Many fans of economic nonsense Correct understanding is the key

fan economy, in short, is consumer behavior caused by a particular brand or a star. Nowadays, the application of more obvious millet, hammer and other new generation of technology products, these products are also well-known because of the fans economy. But with the rise of sports star, the brightest star of the hype means also meet the eye everywhere, broken sooner or later meet the eye everywhere, the trick to be identified, so the "passers-by turn pink" is the phenomenon of It is often seen. then, in such a rapidly changing society, how to retain and even expand their fan base, how to drive yourself the development of the operator or from the media become particularly concerned about the topic by fans economy. So, the topic back to the original place, facing the fans economy, how should we grasp, how to know, read more

The stationmaster has insisted that the light of dawn shines on you

, it’s not difficult to do a station now. You won’t do anything. 500 yuan outsourcing. Someone can make you a beautiful, practical and good site,


can make the station successfully, to IP, converted into brightly coloured bill, it is really need a lot of hard work


pinch that calculation, I contact the webmaster circle have a year and a half, do stand for 10 months. The middle tasted sour, sweet, bitter, hot, the most painful suffering, the middle had several times the thought of giving up, again and again to inspire and support their faith and friends, let me hold over, some of the more stable English station now, Chinese station has 1 stable, and 6 out of the station in 500 IP above, the monthly income is still relatively objective. I want to talk to my novice friends who have just entered the webmaster circle. I want to help you with my personal experience. read more

Wang Tong China’s most promising web site – community China

(one of the series of business model innovation studies)

these years China Internet projects, mostly to imitate the American model, the original model is too little, especially for only two or three years, most of the way to imitate the old beauty although fooled a lot of risk investment, but most are still facing a dead end. Therefore, the site in the business model, we can no longer imitate, to innovation. Today, I’m talking with you about an absolutely original website — community China, which has just started, but its operating team is absolutely domestic, and the business model is absolutely original. read more

Shop coup health wine chain store location

with the development of China’s wine market, wine chain stores increasingly favored by consumers, along with the development of China’s economy, the diversification of the market, many consumers in the market recognition, word of mouth, the more we need to learn the location of the shop, let us together to understand.

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Home sales staff to do a good job

Home Furnishing franchise business cannot do without guide efforts, because a lot of in store shopping guide staff suck in business has been greatly affected, if you want to improve the ability of the sales staff that Study hard about how to enhance communication skills, can not miss this good opportunity to learn.

is like other industries in this guide, Home Furnishing join information life museum to have a professional sales staff is the key to promote the development of the brand, for the operators professional advisers need to grasp what knowledge, good language expression, they directly face the customer’s needs, affinity, good language expression ability, in order to better communicate with the customer. read more

The famous little secrets network

now people in the network business has become very common, but now the number of Internet users in Chinese is increasing year by year, people have experienced online shopping has become more and more, especially in online shopping, sometimes shop page ranking is really important.

online business: small network operators " "

tips; reputation;

who still no online shopping experience? If you are, that means you are a little out of touch with the trend. Online shopping convenience and price to attract a large number of consumers, but also created a large number of network operators. read more

Science and Technology Museum closed the original new action

science and Technology Museum has been a lot of parents and children love to go to the place, recently, the provincial science and Technology Museum closed, which makes many parents and children are particularly concerned about, "the Museum of science and technology, why what time can open and closed after the opening of the museum is what highlights……" In response to this series of questions, the evening news reporter interviewed the person in charge of the provincial science and technology museum. read more

Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement signed by the prov

July 23rd, Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in Xining. Xining Municipal People’s government and Haidong Municipal People’s government signed the vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement, Xining agribusiness company signed cooperation agreements and the east sea vegetables three vegetable production and marketing major. The signing of the agreement will play an important role in realizing the goal of ensuring supply, stabilizing prices and serving the whole province in Xining, and also marks an important step in the development of the enclave economy in Xining. read more

The most popular part time entrepreneurial ideas

now the young people working hard all the time in the way to make money, to find part-time is certainly one of them, and it also has a lot of extra money, easy money, what are the most popular part-time, let’s take a look!

if you willing to do a steady income of small white-collar workers, may wish to try part-time. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, white-collar workers to do part-time is a common phenomenon. What to do part-time part-time jobs? Or, according to his ability, the opportunity to decide. However, no matter what kind of part-time, can exercise ability, accumulate experience, but also accumulated a certain amount of money, and save time, don’t give up the job, just to make up for the short board to white-collar entrepreneurs, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. read more

