How to make use of the food bowl

although there are countless investors are aware of the importance of advertising, also looking for all kinds of advertising channels, have however, not only a lot of wide audience, but also very effective advertising channels has not been excavated, such as meal consumption bowl. So, how to make use of a food bowl advertising?

imagine such a scene: usually love eating you wrapped in a plastic film on the fire bowl meal is not strange, if attached to an ad, you will serve in the 10 minutes before the look and sweep the two-dimensional code above? read more

What is the choice of clothing store store

now, more and more people want to invest to clothing sales, all know that clothing is a huge industry, but also because many investors to find a suitable store and distress, then choose what clothes shop store trick, let’s take a look at it.

investment to join the clothing store location

need to consider what factors?

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Irrational Games宣布系统要求的PC版本的续作,生化奇兵无限。

他们还透露游戏的PC版本控制方案。在官方博客上说Chris Kline说,生化奇兵无限技术总监:








蒸汽帐户激活的游戏和安装。初始安装需要一次性的互联网连接的蒸汽认证平台更新的Windows Vista(KB 971644需要在Vista DirectX 11);软件安装要求(包括游戏)包括蒸汽客户端,爱上海DirectX运行库,爱上海Visual C++ 2008 SP1可再发行,和爱上海Visual C++ 2010 SP1可再发行。


生化奇兵无限的发布将为Xbox 360,PlayStation 3和PC上3月26日。 read more

Chongqing hot and sour powder to join the franchise to avoid misunderstanding

do snacks to join the project business, because of its low investment, low risk and quick advantage to become the popular business projects, the demand of consumption contains infinite rich opportunities to attract a lot of investors. Chongqing hot and sour powder to open the store, the advantages of the new venture is obvious, but also need to pay attention to join the misunderstanding of the agreement.

with more and more catering entrepreneurs selected by join in the form of a shop, is to reduce their risk of business failure, the two is to hold on the well-known brand of the thigh, enjoy headquarters to provide training and resources, will be the headquarters of the profit model replicated. But the dream is full, the reality is very skinny, there are countless entrepreneurs in recent years by the Chongqing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles joined the project to earn pours, also some people lose the reason it is injured all over the body, left an eye when joining the signing of the agreement, all can avoid the risk in advance in the protocol constraints good. Only a clear understanding of the pitfalls that may exist, in order to join the more, the faster the collapse of the chaos in the success of joining the gold. So the next snack training school to tell you is how to join the Chongqing hot and sour powder shop to avoid the misunderstanding of the franchise agreement. read more

36 key livelihood projects finalized

Recently, the provincial finance identified 36 provincial key special expenditure performance evaluation project this year, involving education, culture, agriculture, social security, ecological protection, health care, major infrastructure and other fields, the size of funds of about 30 billion 300 million yuan, representing an increase of 10%. It is understood that, in order to further improve the quality, focusing on special expenditure performance evaluation since the beginning of this year, the provincial finance focus on source control, detailed management links, in the beginning of the project selection set rules, in order to improve the quality of performance evaluation to create conditions. The provincial government identified key projects, and people concerned about people’s livelihood projects into the scope of the evaluation; a good grasp of the key special expenditure performance evaluation perspective, based on the fiscal expenditure evaluation itself, increase the policy fairness and efficiency evaluation efforts, optimize the allocation and use of various types of funds, benefit optimizing the structure of fiscal expenditure, improve the fiscal policy and financial macro-control functions play so as to provide reference for performance. In addition, according to the evaluation results using the actual weak, issued performance evaluation plan, improve the performance evaluation mechanism, and performance results using different ways to do a specific refinement, effectively promote the evaluation results, to improve the budget performance management effectiveness.   read more

Xining District Four big the grass-roots party construction work

The party’s grassroots organizations are the cornerstone of the party’s work at the grassroots level, is to promote scientific development, leading the masses to get rich, close ties with the masses, to maintain the stability and stability of a strong core of leadership. In 2015, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee, district four to close to reality, the principle of life, the work of Party building and service combination and overall arrangement, and constantly sum up experience, to develop ideas, identify the entry point, to find new ways to explore new ways to pragmatic and effective measures to strengthen the grass-roots party construction work. Enjoy the party "big" article.

area to discuss, harmonious and orderly, perfect regional consultation mechanism, the establishment of a joint meeting to promote regional party building work, the different resources, different membership, loosely connected party organizations linked to Party building community, the establishment of public chamber, residents say things point 13, called switch associated units party joint meeting 26 times, the innovation of social management. To enhance the level of autonomy.

