Russian circus detonated Xining parent-child group

is the people’s Park staged the Russian circus become the best platform for the general public parent-child activities, the reporter learned from the active site, since entering the summer, 80% viewers for family circus in russia.

this is a narrow opportunity to narrow the distance between parents and children, by looking at the Russian circus together to enhance the understanding of the child." Many of the audience told reporters, usually children are busy learning, and parents are very small, with children watching the Russian circus, not only let the children see the growth, and gave the children a chance to relax, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow. It is understood, sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Municipal Bureau of forestry, Xining evening news co hosted the Russian circus national tour activities in the people’s park every two performances, have very ingenious performances, star Tiger, lion, animal bears, monkeys, sheep, horses, the group many star players and many programs won the international awards. The show is funny acrobatics, and thrilling tamer performances, there are large Russian dance, is a rare surprise, odd never show, the majority of visitors to bring a visual and auditory feast. read more

Qinghai province court online handling standards (Trial) promulgated

October 14th, the provincial high court held in Xining, Qinghai province court online handling standards (Trial) issued a press conference.

"Internet plus" era, information technology has permeated and influenced all aspects of the work of the court. In 2014, the high court took the lead in achieving the online handling work in the province of the court system, proposed earlier this year by the end of 2015, the basic realization of the province’s court online handling, and emphasize the information application ability as a prerequisite for the amount of judges. September 25th, the Provincial High Court adopted the "Qinghai provincial court online handling standards (for Trial Implementation)". Online handling standards, mainly involving the case of digital information, intelligent judge cases, fine trial management, justice for the convenience of the people, the five aspects of public justice normalization of the 24. Reflected through the promotion of online handling, the whole process of implementation of cases handled online, online data extraction, process control, online approval, online public matters online display, evaluation was carried out online, the online trial management. The content of the standard of handling the case on the Internet has been comprehensive, specific, important nodes, the key work is strict and standardized, and it has a strong guiding role in carrying out the work of handling the case on the court of the province.   read more

Xining City, north of the city to carry out the theme of a national civilized city Month activities

In order to further improve to create a national civilized city activities influence and coverage, enhance the quality of public culture, a welcome working boom, Seongbuk carefully designed "etiquette promotion", "smile" and "volunteer service month" 17 broad, keynote theme activities, from 2012 to 2014 continuous rolling development, carry out a monthly 2-3, through the development of sustainability, the normalization of the theme activities, the activities to create a more enduring and far-reaching significance, influence and lead more effective public participation in the creation of civilization, to form a new situation in the whole society to participate in a city.

in the "etiquette Promotion Month" activities: one is the payment proposal of nearly 10000, has built "beautiful homes, civilized city", "advocating etiquette, Lide slim – members of the public etiquette 100" and other promotional materials more than 60000 copies were widely publicized, and issued 15000 "ten uncivilized the behavior selection table, selected ten uncivilized behavior, spitting, spitting toilet etc. the most unpopular"". The two is to carry out the civilized etiquette to discuss the activities in the village meeting, the public forum, women’s forum, there are various people around and uncovering their own uncivilized phenomenon. The three is the formation of the north area of the civilized etiquette demonstration team, invited senior etiquette teachers for civilization and etiquette demonstration and authority of each window unit and 23 community staff do civilized etiquette special counseling, etiquette knowledge popularization and standardization. The four is to carry out the "civilized distance photography big sun" activities, through the collection of photographic works, mobilize the public to capture and show good social custom, expose and condemn these uncivilized behavior, flexible form, rich activities off the Daxing wind in the region of etiquette.

in "environmental action" activities: one is to carry out the "low-carbon home, fashion life" as the theme of "saving organs", "beautiful small garden and beautiful living room", "green school" and other activities. At present, Wu Zhong school, mountains and rivers school, double Su school won the seventh batch of provincial "green school" title. Two is the organization of students to carry out the "clear white pollution" as the theme of environmental protection (production) and the creative contest theme class meeting, black newspaper board, signing and issuing a proposal in the form of "every day environment" and "refuse to smoke the first cigarette" as the theme of the campaign. At the same time, the organization and the public civilized persuasion patrol volunteers, in the park, green climbing flowers fold, trample green correction and other uncivilized behavior, advocate promote low-carbon living, green travel concept of environmental protection.

