust Buster.

first_imgFor 30 years, Hanna has worked with pearl millet, a crop that looks and grows much likeyoung corn. But pearl millet doesn’t get nearly as thirsty.When other crops shrivel in dry weather, the millet thrives. Its roots have such adistinct dislike for soggy soil that they almost appear to prefer dusty dirt.”The roots will come to the top of the ground,” said Hanna, a plant breederwith the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Pearlmillet doesn’t like really wet soil.”If the crop likes dry dirt, Georgia fields have had plenty to devote to it during thepast three years. As the state’s farmers struggle to get water to their crops, pearlmillet seems increasingly a crop whose time has come.Drought-tolerant Crop”It’s probably the most drought-tolerant grain crop you can grow,” Hannasaid.Georgia farmers tried growing about 35,000 acres of pearl millet in the early 1990s.But a disease called rust wiped out the crop.Farmers don’t have to worry about that now. “We have the rust disease problemsolved,” Hanna said.The state’s huge poultry industry could be an ideal market for millet. Broiler growers are interested in substituting pearl millet for some of the corn that goes into chicken feed.The crop could greatly help poultry producers, since Georgia grain farmers don’t grow nearly enough corn to feed the more than 100 million chickens the state’s broiler growers produceeach month. And corn imported from other areas carries a higher price tag than local grain.Pearl millet could be a blessing to Georgia’s grain farmers, too. Supplying millet to poultry growers could create a potential $45 million Georgia market in about five years.Perfect for Poultry”It would fit just perfectly into the poultry industry for Georgia and theSoutheast,” Hanna said.Farmers could plant pearl millet seeds, water them for two days and essentially forgetabout the crop until harvest about three months later. Grain buyers are expected to payabout the same price for pearl millet as they would for corn.But Georgia farmers have grown corn for generations. Some may not want to risk tryingto grow the new crop.And even if they tried it, they’d have to grow enough pearl millet to supply thepotential new markets. They’d have to meet the needs of poultry and other livestockproducers.It’s not a sure thing. But with pearl millet’s drought-tolerant nature, the excitingpoultry-market potential and a lingering drought with no end in sight, switching crops isa tantalizing prospect for farmers.Hanna hopes to release two new hybrids of pearl millet in the next two to three years.The USDA is thoroughly researching the crop to make sure it lives up to its promises.The state of Georgia, the ARS and the University of Georgia College of Agricultural andEnvironmental Sciences have joined forces to accelerate research of pearl millet. Theywant to get it into farmers’ hands as fast as they can. Wayne Hanna, an agricultural scientist in Tifton, Ga., sees a day when farmers may nothave to worry so much about rain. Photo: Joe Coursoncenter_img Pearl millet looks much like young corn, but the promising grain crop doesn’t need nearly as much water..last_img read more

Midville field day

first_img“Things have really picked up since the reopening,” Black said. “We have begun a new renewable energy program that focuses on the production of biofuel feedstock crops. I would say we are about up to full speed, and irrigated research land is about full capacity.”The day starts at 9 a.m. Lunch will be provided. To find out more, call (706) 542-1060. University of GeorgiaTo showcase research and its importance to the agricultural industry in its region, the University of Georgia Southeast Research and Education Center in Midville, Ga., will have a field day Aug. 19.Participants will see the latest work by UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences experts on twin-row soybeans, fungicide trials, insect control and official state variety trials for corn, soybean and peanut, said Anthony Black, the center’s superintendent.Work at the Burke County center was postponed six years ago due to budget cuts. The center reopened last summer.last_img read more