North: three to promote the "three basic level"
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Xining City Health Bureau to carry out medical institutions Juzhu safe hospital to create activities

Create a

for the good work of our city in 2010 "green hospital", according to the arrangement of "implementation plan" activities to create safe hospital health bureau of Xining city in 2010, the Bureau of safe hospital to create activities coordination group held on October 18, 2010 to 19 units of his safe hospital to create work carried out evaluation and acceptance.
the evaluation work in strict accordance with the "Xining City Health Bureau safe hospital to create assessment criteria", take listening to the reports, check the account information, checks the relevant project contents and on-site investigation, leaders of the 5 hospitals safe hospital to create work carried out examination. Assessment contents include the establishment of a leading group to create safe hospital, create clear mechanism, formulate fire prevention measures, strengthen key instrument, equipment, drugs, medical waste, hospital management, fire emergency plan, fire facilities, internal safety management, accident prevention, medical disputes, medical disputes and safety management, legal publicity, in accordance with the law of heat industry, comprehensive management, reward and punishment system etc.. In order to create activities through the development of "safe hospital, strengthen the hospital security ability, improve the quality of medical services, prevention of various types of conflicts and disputes, to combat malicious disrupt the behavior of medical order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients, maintain normal medical order, building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, to promote the healthy development of medical and health services.
by evaluation in detail, the board hospital established the leading group to create safe hospital, to develop the implementation plan, the center and the functional department signed a liability form, make a clear division of labor, concerted efforts; at the same time to strengthen the interaction between management and public security, urban management, industry and commerce, environmental protection etc. the Department of health, hospital, remediation of surrounding environment noise, ensure the smooth road, to create a good environment for medical treatment. Through the efforts of a few months has been completed a large number of specific work, establish and improve the accounting information, security system and security work long-term mechanism. Study on the evaluation results of the coordination group to create
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Xining meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning wind

December 4th, the author learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, affected by the eastward drift of Xinjiang cold temperature trough, windy weather occurred in Xining, Xining meteorological observatory was released on the same day 15 strong yellow warning signal. The next three days, Xining will be shrouded in windy weather.

according to the city meteorological observatory forecast for the next three days, the next three days the city mainly cloudy sunny weather, no precipitation weather. But in the next three days, the Xining region has a dry weather, the maximum wind speed of more than 6 northwest wind will accompany the public to spend the time of three days. Temperature, the maximum temperature range is not large, the lowest temperature drop, the lowest temperature in the city or down to 15 degrees below zero. read more

CPPCC golden ideas into people’s great benefits

Since the first and the two session of the thirteen CPPCC Xining city

, submitted a total of 235 pieces of the proposal, after examination, 20 pieces of the proposal on the same content were combined finishing, 25 pieces of advice as a treatment, 20 not to file the case, filed a total of 170. Among them, 117 members of the proposal, the Democratic Party and the Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce proposal of 53 pieces.

proposal to 41 units for handling, as of the end of November 2012, the proposal has been completed for all the answers. From handling the situation, the proposals have been resolved or accepted (a proposal) 125, accounting for 73.5%; included in the plan to solve or intend to adopt the (class B proposal) 30, accounting for 17.7%; due to various factors cannot solve temporarily for reference (C proposal) 15, accounting for 8.8%. The rate of satisfaction with the results of the above 95%. These proposals are highly valued by the municipal government and the relevant units, and seriously dealt with, in order to promote the healthy development of the city’s economic and social development has made a positive contribution. read more

This year the province will build 68 levels of passenger stations

Serve the province’s social and economic development, three areas and the construction of the "new two" goal, to improve the province’s urban and rural areas of public transport services equalization level, the province will focus on promoting the construction of passenger and freight transport station project. 2014 is the province’s highway transport hub and station construction of the largest one year, the province plans to rebuild the 68 grades of passenger stations, which is the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in April 16th.

