Official 6 bodies recovered from AirAsia crash

first_imgPANGKALAN BUN, Indonesia (AP) — A massive hunt for the 162 victims of AirAsia Flight 8501 resumed in the Java Sea on Wednesday, with six bodies, including a flight attendant identified by her trademark red uniform, recovered. But wind, strong currents and high surf hampered recovery efforts as distraught family members anxiously waited to identify their loved ones. Three bodies were retrieved Tuesday, while the others were found after the search resumed Wednesday morning, said Indonesia’s Search and Rescue Agency chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo.On Tuesday, the number had varied with different officials saying as many as six corpses had been discovered.He said half of those found were male and half female, including the flight attendant.The first proof of the jet’s fate emerged Tuesday in an area not far from where it dropped off radar screens. Searchers found the bodies and debris that included a life jacket, an emergency exit door and a suitcase about 10 miles from the plane’s last known coordinates.On Wednesday, divers were deployed, but heavy rain and clouds grounded helicopters, said Soelistyo. The airliner’s disappearance halfway through a two-hour flight between Surabaya, Indonesia, and Singapore triggered an international search for the aircraft involving dozens of planes, ships and helicopters. It is still unclear what brought the plane down.The plane needs to be located and its cockpit voice and flight data recorders, or black boxes, recovered before officials can start determining what caused the crash.last_img read more

People already in line for Nov 30 food voucher distribution

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – A local organization is getting ready to feed a need in South Florida.Early birds were already waiting in line on Friday for next Wednesday’s CAMACOL holiday food basket ticket distribution, along West Flagler Street and 14th Avenue in Miami.Once they get a voucher, they can come back Dec. 14 to claim their free holiday meal with all the fixings.Organizers said 3,000 vouchers will be distributed.This will be the Latin Chamber of Commerce’s 31st year of hosting this event.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Man accused of killing businessman in Lauderhill denied bond

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have arrested a man accused of killing a businessman in his Lauderhill condo.Juan Urbie Carvajal appeared in court Monday morning, facing charges for the murder of 44-year-old Emerald Senior, also known as Martin Young.A judge denied him bond.Senior invited three women to his Lauderhill condo back in February. However, authorities said, one of the women exited the building and left the door open, allowing Carvajal and another man to enter.A struggle ensued and Senior was killed in the shooting.Two other suspects have been arrested in connection to the crime.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

CJ asks media not to misquote him

first_imgSurendra Kumar SinhaChief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has asked the media not to misquote him.The chief justice made the call at a book-launching ceremony at the Shafiur Rahman auditorium of the Supreme Court Bar Association on Thursday.Addressing media people present at the programme, the chief justice said, “Misgivings have been created centring on me. What I say in court is distorted [in news reports], leading to embarrassment for me. [Take necessary measures] so that I am not embarrassed, because it’s not possible for me to convene press conferences to give clarifications.”He went on to say, “As a judge, I can question a lawyer during a case hearing . It’s my prerogative. Quoting [me] without understanding the reasons and motives behind the question can lead to misperceptions. So, you [newsmen] must be careful about this.” Calling on judges to neutrally conduct trials, the chief justice said, “I want to say that we, the judges, might have our own political thoughts in our student or professional life. You must forget your past. If you want to do politics, then quit your job.” The chief justice also called on lawyers to unite on a single platform to ensure the rule of law.“Recently, you seem to lack professionalism,” the chief justice noted.last_img read more