Advertising Update

first_img October 15, 2003 Regular News Advertising Update At the committee’s recent meetings it made the following decisions on appeals from staff opinions on lawyer advertising: 1. Statements Creating Unjustified Expectations Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B) prohibits any statement in lawyer advertising that “contains any reference to past successes or results obtained or is otherwise likely to create an unjustified expectation about results the lawyer can achieve except as allowed in the rule regulating information about a lawyer’s services provided upon request.”The committee determined that the following language creates unjustified expectations about the results the lawyer can achieve in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B):FAST EVICTIONS!Force tenants to pay rent into court registry or take possession by defaultUse distress writs effectively to freeze tenant assets and inventoryGet quick bankruptcy stay relief* * *STOP HARASSMENTRebuild Your Credit.The committee determined that the following language in direct mail letters creates unjustified expectations in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B): . . . allow us to effectively and simply present your position to legislators. . . . We will use our experience and skills to:Define a formal plan and implement it to ensure that your positions are effectively presented.Identify those legislators that are “fence sitters” and sell them on your position with a mixture of internal and external efforts* * * Working to recover your settlement. Working to recover your retirement.* * * At the “X” Law Firm winning means everything.* * * Do you want to stop your creditors from harassing you?¿Quiere parar las llamadas de sus acreedores?The committee ruled that the following phrases do not create unjustified expectations and are allowable in advertisements by Florida Bar members:Don’t let tenants take advantage of you or the system* * * The Law Firm of X, Y and Z is here to help ease your burdens.* * * Preventive Strategies and Positive Solutions for the Workplace 2. Quality of Legal ServicesThe committee determined that the following language does not characterize or describe the quality of legal services being offered and therefore does not violate of Rule 4-7.2(b)(3): . . . [W]e believe in providing our clients with quality legal service. 3. Newsletters and Other Direct Mail Rule 4-7.4(b), et seq., sets forth requirements for direct mail communications with prospective clients with whom the attorney has no family or prior professional relationship. The committee determined that a letter sent to professionals, such as accountants, is considered a direct mail advertisement and is subject to Rule 4-7.4(b). The recipients are considered potential referral sources since the letter is designed to introduce the professional to the firm, to begin networking between the professional and the firm, and to advise the professional of the advantages of working with the firm. The committee determined that a newsletter mailed to certified public accountants must be filed for review and must comply with the requirements of the direct mail communication rule, Rule 4-7.4. The committee commented that Rule 4-7.4(b)(1) requires all written communications mailed directly or indirectly to a prospective client for the purpose of obtaining professional employment to comply with the direct mail requirements. Therefore, because the newsletter is mailed to accountants who are potential referral sources, the direct mail rule applies. 4. Prohibited Visual Images, Generally Rule 4-7.2(c)(1) provides: “All illustrations used in advertisements shall present information that is directly related and objectively relevant to a viewer’s possible need for legal services in a specific type of matter. Such illustrations shall be still pictures or drawings and shall contain no features that are likely to deceive, mislead, or confuse the viewer.” The committee determined that the following image was impermissible: A photograph of an attorney with his son violates Rule 4-7.2(c)(1) because the photograph of the child is not relevant to an ad for bankruptcy services. The Committee determined that the following illustrations were permissible under Rule 4-7.2(c)(1): Photographs in a direct mail brochure depicting sinkhole damage are allowable because they are directly relevant to the subject matter and are not manipulative. 5. Exemptions from Filing The committee determined that the following language and illustrations are not exempt from the filing requirement and ads containing the following words and illustrations must be filed pursuant to Rule 4-7.7: Member: Doral & Airport West Chamber of Commerce.* * * The word “Injured?” and a picture of a person with a briefcase entering a building.If you have any questions regarding lawyer advertising, call the Ethics Hotline at (800) 235-8619. You may also review the advertising rules and sample advertisements on the Bar’s Web site at www.flabar.org. Recent Decisions of the Board of Governors on Advertising The Board of Governors of The Florida Bar considers appeals from opinions of the Standing Committee on Advertising. The board’s decisions on advertising issues at its most recent meeting are as follows:The board reversed the Standing Committee on Advertising, determining that the following language does not create unjustified expectations in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B) and is allowable: You Deserve Results.The board further determined that the following language is allowable and is not false, misleading, or deceptive in violation of Rule 4-7.2 (b) (1) (A):Does experience matter when choosing a lawyer? You bet it does.The board voted against the Board Review Committee’s recommendation that it adopt a definition of “prior professional relationship” in Rule 4-7.4(a) limited to the “attorney-client relationship.” However, the board deferred answering inquiries by bar members regarding what types of persons might be included under the designation “prior professional relationship” in Rule 4-7.4(a), Florida Rules of Professional Conduct.Recent Decisions of the Standing Committee on Advertisinglast_img read more