Expert Committee on food safety risk assessment

The Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission recently set up provincial food safety risk assessment expert committee and the provincial local food safety standards (enterprise) Accreditation Committee of experts, the food safety risk and the establishment of the 7 members of the evaluation of chief expert group, to implement a comprehensive health monitoring food safety risk assessment and food safety of local family planning administrative departments bear (enterprise) standard management responsibilities, give full play to the role of "sentinel". Two expert committee by the provincial food safety administrative departments, inspection and testing departments, research institutions, colleges and universities in the selection of experts to recommend the introduction, each composed of 56 experts. The food safety risk assessment expert committee is mainly responsible for food safety risk assessment work, and participate in the formulation of food safety risk assessment related monitoring and evaluation plan, proposed food safety risk monitoring and assessment of the recommendations, research to develop food safety risk monitoring and assessment of relevant policies and normative documents, carry out the food safety knowledge popularization personnel training other related work. The local food safety standards (enterprises) evaluation expert committee is mainly responsible for the formulation of local food safety standards that provide technical consultation on major issues concerning local food safety standards, food safety standards for enterprises to guide the technical review, participate in food safety standard tracking evaluation and personnel training and other related work.   read more

Local conditions to take advantage of employment platform

recently, the implementation of preferential employment policies by the government to pay a subsidy, job training, training schools to provide all kinds of farmers are directly involved in skills training in Huangzhong County of Zhenkang city of Sichuan dopa, the implementation of this policy will be better to solve the difficult employment of landless peasants in Sichuan Kang Town problem.

it is understood that the Kang Sichuan Metro residential nearly 50 thousand people, these people are from the three towns near the relocation of the Gan River Industrial Park in the town of DOPA landless peasants so far, because of the lack of arable land, resulting in the emergence of a large number of new idle workers, especially between 40 to 55 years old of the labor force is idle, for this a, 9 Municipal Personnel Bureau and the Huangzhong County Employment Bureau, the United People’s cooking school computer network training school, Huangzhong County occupation skills training schools and other training schools and units organized a large-scale training according to local conditions, special skills training for farmers, through a brief training skills formal, students get related. The employment certificate, and then through the contact training institutions assigned to the corresponding jobs on the job. This docking training not only solves the problem of farmers’ Employment under the condition of no skill, but also realizes the desire of training at home and working from home. (author: Zhang Guojing)
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These professional qualifications will no longer be identified

real estate brokers, land registration agents, CPV, auction industry practitioners qualification, financial planner, designer IC occupation qualification, abacus trainer…… 272 vocational qualifications and identification (examination) work in all of our province was canceled. At the same time, the province in accordance with the provisions of the province in accordance with the relevant provisions of the establishment of computer word processing and office automation operator access class professional qualification has been canceled. This reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security news, the move will reduce the province’s personnel barriers to employment, reduce the burden of talent and social costs. read more

Business opportunities are everywhere

do not think that business is the need to wait, as long as we can take the initiative, in fact, where there can be business opportunities, where can make money. In the fierce competition in the market economy, small shops can occupy a space for one person in the market, mainly by two aspects, one is the good quality of marketable; two is the source of Everfount.

many shops in the store has just opened, the source is mainly close relatives, friends and other people familiar with, in order to attract more customers, we must actively looking for customers, then the name card comes in handy. read more

Chinese leather ten brand list

is now a lot of people love to wear leather, not only good thermal effect, but also can spread manners, so that leather market is more and more broad. Of course, a big country Chinese is leather, also has a lot of brands. So, what brand of leather? Let Xiaobian for your secret China leather ten brand rankings.

Chinese leather ten brands list NO.01, Kaiser KAISER, began in 1994, leather apparel industry standard drafting unit, entitled " Wang " leather clothing; reputation, large international leather apparel group, Kaiser (Chinese) Limited by Share Ltd. read more

Where to open a beauty salon is more appropriate to these places to fast money

today’s people are very focused on their overall image, beauty salon business is also more popular than ever, attracted the attention of investors. Investment to open a beauty salon is very promising, where to open a beauty salon more appropriate? Now let’s take a look!

where to open beauty salons more appropriate? Densely populated communities around the community

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How much does it cost to open a cake shop

is now more and more people are no longer simply because of the problem of food and clothing and worry, so, the consumer market is more and more broad, usher in greater development. The same is true of the cake market, consumer demand is growing, so it attracted a lot of investors ready to open a cake shop. However, the start-up business is the need for funds to support. So, how much does it cost to open a cake shop?

1, single sell cake

how much does it cost to open a cake shop? This is the minimum amount of capital invested in the form of business, venture capital at 50 thousand yuan, about $20 thousand for store rent and renovation costs, $30 thousand for the purchase and daily expenses. This business model, investors do not need to consider the production of cake, but one thing to note, we must choose the quality assurance, good reputation of the manufacturers purchase, otherwise it will hit their shop signs. read more

The old stone has rich wind.

children growing up in rural areas, many people probably remember the stone of this kind of thing, with the development of the times, many people put this stuff hit hit, throw throw, everyone will think this kind of thing can become rich, and here is a person to depend on it, realize the goal of getting rich!

2OO4 in November, fan Sen from friends entrusted to the village to a Shandong to Taiwan villagers bought a stone, the Taiwanese are very nostalgic, because Taiwan has never seen a stone, we want to have it shipped to Taiwan to let the outside people touch a rural life is how old, how rice how to cook. read more