The role of species competition in biodiversity

first_img Darwin’s finches have reached their limits on the Galapagos This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Skulls of various Canid genera; Vulpes (corsac fox), Nyctereutes (raccoon dog), Cuon (dhole) and Canis (golden jackal) Credit: Wikipedia. A group of researchers in Sweden, Switzerland and Brazil have collaborated on a study of North American canids to show that competition from multiple carnivore clades is responsible for the ultimate demise of two extinct canid subfamilies. They theorize that the competitive processes driving these extinctions are more prevalent in species diversification than previously believed. The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The North American fossil record provides abundant evidence for the evolutionary history of the dog family Canidae and of other major carnivores. The researchers analyzed around 1,500 fossil occurrences for 120 canid species from around 40 million years ago to the present; theorizing that competition from other species was a factor driving extinction rates, they also compiled data for five additional carnivore families including cats, bear dogs, false saber-tooth cats, and bears. They developed an analytical framework to invesigate whether speciation and extinction rates responded to evolution of body mass—a good approximation of diet for canids. The authors suggest that body size can indirectly correlate with diversification dynamics as increases in size predispose the development of hypercarnivory behaviors and selective feeding. These adaptive constraints place canids in danger of extinction by restricting their possible sources of food.Via a Bayesian analytic framework, the researchers have determined that the two extinct subfamilies that form the basis of their study were ultimately wiped out by the competitive effects of other carnivore clades, previously considered a rare occurrence, but increasingly regarded as an important influence on biodiversity.Climate change events are widely believed to be a main driver of extinction and speciation, but the study strongly suggests an important role for competition between different species with similar ecologies. Two biologic mechanisms drive clade replacement: passive replacement and active displacement. In the case of passive replacement, an incumbent carnivore clade prevents a competitor population from radiating. The competitor can only radiate once the incumbent carnivore clade declines.Active displacement is the process by which a clade’s rise in diversity causes the decline of another clade by outcompeting for limited resources. “The demise of nonavian dinosaurs by the Cretaceous-Paleogene meteorite impact around 66 million years ago and the subsequent evolutionary and ecologic diversification of mammals provide an iconic example of passive replacement,” the authors write.The authors found evidence for significant changes in speciation and extinction rates for the two extinct canid subfamilies, Hesperocyoninae and Borophaginae, suggesting strongly that the demise of a clade is driven by both its rate of extinction and its failure to originate. The researchers report that changes in in the speciation and extinction rates of the two extinct canid groups were strongly correlated with changes in diversity of multiple competitors. “Our results strongly indicate that competition among several clades of canids and other carnivores drove the changes in diversification rates and the replacement of entire clades,” they write. Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Citation: The role of species competition in biodiversity (2015, July 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2015 More information: “The role of clade competition in the diversification of North American canids.” PNAS 2015; published ahead of print June 29, 2015, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1502803112AbstractThe history of biodiversity is characterized by a continual replacement of branches in the tree of life. The rise and demise of these branches (clades) are ultimately determined by changes in speciation and extinction rates, often interpreted as a response to varying abiotic and biotic factors. However, understanding the relative importance of these factors remains a major challenge in evolutionary biology. Here we analyze the rich North American fossil record of the dog family Canidae and of other carnivores to tease apart the roles of competition, body size evolution, and climate change on the sequential replacement of three canid subfamilies (two of which have gone extinct). We develop a novel Bayesian analytic framework to show that competition from multiple carnivore clades successively drove the demise and replacement of the two extinct canid subfamilies by increasing their extinction rates and suppressing their speciation. Competitive effects have likely come from ecologically similar species from both canid and felid clades. These results imply that competition among entire clades, generally considered a rare process, can play a more substantial role than climate change and body size evolution in determining the sequential rise and decline of clades. Explore further (—Over long spans, biodiversity is a fluid and shifting balance of species and influences. Species diversification occurs in response to a host of complex factors, both biotic and abiotic, and understanding them is a major challenge of evolutionary biology.last_img read more