first_imgBriefs The editors of Legal Assistant Today are accepting nominations for its second annual “Rookie of the Year” contest, open to paralegals who have only one to three years of experience under the supervision of an attorney.The contest was established to reward professional contributions to the legal industry made by legal assistants new to the field. This year, the education requirement has been revised, opening up nominations for legal assistants with an associate’s degree in paralegal studies or higher, in combination with the other contest requirements.All nominations are due by July 23. For complete contest requirements and to fill out a nomination form, go to the LAT Web site at www.legalassistanttoday.com, and click on the “Rookie of the Year 2004” logo. Fiore to lead Dade County Bar Association Robert J. Fiore has been sworn in as the 88th president of the Dade County Bar Association and plans to promote and encourage professionalism during his term. The other new Dade County Bar officers include John W. Thornton, Jr., president-elect, Merrick L. Gross, vice president, John P. Murray, secretary, and Timothy M. Ravich, treasurer. “DCBA programs are typically well attended by lawyers and judges,” said Fiore, who also chairs The Florida Bar’s Standing Committee on Professionalism. “This provides a captive audience, on a regular basis, to raise and discuss issues of professionalism facing all of us day in and day out.” For example, Fiore said, his first remarks after being sworn in were to recite the “Creed of Professionalism” from the Bar’s Center of Professionalism. “I saw Justice Peggy Quince do this during a commencement address at a recent St. Thomas University law school graduation, and I thought it was brilliant and captivating,” he said. “The closing words of the professionalism creed, ‘my word is my bond,’ is so powerful that it forces us all to look critically inward and ask, ‘is mine?’”Ad review fee increased The Board of Governors has given final approval to raising the fee for reviewing lawyers’ advertisements from $100 to $150. Acting at its meeting in late May, the board gave final approval to several rule amendments. According to information from the Disciplinary Procedure Committee, which reviewed the change in the advertising review fee, the higher fee is needed to offset costs of the Bar’s advertising regulatory program. It was approved on second reading by the board as part of its consent agenda. Other approved changes include: • Clarifying that lawyers suspended because of a criminal conviction can only attack the jurisdiction of the convicting court or the lack of due process, not the underlying facts of the case. • Specifying that when a suspended lawyer seeks reinstatement and was required to seek rehabilitation from chemical or substance dependency or a medical condition that the Bar may seek records to determine if the treatment was effective. • Clarifying the procedures for imposing discipline when a lawyer has been found in contempt. • Clarifying that a fee contract that is not in compliance with Bar rules is a matter between the attorney and client and a matter of professional ethics, and not a basis for any action or defense by an opposing party in attendant litigation. • Closing a loophole in Bar admission procedures by providing that a Bar applicant can be disciplined if that applicant commits an act that adversely reflects on his or her fitness to practice while applying to the Bar and if that action is not discovered until after admission. • Clarifying what legal forms are Supreme Court approved and that nonlawyers can help others fill out without violating unlicensed practice of law rules. All the rule changes must be filed with the Supreme Court and approved by the justices before becoming effective.YLD considers PWP discount for government attorneys The Young Lawyers Division plans to study a possible fee reduction for government lawyers and others who are required to take the Practicing with Professionalism course upon joining The Florida Bar. Outgoing YLD President Mark Romance told the Bar Board of Governors recently the YLD has agreed to study the fee issue in light of recent proposed changes, now pending at the Florida Supreme Court, which would require government lawyers to attend PWP. Under current rules, government lawyers are exempt from attending the course until they enter private practice. Romance said the YLD worked with the Government Lawyer Section in drawing up the new PWP rules, and the section had several reservations, some of which were accommodated and some of which weren’t. One issue was the cost of the course for government lawyers, who typically earn less than lawyers in private practice. Romance said the YLD has formed a task force with the section to look at the issue. “The proposal is going to be something like the following: If a lawyer who is required to attend the PWP makes less than X dollars, he or she would be entitled to a percentage reduction of the course fee,” he said. The task force will also look at the budget impact of any such change, and report on that to the Bar’s Budget Committee, Romance said. On another matter, Romance said the division had scheduled a visit on June 26, during the Bar’s Annual Meeting, to the Broward Children’s Center, which helps youngsters with disabilities. The trip, which was open to anyone, was both a tour and an opportunity to make improvements to the center. The trip fits the YLD’s efforts to do outreach work in communities around the state, Romance said, and with immediate past President Miles McGrane’s efforts to help children.Crist