everywhere to build what passenger station? The key of highway hub in our province plans to build and station project, the project of Xining national highway transportation hub passenger station including passenger transport center of Xining passenger transport station, Xining West passenger station and Datong station, freight hub project Chaoyang logistics park and caojiabao bonded logistics park; Golmud national highway transportation hub project including Golmud passenger passenger station center station, Delingha public transport railway station; Haidong national highway transportation hub project includes sea east Ledu passenger station; state (city) government seat of passenger and freight station of Hainan, including the West Sea town, Delingha Haibei Haixi, such as Yushu and Guoluo and Yushu passenger station (Jiegu) Logistics Park freight station; county seat passenger station including the Kumbum Monastery in Huangzhong public transport hub.

timely start key scenic tourist passenger with tourism development in our province actual station, will start the construction of Kanbula, Qinghai Lake, and other key scenic spots in Beishan passenger station project timely. read more

See how Dong Mingzhu’s entrepreneurial road to step by step

GREE air conditioner everybody should be very familiar with it, then the boss of GREE Dong Mingzhu, we are not unfamiliar, a legendary original GREE in her bravado beauties, driven by the slowly development today that grow, if for her pioneering deeds is not very understanding of it, today Xiaobian take everyone to see her how is the step by step for profit.

1990, Dong Mingzhu resolutely quit his job, go to work. At that time, she was 36 years old, to the GREE company, starting from a grassroots salesman. I do not know what Dong Mingzhu did with a marketing firm and sichanlanda, 40 days to recover $420 thousand in debt to his predecessor, the general manager Zhu Jianghong sit up and take notice became a marketing story at leisure. The woman of the entrepreneur is to start from here. Relying on hard work and sincere, Dong Mingzhu constantly create the myth of GREE’s sales, her personal sales, has soared to 36 million 500 thousand yuan.

1995 years, Dong Mingzhu became a GREE sales manager, subordinates are so at the time the female boss: a never buanpailichupai person, her brand management is only one: their principles, they think of.

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Operating jewelry stores need to pay attention to what display skills

jewelry is a good development of the current project, open a jewelry store, jewelry display is very important. So, operating jewelry stores, need to pay attention to what display skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

accessories need to pay attention to what display skills? Jewelry stores in the product, how to cause the customer’s interest, the display of products have characteristics, in the display according to the comprehensive consideration of actual factors of their own store, in order to achieve the ideal display results. read more

How to find business opportunities

business opportunities are always left to prepare people, how can we find the right entrepreneurial opportunities? How to grasp the business opportunities? In fact, entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere, the key is to explore.

The five largest source of entrepreneurial opportunities: read more

Sewage treatment is fortunately saved salamander fish

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

In the end how to run a good snack bar

In the dining

snack industry has been a very high position, an industry, is also very worthy of people’s choice in recent years, snack shops in the market more and more active, we are optimistic about the domestic food market, some entrepreneurs have chosen to invest at the snack bar, snack to join the company more and more, see those entrepreneurs dazzling. How to run a good snack bar, which is the need to attach great importance to entrepreneurs, then open a snack bar, which matters need to pay attention to it? read more

Join snacks training schools need to pay attention to what

if you want to start in the snack industry, we need to have a wealth of experience, not much experience, you need to find a snack to join the training, so that more people optimistic about the formation of their own advantages.

[brand profile]

Shanghai is the top snack training belonging to the Shanghai Top Restaurant Management Co., headquartered in Shanghai, it is a collection of food research and technological development, catering project alliance, catering consulting and comprehensive planning catering services in one of the development of catering enterprises, since its inception, has always been adhering to the "integrity, innovation, professional, pragmatic" business philosophy, focused on the dissemination and promotion of food culture. read more

Magic potatoes join mode

what do you recommend to investors today? Xiaobian to introduce is a professional engaged in Western-style food and Taiwan special snack food chain brand, is a set of food development, technology development, technical training, operations training, consulting services and Western-style food and Taiwan food culture dissemination and promotion unit. Magic potato company management, engaged in the catering service team for many years, by virtue of the market look sharp on the diet culture of the catering industry insights, passion, make the company quickly became the catering management company catering industry concern and expectations. read more