Final Resting Place of the Elephant Man Found by Author

first_imgThe skeleton of Joseph Merrick, known as the Elephant Man, has been preserved at the Royal London Hospital ever since 1890, the year of his death. But author Jo Vigor-Mungovin said she’s made a discovery: Merrick’s final resting place is in an unmarked grave in the City of London Cemetery. Vigor-Mungovin, who wrote the book Joseph: The Life, Times & Places of the Elephant Man, told the BBC that his soft tissue remains were buried at the cemetery after Merrick’s body was dissected.She posted a photo of the grave on Twitter on May 4, 2019, writing: “Today after weeks of emails, research & visits to the City of London Cemetery, the final resting place of Joseph Merrick has been located. His bones are at @BHAandM for medical purposes but his flesh/remains were buried in consecrated ground after a small service…”This image of Joseph Merrick (1862–1890) was published in the British Medical Journal in 1886Merrick had a skeletal and soft tissue deformity. He died at the age of 27. His head measured 36 inches, and when he died on April 11, 1890, it is believed that he was asphyxiated by the weight of his own head after trying to trying to sleep lying down.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsVigor-Mungovin told the BBC that “a story about his soft tissue being buried had not been followed up due to the number of graveyards in use at the time.” She continued, “I was asked about this and off-hand I said, ‘It probably went to the same place as the [Jack the] Ripper victims’, as they died in the same locality.”Today after weeks of emails, research & visits to the #CityofLondonCemetery the final resting place of #JosephMerrick has been located. His bones are @BHAandM for medical purposes but his flesh/remains were buried in consecrated ground after a small service. #Leicester R.I.P— Jo Vigor-Mungovin (@Berliozjo) May 3, 2019But shortly afterward she decided to investigate the records of the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium near Epping Forest to see if there was more to learn. Mary Ann Nichols and Catherine Eddowes, both believed to have been murdered by Jack the Ripper, are buried there.“I decided to search in an eight-week window around the time of his death and there, on page two, was ‘Joseph Merrick,’ ” she told the BBC.She said the location of his grave was hard to track down, as Victorian London had many cemeteries, but she was “99 per cent certain” the grave was Merrick’s.“The burial is dated April 24, 1890, and Joseph died on April 11,” she said to the BBC. The records she found list “his residence as London Hospital, his age as 28 — Joseph was actually 27 but his date of birth was often given wrong — and the coroner as Wynne Baxter, who we know conducted Joseph’s inquest.”Merrick photographed in 1889Merrick’s condition, which developed in early childhood, is believed to be due to a rare genetic disorder called Proteus syndrome. Because of his leg deformities, he could only walk with a stick.His mother died when he was 11, and he became an object of curiosity and ridicule. He was confined to a workhouse, which he left to join a traveling “freak show”. He was often robbed of his earnings while part of this show. Whether he was beaten or abused is a subject of some debate.A doctor, Frederick Treves, became involved in his case and Merrick was admitted to the hospital. “The weight of his head, which would have crushed his windpipe, prevented him from sleeping normally so he had to get his rest sitting up,” according to Biography. “The death was ruled an accident and Treves concluded that Merrick was experimenting with sleeping. He died trying to be like others.”John Hurt in the David Lynch film, ‘The Elephant Man’ (1980). Photo by Images Press/IMAGES/Getty ImagesIn his lifetime he became well known and was visited by Alexandra, princess of Wales. In the 20th century, he was the subject of various books, a play, and the 1980 film The Elephant Man, starring Anthony Hopkins as the doctor and John Hurt as Merrick.Read another story from us: The Sad Life of the Real “Elephant Man”“The authorities said a small plaque could be made to mark the spot, which would be lovely,” Vigor-Mungovin told the BBC. “Hopefully, we can soon get a memorial in his hometown of Leicester.”Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. Her new book, The Blue, is a spy story set in the 18th-century porcelain world. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.comlast_img read more

Google Makes Finding Podcasts Easier By Adding A Dedicated Section To Search

first_img Related Products DEAL OF THE DAY Close Google Search now has a podcast section, making it easier for users to find shows and themes they’re interested in online.  ( Google ) Google is adding a podcasts section to Search, making more forms of content readily available.With the implementation, users can just make a query on any podcast topic or persons featured in shows and get relevant results.Podcasts Join News, Images, And VideosIn a blog post, Google announced the new feature. Thanks to this, users can just type in something like “Joe Rogan podcast” and get a carousel of episodes from The Joe Rogan Experience highlighted in the results (as pictured). They can also search for “podcasts about Dwayne Johnson” and get a variety of episodes from different shows that feature The Rock. There’s no specific wording here. Users can even search for “podcasts with Jack Black” to get episodes where he guest stars in. (1793) $0.99$0.99 Wow facts 2Share this videoCopyPausePlay00:00% Buffered0PreviousPausePlayNextLive00:00 / 00:00UnmuteMuteExit fullscreenFullscreenCopy video urlPlay / PauseMute / UnmuteReport a problemLanguageBackMox PlayerDefaultEnglishEspañolУкраїнськаРусскийAs the company points out, over 2 million podcasts are available online, and based on just that, it’s safe to say that it can get tricky finding shows and episodes.What Else To ExpectGoogle says it plans to simplify it even further in the future in which users won’t even have to include the term “podcast.”On top of that, it’s going to add the feature to Google Assistant and Google Podcasts for the web.When it goes live, users can ask Assistant something like, “Hey Google, play a podcast about Nikola Tesla” and get a number of related suggestions to choose from. In case it isn’t obvious, this means that users might get to use Google Home speakers or other Assistant-powered devices to play podcasts through voice controls in this manner.Users will also be able to make searches on Google Podcasts for the web and get relevant shows and episodes, and as progress is synced across devices, they can pick up where they left off on anything else they use the podcast player.The new podcast section on Search is already available, starting with users in the United States using English. TAG Google, Google Search, Podcasts Feeds for Fire TV (594) $0.00 ENDS IN Bestseller Stitcher Radio for Podcasts (34) Bestseller DEAL OF THE DAY ENDS IN (1444) $0.00 Bestseller All $0.00 $9.99$9.99 Bestseller $0.00 AllVideo On Demand: Rent or BuyClothing & AccessoriesMajor AppliancesArts, Crafts & SewingAutomotiveBaby & NurseryBeauty & GroomingBooks & TextbooksCollectible CoinsCamera & PhotoCell Phones & AccessoriesClassical MusicComputers, Tablets & ComponentsBlu-Ray & DVDElectronic Components & Home AudioEntertainment CollectiblesVideo GamesOther Gift Card BrandsGrocery & Gourmet FoodPatio, Lawn & GardenHealth & HouseholdBusiness & Industrial SuppliesJewelryKindle StoreKitchen & DiningMagazinesMiscellaneousDigital MusicCDs & VinylMusical InstrumentsOffice & School SuppliesPet Food & SuppliesPatio, Lawn & GardenShoes, Handbags, Wallets, SunglassesSoftwareSports CollectiblesSports & FitnessHome ImprovementToys & GamesVHSVideo GamesWatches $0.00 DEAL OF THE DAY Bestseller Bestsellercenter_img ENDS IN ENDS IN Plex DEAL OF THE DAY ENDS IN $0.00 DEAL OF THE DAY DEAL OF THE DAY TuneIn Radio Pro iHeartRadio TV ENDS IN Spotify Music – for Fire TV (6914) (6034) Tube Player for YouTube Bestseller Ads by Amazon Amazon Music Bestseller ENDS IN (3084) ENDS IN Ads by Amazon DEAL OF THE DAY ⓒ 2018 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission. DEAL OF THE DAY (2106)last_img read more