addresses Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist was the keynote speaker at the Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association’s annual Law Day Luncheon and paid special tribute to this year’s Liberty Bell Award winner and reflected on the impact of the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Stephen H. Echsner, co-chair of the bar’s Liberty Bell Award Committee, presented the 2004 award to Capt. John Pritchard, president of the Vietnam Wall South Foundation. He has spent almost 20 years building recognition for America’s military veterans. Pritchard spent two back-to-back combat tours serving as a rifleman, radio operator, fire team leader, squad leader, and platoon sergeant in Vietnam. He remained in service, retiring after 21 years. More than 15 years ago Pritchard was one of those who conceived the idea of Veterans Park for Pensacola. After establishment of the Vietnam Wall South Foundation, he and associates negotiated with the city of Pensacola for a site facing Bayfront Parkway, then established the plan to create the half-sized replica of the Vietnam Wall. That work was completed in 1988, the Foundation having raised $1.3 million to erect and maintain the memorial. The Supreme Court, in a June 17 ruling, has accomplished another step in the Art. V, Revision 7 reforms to the state trial court system.The court has promulgated, through an amendment to a Bar rule, an affidavit to be filled out by those seeking an appointment of a public defender or for other “due process services.”The court noted that the legislature in passing laws to implement Revision 7 gave court clerks the job of reviewing applications of criminal defendants who say they cannot afford their own attorneys and want a public defender. The legislature instructed the court to devise an appropriate form for the clerks to use.In the opinion, In Re: Approval of Form for Use by Clerks of the Circuit Courts Pursuant to Rule 10-2.1(a) of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, case no. 04-004, the court noted it was including the form in the Bar rule which allows nonlawyers to assist others in the preparation of some legal forms.“However, only the clerks of the circuit courts are authorized to assist individuals in completion of this form,” the court said. “Rule 10-2.1(a) requires the individual who assisted in preparation of the form to provide a disclosure to the individual who sought assistance. The Court directs the circuit court clerks to this rule for language to be included in the disclosure. Because local procedures may vary from circuit to circuit, the chief judge of each circuit is authorized to prepare instructions for the use of the approved form. Instructions shall be filed with the clerk of court in the respective circuit and with the clerk of this Court.”The opinion, along with the form, is available on the court’s Web site at www.flcourts.org.Rookie legal assistant to be honored The Practice Management and Development Section recently held a joint retreat in New York City with the Law Office Management Committee of the New York State Bar Association.The two entities compared experiences and trends across all categories of law firm management, including recruiting and hiring, associate retention, and law firm consolidation and growth.Rick Georges of the Florida Bar PMDS provided an updated presentation on technology trends and products for legal practitioners.The retreat opened with a welcoming event which included an appearance from Thomas Levin, president of the New York State Bar Association, and Hannah Arterian, dean of the Syracuse University College of Law. Arterian and Bruce Hamm, director of professional legal education and credit programs at Syracuse, arranged for the retreat to be held in the Syracuse Alumni quarters in the city, near Central Park.Bar fees are now payable Florida Bar members should now have received their 2003-2004 annual fee statements — reflecting no increase in fees.The statements were mailed in late May. The fees were payable July 1 and are late after August 15.Members will receive one of two fee statements: one designed for active members and another for those who have elected inactive status. Annual fees are still $265. Inactive members pay $175. Eligible members may pay online at www.flabar.org.Under the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, fees postmarked after August 15 will be assessed a late fee.Zebersky honored for professionalism Edward Zebersky of Hollywood received the 2004 Standing Committee on Professionalism Chair’s Choice Award for his exceptional service and professionalism as a guardian ad litem.Zebersky was the guardian ad litem for Loren Hinton, a two-year-old who almost drowned in her family’s apartment complex pool. Although she survived, she suffered permanent brain damage from her time underwater. The subsequent case was highly litigated and ultimately settled for $100 million. Despite the complexity of the case and the hours spent on the case, Zebersky waived his fee so that all of the proceeds could go to help provide for Loren.The Standing Committee on Professionalism created the award to honor Zebersky for giving his time without compensation so that justice was properly served.“This was an easy choice for me,” said Katherine Clark Silverglate, immediate past chair of the Professionalism Committee. “What Mr. Zebersky did exemplifies what the professionalism committee teaches, preaches and encourages year in and year out. Indeed, he took the word ‘service’ to a new level.”Court approves ‘due process’ formcenter_img PM&D Section retreats to NY July 15, 2004 Regular Newslast_img read more