in adolescent month "activities: one is the multi departments jointly launched a comprehensive renovation of the environment of the school, the school banned surrounding pavement operating outside the shop and flow of stalls, game rooms, Internet cafes, shops around the campus for a special treatment, focusing on" illegal religious publications "were investigated, the optimization of the school the surrounding environment. Two departments jointly carried out around the school food safety investigation activities, focusing on the management of the school, kindergarten cafeteria hygiene. At the same time, schools in the region to organize food safety in my heart, the theme of the class, the campus food safety; read more

Fuzhou in the first half of the new home sales volume high

this is the world’s most afraid of fire fire but real estate, although prices have been rising even burst, Nitian prices phenomenon, but still did not stop people buying enthusiasm. Yesterday, reporters from Fuzhou city housing registration center was informed that the first half of the Fuzhou property market continued to be active, the overall presentation to inventory status, new commercial housing sales, city level in the most recent 5 years, the city after 2013. Fuzhou sold 63 thousand sets of new homes in the first half, urban sales hit a new high of 5 years. read more

Small porridge fairy join support what

What are

‘s favorite projects for investors? For small venture investors is undoubtedly a high cost of return of the project, and such projects are generally concentrated in the food and beverage industry. Food and beverage industry in the low investment threshold, headquarters to support more than a small porridge fairy join the project is that you can not miss a good choice to get rich. Small porridge fairy investment projects have a low investment high income characteristics, becoming the first choice for small entrepreneurs, to help many entrepreneurs succeed. So small porridge fairy can give investors to join the project support? read more

Which projects are suitable for women

now, the word is not too familiar with the word, the word has now become a very common noun. In today’s society, in addition to a lot of male entrepreneurs, more and more women want to invest in the wave of entrepreneurship. However, the choice of what kind of entrepreneurship has always been a headache. This article describes some of the projects for women to help women open the door to entrepreneurship.

1, breakfast shop and casual drinks shop

has the advantage of low profit and quick recovery, so it is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. read more

Hangzhou ancient tea tea campus management method

do when the market, everyone had to do is to do their own market positioning, positioning is to do the sales target, for example, there are a lot of market orientation in the catering industry, some people saw that the campus dining market investment. For a long time, many businessmen are very optimistic about the campus student groups of wool, many snack bars have been stationed in the streets outside the campus, thus forming a student through the daily snack street. So, if you want to open a school in the vicinity of ancient tea tea stores entrepreneurs, following for the operation of the road share of Hangzhou ancient tea tea, read more

What are some of the support for the

everybody doesn’t have to choose to start a new journey of franchise business for themselves, the main reason is that we are more trust corporation support guarantee. Take food and beverage to join, we are most concerned about is to join the support and other issues.

pizza is now a lot of people like the food, there are more and more in the mixed market pizza brand, brought us a variety of dining enjoyment, but also for businesses to create a good business opportunities. Anxi Zhi Zhi root end joining eat, innovation to create delicious delicacy, bring a more healthy and fashionable dining enjoyment for people. Below, to see how to join the brand can get support. read more

Solid wood furniture market prospects

With the continuous improvement of our living standard, the demand for healthy living is gradually increasing in the

. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the wood furniture, is very market development project selection. How about solid wood furniture? Good brand, strong strength!

is now on the market Home Furnishing wood species are also very diverse, material, mainly include: teak, beech, maple, oak, oak, ash, elm, poplar, pine, with mahogany, mahogany, teak is the most high-end. Home Furnishing style points, can be divided into Home Furnishing like traditional Chinese wood, antique mahogany or European classical wood Home Furnishing; Home Furnishing, luxurious and elegant; then is the modern simple American solid wood Home Furnishing etc.. With the growing demand for consumer demand for healthy home, green decoration concept gradually popular. Selection of natural environmental protection wood Home Furnishing has attracted more and more people of all ages, simple American solid wood is popular in nowadays Home Furnishing. Solid wood home investment is good, of course, very good. read more