TravelManagers 10th annual National Conference be

first_imgTravelManagers’ 10th annual National Conference began in Darwin yesterday with a welcome from Ali Mills, a Larrakia Nation Elder, and Tourism NT’s Andrew Hopper, before the conference was officially opened by TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager, Michael Gazal, and House of Travel Australia’s CEO, Joe Araullo.The keynote speaker for day one was Australia’s most decorated serving soldier, Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC MG. According to Gazal, Roberts-Smith’s presentation was extremely well-received by conference attendees, and he believes it will prove to be one of the major highlights of this year’s event.“Our PTMs are leaders in their own right and have, like Ben, experienced moments where they have needed to take risks and step up in order to achieve personal and professional success. Ben’s journey as a soldier has included times when he has needed to apply the same “do or die” approach, and we were all inspired by his incredible story.”Conference delegates also heard the first two in a series of presentations on the theme “Secrets of my Success”, to be made by PTMs throughout the three day conference. Corinne Mutz, representative for Upper Sturt, SA, and Sarena Taylor, representative for Robina, QLD, will be joined later in the conference by six other PTMs, all of whom have valuable business insights to share with their colleagues.Mutz, who has worked in the travel industry for close to 30 years, has a strong focus on building strong, rewarding relationships with both clients and suppliers, and says being with TravelManagers has allowed her to offer her clients the sort of travel booking experience that everyone deserves.“We are years ahead of the competition, who can only strive to emulate the systems, support and expertise offered by the TravelManagers model.”The day concluded with a welcome function at Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Market, an opportunity for PTMs, suppliers and NPO personnel to get together in a relaxed setting at the end of Day 1.Day Two of the conference will consist of a series of workshops and presentations from both PTMs and suppliers, and will wrap with a “One” themed party at Pee Wee’s at the Point, while Day Three will involve the much-anticipated Community Event in the morning and a keynote presentation for Shark Tank’s Red Shark, Naomi Simson.The final day will conclude with a Gala Awards Dinner, which will recognise and reward excellence throughout the company and form the perfect conclusion to a big weekend.“Darwin is proving to have been an inspired choice of location,” says Gazal. “It’s stunning location that’s steeped in culture and history, coupled with state-of-the-art conference facilities.”Gazal also acknowledged the ‘tremendous support’ for the company from both Northern Territory Tourism and their partner suppliers, especially their Platinum sponsors: Amadeus, Allianz, Royal Caribbean International, APT Group, Qantas Airways and Qantas Holidays. “It would be impossible to run an event like this, as successfully as this, without the support of our industry partners,” he explains. “Our strong relationships with these partners is just one more reflection of the overall ONE theme.” IMAGE: TravelManagers’ Conference Day 1 keynote speaker – Australia’s most decorated serving soldier, Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC MG AgencyTravelManagerslast_img read more