Former credit union COO pleads guilty to embezzlement

first_imgA former COO will be sentenced in July for embezzling more than $465,000 from a New York credit union.Suzanne Silva, 35, of Carle Place, N.Y., agreed to plead guilty Wednesday to one felony count of embezzlement, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Richard P. Donoghue, said.For more than seven years while she was a supervisor and COO at the $33 million Winthrop-University Hospital Employees Federal Credit Union in Mineola, Silva spent the stolen funds on Caribbean cruises, travel to Cancun and thousands of dollars a month on Amazon and Etsy, according to court documents.Silva joined the credit union in 2002, became a supervisor in July 2011 and was promoted to COO in February 2017. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

CDC expecting H5N1 samples from Indonesia

first_imgFeb 22, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – An official from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is a collaborating laboratory for the World Health Organization (WHO), today said Indonesia’s health ministry is sending 15 H5N1 influenza samples for virus characterization, the first the country has shared since last year.Nancy Cox, MD, chief of the CDC’s influenza division, said today at a media update on the flu season that Indonesia’s health minister called the CDC on Feb 20 to say the country would like to resume sending samples.Cox said Indonesia’s health ministry shipped 15 clinical samples to the CDC on Feb 22. She said the samples are from two patients whose infections were confirmed by the WHO on Feb 5 and Feb 12. The two patients were a 27-year-old woman from a Jakarta suburb who died on Feb 2 and a 15-year-old girl from another Jakarta suburb who was hospitalized with an H5N1 infection after her mother died of the disease.”Based on past experience, the samples should arrive over the weekend or early next week,” Cox said. “We expect to obtain results over the next 2 weeks.”In December 2006, Indonesia—the nation hardest hit by the H5N1 virus—stopped sending samples to WHO collaborating centers to protest pharmaceutical companies’ use of the samples to develop vaccines that Indonesia said would be too expensive for developing nations to buy. A WHO group that has been meeting to resolve the virus-sharing issue failed to forge an agreement the last time it met in November.Indonesia has shared only a few samples since the end of 2006. Last May it sent three to the WHO in advance of the World Health Assembly, but WHO officials later said the specimens contained no viable viruses. Indonesia also sent a sample to the CDC lab in August to show that an outbreak of human cases on the island of Bali did not involve a mutated strain.Sari Setiogi, a spokeswoman for the WHO, told CIDRAP News today that the WHO has not received any details from Indonesia about the samples it is sharing and could not confirm the development.Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesia’s health minister, said yesterday that the samples it sent are meant only for risk assessment, according to a report from the Associated Press (AP). “If they want to develop them into a seed virus they must notify us. If they make them into a vaccine our rights over [the vaccine] will be recognized,” she told the AP.Supari’s announcement came at the end of a tumultuous week regarding the country’s stance on sharing its H5N1 samples. Earlier this week, media outlets reported that Supari published a book alleging that the United States intended to produce a biological weapon with the H5N1 virus and the WHO was conspiring to profit from H5N1 vaccines.Details about the book, titled Time for the World to Change: God is Behind the Avian Influenza Virus, were given in a Feb 8 press release from Indonesia’s health ministry. However, the release did not list a publisher for the 182-page book.Officials from the US State Department and WHO denied the claims Supari apparently made in her book, the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald reported yesterday.Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono reportedly ordered Supari to recall copies of her book, though he had authored its introduction, according to Morning Herald reports.However, at a meeting with health ministry officials on Feb 20, Yudhoyono said he supported Supari’s demand for fair international virus-sharing policies, according to a report from Reuters.”We certainly need to form a partnership with WHO and friendly nations. We can only proceed if we agree on building and implementing a fair cooperation framework,” he said at a news conference, according to Reuters.last_img read more

