Village network enterprise network marketing magic weapon

I do

network marketing for 6 years, a good mood today to my experience to share with you, ha ha joke, I think for the enterprise website in Riga customer website online consultation, online ordering, online message, online complaint system is very important. Why is it important? I’ll show it to you. Let’s start with I joined the company in 2006 as an Internet marketing specialist. Because I haven’t used any space before. Top-level domains. After entering that company, just begin to learn the website of original independent website uploads, data uses FTP software to undertake. (I used to upload it directly with WEB in my free space) no nonsense. Get to the point. read more

Personal views on the travel industry website

I have engaged in the tourism industry in Hunan, Zhangjiajie, witnessed the Zhangjiajie tourism industry website number from a few years ago soared to more than 700 now, the growth so rapid, intense competition situation, certainly there will be a considerable part of the site will gradually disappear, said his opinions on tourism industry website here. I hope you can help and understanding for everyone in the tourism industry (individuals over a period of time attention to the Zhangjiajie tourism network read more

IT Dr. tea first big Chengdu talent network promotion problem diagnosis

question: personal encountered some problems in the promotion process. Do not know how you look at the prawns? (this article only published in this forum) or what good ideas, if good suggestions or comments were adopted, and so my site developed, we must remember feedback:)

1, when did you start investing in


my site 8 months time, has been more and more, but the promotion I trial is mainly three, 1 is the blog and is a member of the 1 group promotion, mail promotion, the 1 is the search optimization (this is some simple optimization, such as the head and below). read more

How to open men’s stores what skills

master certain skills, you can make your men’s franchise business better. So, men’s franchise in the end how to operate it? This is still very worthy of discussion with everyone, then Xiaobian today to discuss with you.

is alone, men open their own stores? Or invite friends and relatives? Or join the system, by the headquarters to provide open men’s store resources? In addition, the investment partnership open men’s clothing stores, after must have face shareholders disagreement and division of courage. The best combination of 2 people to avoid the partnership, and to the best of the 3 people, up to no more than 5 people.   open men’s stores before considering what investment elements? read more

Xiamen second-hand housing prices soared three months rose 600 thousand

Xiamen as China’s coastal cities, the economy is more developed, is also a beautiful coastal city, attracting a lot of people went to buy a house to live. But in the face of crazy growth in prices, we feel surprised, still can not stop the enthusiasm of the public purchase. Xiamen, one of the prices do not have to say. Today only talk about Xiamen second-hand housing prices skyrocketing, details of the three months rose 600 thousand.

3 9, Lan Tianbin to the price of $1 million 760 thousand signed a core area of Xiamen Jimei area of second-hand housing 87 square meters. Only after a week, the suite was the landlord rose to 1 million 900 thousand. At the beginning of April, the landlord prices rise again, price reached 2 million 60 thousand. At the beginning of June, Lan Tianbin completed the housing transfer procedures, the house price has reached 2 million 400 thousand. read more

Boutique shop is how to invest

jewelry boutique is now a followed by an open, everyone is how to successfully open the jewelry shop? We see a careful calculation.

shop feesBefore

from the preparation to the official business, the expenses are: a year’s rent, renovation costs, the first part of the purchase and cash flow. According to experts, the reporter visited the capital of several suitable for the opening of ten yuan shop section, summed up, the north gate lot in the business before the need to invest about $100 thousand, about $52 thousand northwest road. read more

Snack bar to do business to focus on features

on the open snack bar, different entrepreneurs have different emphases, some people think that the location is the most important, because once the location determined, then determine the mode of operation. Some people think that the most important decoration, because too luxurious is not conducive to attract customers, too simple and will make people feel no grade. So, what should we pay attention to the snack bar? Xiao Bian believes that in addition to these, but also pay attention to characteristics. read more

Days before the death of a woman down the fence to reflect the high altitude falling rock

last month, 3, Beijing, a district down the fence to kill a woman. 4 meters long fence will be hit Wang Lan, leading to his death. Wang Lan smashed the day before, there are residents to reflect the phenomenon of falling stone roof area, but the property has been said to have strengthened.

Name: Wang Lan

Gender: female

birthplace: Inner Mongolia

The reason: the accidental death of

Hit read more

More than 800 parking spaces will be the first batch of remediation

There will be a demonstration park in the four districts of Xining……

of parking regulations, not standard, not reasonable with the ban, the ban, the integration of the integration……

West area will be more than 800 rectification unreasonable parking……

according to the planning and construction of urban and rural areas of Xining City Planning Bureau and the person in charge, through study and research, Xining city will vigorously renovation of the parking lot on the sidewalk, some do not meet the parking regulations, standards, not unreasonable, the ban will be banned, the integration will be integrated, the need for the section of the parking lot, parking lot will add some new.

why on the regulation of more than 800 parking spaces

"chaos too much, to the extent not rectification!" Xining urban planning and Construction Bureau official told reporters.

[PROBLEMS]: parking facilities are not standardized

the rectification of public parking facilities within the area of the main building is the use of back space settings, but existing settings are not standardized, set the subject too much, set the number of parking lot, setting occupy the road space and walking space, bring a greater impact on pedestrian traffic safety and comfort.[two]:

setting of the entrance is not reasonable

rectification region 54 street, victory road, city trunk road traffic; read more

Choose to join the champion bridge vermicelli shop these four reasons to convince you

bridge rice noodle is one of the characteristics of Yunnan cuisine, beautiful and touching story of the legend of the past century. Bridge noodle continues today is still the majority of consumers love one of the consumer goods.

Yunnan noodle can be divided into two categories, one is made of rice flour after fermentation, commonly known as "Physalis noodle" complex process, long production cycle. Features: Noodle bones is good, smooth sweet, rice flavor, is the traditional production method. The other is placed directly after the rice milling machine in extrusion molding, by friction heat to make rice paste molding, known as "dry pulp noodle". Dried rice noodles after drying is "dry noodle", easy to carry and store. When eating, the re steaming up. Dry pulp noodle muscles hard, bite, length, but the lack of clear rice flavor. read more

Open a large family of toy rental stores risk

in the current market, as long as we choose to start a business, choose to shop, will bear the risk, which is an unavoidable thing. However, the risk of different entrepreneurial opportunities will naturally be different. For many investors, will naturally choose less risky business opportunities. So, the opening of a large family of toy rental store risk?

investment is not required

for small and medium investors, the biggest temptation is to open a toy rental store investment is relatively small, relatively simple operation. Overall, the amount of investment is mostly between 30 thousand yuan to 60 thousand yuan, much lower than the investment in other industries. read more