Soldier to run three marathons in aid of kidney patients

first_imgThe Paphos Kidney Association has started a fund-raising campaign in support of a soldier who aims to run three upcoming marathons, in full combat gear, in order to raise 70,000 euros to kit out a planned new renal unit at Paphos general hospital.The funds will buy 25 special electric beds for the new unit; each one costs approximately 2,500 euros plus VAT. The beds which raise up in different sections, will also help nursing staff tremendously, Graham Brown, the chairman of the association, told the Cyprus Mail.“They are also remote controlled and as blood pressure varies a lot when having dialysis treatment, all staff will have to do is press a button to raise the feet and this brings the patient’s blood pressure down. It prevents the nurses damaging their backs as well,” he said.He added that good blood pressure levels are very important for dialyses patients.With over 100 patients on dialysis in Paphos Hospital and currently only 14 beds, the government is building a larger renal unit, said Brown.Nurses are working all hours, recently some have been working until 4.30am, to ensure that patients get their life-saving treatment.Brown has hereditary polycystic kidney disease and receives regular dialysis treatment at the unit to keep him alive. Each of the hemodiafiltration (HDF) machines at the unit comes with a €25,000 price tag. The charity has donated three of them. If a patient doesn’t receive dialysis when needed, they will die within five days.“There are more than 20 patients waiting for dialysis and I’m seeing new people at the unit all the time,” he said.Brown, who has had around 840 treatments, said the process “really takes it out of you and ages you, as it has such a massive impact on the body.”Just months after undergoing surgery to give his mother one of his kidneys, 31-year-old Nicolas Miltiadous is busy running marathons both to prove his quality of life has been unaffected and to raise funds for the charity.Miltiadous will run in the marathon in Denmark in May, followed by Ireland and then the Athens marathon in full combat gear, all raising funds for the Paphos Kidney Association.Miltiadous, a staff sergeant in the national guard from Nicosia, underwent surgery last November at the Nicosia general hospital to remove one of his kidneys which was then successfully transplanted into his mother. Although she still has to take medication, she no longer has to undergo daily haemodialysis treatment.Funds for the new renal unit have been brought forward from the 2021 budget as a matter of urgency, said Brown, and the new facility is due to be completed by the end of 2021.In the past, the Paphos Kidney Association has spent the funds it raises on equipment for the renal unit at Paphos general hospital, and will now continue to do so by helping to equip the new unit.“There are 15 beds all allocated and waiting to go in to the new building,” said Brown.The 26 haemodialysis units which are new will also be moved to the new space, he said. Twenty were paid for by the state, three from the Paphos Kidney Association and three from OPAP, he said.Some will be kept as spares, as is the legal requirement, he added.“We are hoping to set up a donation fund via Facebook in the immediate future,” said Brown.Please donate by e-mailing : for the charity’s bank details.‘Paphos Kidney Association’ on Facebook  or        You May LikeDr. Marty3 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Crying For HelpDr. MartyUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoCity BeautyLift Sagging Skin And Jowls Without Surgery (Do This)City BeautyUndo A new way of doing businessUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

With 85 Per Cent Accuracy Math Can Predict an Actors Future Study

first_img accuracyacting abilityactorsactors life First Published: June 7, 2019, 2:18 PM IST Researchers have developed an algorithm that predicts whether an actor’s career has peaked and also predicts their most successful days in future, with an accuracy of 85 per cent.The research team discovered that the most productive years for actors, defined as the year with the largest number of credited jobs, are towards the beginning of their careers. The study, published in the journal Nature Communications shows how around 70 per cent actors and actresses have careers that only last for one year.”Our results shed light on the underlying social dynamics taking place in show business and raise questions about the fairness of the system. Our predictive model for actors is also far from the randomness that is displayed for scientists and artists,” study author from the Queen Mary University of London Oliver Williams said. For the study, the researchers used data of Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and looked at the careers of over 2.4 million actors from around the world from 1888 to 2016 to analyse and predict success on the silver screen.They found that careers are clustered into ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ streaks, as individuals do not tend to work at a steady rate in a business where unemployment rates hover at around 90 per cent.There is also huge evidence of gender biases in the industry, as most of the patterns were observed different for actors and actresses, the study said.According to the outcomes, the total number of jobs in a career is underpinned by the rich-get-richer phenomenon. What is interesting about this observation is that the rich-get-richer effects are well known to develop out of arbitrary and unpredictable random events that get amplified. Hence, an actor’s success could be down to their circumstances rather than the acting ability. “We think the approach and methods developed in this paper could be of interest to the film industry: for example, they could provide complementary data analytics to IMDb. This does also bring with it a number of open questions,” said Lucas Lacasa from the Queen Mary University of London. Follow @News18Lifestyle for more last_img read more