Pennsylvania Providing Support to Local First Responders After TS Isaias Causes Significant Flooding

first_imgPennsylvania Providing Support to Local First Responders After TS Isaias Causes Significant Flooding Press Release,  Public Safety,  Weather Safety Governor Tom Wolf is directing commonwealth resources to southeastern Pennsylvania to support first responders after Tropical Storm Isaias dumped as much as eight inches of rain in about six hours in parts of the state, according to the National Weather Service.“This is a rapidly changing situation, and we anticipate that these missions will continue over the next several hours, as waterways could continue to rise even after the rain has stopped falling,” Governor Wolf said. “Please avoid areas where emergency or utility crews are working so they can do their jobs quickly, and safely get back home to their loved ones.”The PA Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (PA-HART) has been assigned to assist with water rescues in Berks and Montgomery counties, and Swiftwater Emergency Response Teams (SWERT) from the Fish and Boat Commission and other local agencies in the southcentral area of the state are being sent to assist in the southeast.PA National Guard vehicles capable of operating in high water conditions are being deployed to Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware counties. Additional PA State Police aviation support is in Montgomery County to assist with a search for a missing person.“PEMA staff started to monitor the effects of the storm early this morning and will continue to work with our state and county partners as long as state support is needed,” said PEMA Director Randy Padfield. “Both PEMA and the PA National Guard have assigned liaison officers to work with county emergency management offices that requested them.”Motorists can check conditions on more than 40,000 roadway miles by visiting www.511PA.com. 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information and access to more than 1,000 traffic cameras.511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website.Ver esta página en español. August 04, 2020center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

UK regulator raises concerns over post-freedoms market

first_imgThe Financial Conduct Authority has expressed some concerns about the transition from membership of a defined contribution (DC) scheme to retirement following the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015.Publishing its interim report on a review of how the retirement income market has changed since then, it said it had identified “emerging issues”.Christopher Woolard, executive director of strategy and competition at the FCA, said: “We have identified areas where early intervention may be needed either now or further down the track to put the market on the best footing for the future.”The regulator said it was considering investigating whether additional protections were needed for consumers buying drawdown with advice, for example by gathering evidence on whether consumers paid high charges or ended up with unsuitable investment strategies. The regulator said it might also ask the government to consider measures to improve competition in non-advised drawdown, and proposed developing tools and services to help consumers understand their retirement options and improve trust in pensions.The regulator found that consumers accessing defined contribution pension pots early had become “the new norm”, with most opting for lump sumps rather than regular income.Over half of pots accessed have been fully withdrawn, but of these, over half (52%) were moved into other savings and investment products, partly due to a lack of trust in pensions.It noted that this could result in bad outcomes for consumers, as they could pay too much tax, miss out on investment growth or lose out on other benefits.The regulator also found that most consumers accessing their pots early did not shop around for drawdown products from companies besides their existing provider. In addition, many consumers bought drawdown without advice but might need further protection to manage it effectively.According to the FCA, the share of consumers taking out drawdown pensions without taking advice grew from 5% before the introduction of pension freedoms to 30%.The regulator was also worried that annuity providers leaving the open annuity market could weaken competition over time.It also said product innovation had been limited so far, especially for the mass market.Review ‘disturbing’The UK pensions trade body said the regulator’s review made for “disturbing reading”.“Without timely action now, those retiring in the near future who are dependent on defined contribution pots and who have no access to advice will not receive the retirement they hope for,” said Tim Gosling, policy lead for DC at the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association.The default retirement option should lead towards an income product rather than cash, which could mean a form of “soft” default, he said.Gosling also called for “a new generation of high-quality retirement income products”.“These need to have strong independent governance and be suitable for those needing an income but who do not have access to advice,” he said.The FCA’s report can be found here.last_img read more

Leicester boss hails Ndidi, Iheanacho, mates for festive form

Read  Also:Pinnick reveals date NFF will hand Rohr new Eagles contract“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that you’re not going to be able to have that input physically into the game, so you have to make the changes.“But I trust the squad. I see them work every day, I see how hard they work, how professional they are and know that we could make that change, so I made the changes. It worked well and then we can come here and make a number of changes to keep the energy and maximum intensity in the team.”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Ndidi was ever present at the heart of Leicester’s midfield while Iheanacho, replacing injured striker Jamie Vardy, played three games and scored one as the Foxes responded to back-to-back defeats by Manchester City and Liverpool with victories at West Ham and Newcastle despite Rodgers making wholesale changes.Advertisement Nine of the men who played in the 4-0 Boxing Day defeat by Liverpool were rested for Saturday’s trip to the London Stadium, and six of them returned at St James’ Park on New Year’s Day. Reacting on the 3-0 win on Tyneside, Rodgers said: “Some of these players, you’re going to see if they flourish if you put them in. “Whether it was scientific or psychological, it doesn’t really matter. It’s very, very difficult, to play like we were on a Thursday at 8pm and if our game is based around intensity and physicality, and then we play on a Saturday less than 48 hours later. Loading… Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has hailed Super Eagles pair Wilfred Ndidi, Kelechi Iheanacho and teammates for their performance during the tough holiday schedule. Promoted Content11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseFantastic-Looking (and Probably Delicious) Bread ArtBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic BombsWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?6 Unforgettable Shows From The 90s That Need To Make A ComebackThe Best Cars Of All TimeThe Woman The Whole Muslim World Is Proud Of14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now read more

6 Arevalo COVID-19 patients beat virus

first_imgThus as of yesterday, Iloilo City had four remaining active cases. These were the following: The Department of Health (DOH) Region 6 confirmed the recovery of three of the six cases. They were the following: As of May 28, Iloilo City’s confirmed COVID-19 cases were at 18 with 13 having recovered and only one mortality. * 39-year-old female (Patient No. 93) * 48-year-old female (Patient No. 80) * 25-year-old-female from Lapuz district (region’s Patient No. 106) * 43- year-old female (Patient No. 78) Except for Patient No. 85 who was from Barangay Quezon, Arevalo, the rest of those who recovered were residents of Barangay Sto. Niño Sur, Arevalo. * 37-year-old male (Patient No. 104) According to Dr. Ma. Julia Villanueva, assistant regional director of DOH-6, the three remaining yet-to-recover COVID-19 cases in Arevalo were also Iloilo City’s remaining such patients. They were the following: These droplets also land on objects and surfaces around the person. Other people then catch COVID-19 by touching these objects or surfaces, then touching their eyes, nose or mouth./PN The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. * 57-year-old female (Patient No. 79)center_img Most people (about 80 percent) recover from the disease without needing special treatment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Some patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell. * 39-year-old female from Arevalo (Patient No. 93) * 55-year-old female (Patient No. 73) COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019. ILOILO City – Six of the nine cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Arevalo district here already recovered. However, older people, and those with underlying medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, are more likely to develop serious illness. * 37-year-old male from Arevalo district (Patient No. 104) The three others recovered much earlier. They were a 46-year-old male (Patient No. 88), 48-year-old male (Patient No. 66) and a 33-year-old male (Patient No. 85). People can catch COVID-19 from others who have the virus. The disease can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales. * 43-year-old fmale from Arevalo (Patient No. 78)last_img read more