Champions Leicester collect EPL trophy

first_imgLEICESTER, England (AP) – In scenes that would have seemed absurd a year ago, Leicester’s captain Wes Morgan collected the English Premier League (EPL) trophy yesterday after one of the most improbable turnarounds by a sports team. “It’s the best time of my life,” Morgan, a Jamaican international who joined Leicester as a second-tier club four years ago, said on the field. “You just want to enjoy every minute.” Fireworks erupted on the King Power Stadium pitch before yellow and blue streamers cascaded from the roof after the preseason 5,000-1 title long shots got their hands on the biggest prize in English football. Before the biggest party in the club’s 132-year history, the Foxes completed their first game since securing their first-ever top flight title without playing on Monday, with a swaggering 3-1 victory over Everton. Jamie Vardy, the striker signed from non-league Fleetwood Town four years ago, returned from suspension with a double to take the club top-scorer’s tally to 24, with a penalty miss denying him a hat-trick. But it was apt that midfielder Andy King was also on the score sheet. The lifelong Leicester player has been on the journey as the club climbed back from the third tier in 2009 to the top flight only two years ago. Earlier yesterday Newcastle, Norwich and Sunderland were on the hunt for points to stave off relegation, just as the champions were doing a year ago. Sunderland were the only one of the trio to win. Sunderland beat Chelsea 3-2 to climb out of the relegation zone with two games remaining as the deposed champions saw captain John Terry sent off. Newcastle who were 0-0 by already-relegated Aston Villa, are a point behind and have played a game more than north-east rivals Sunderland. Norwich are below Newcastle in the drop zone after losing to Manchester United 1-0. Juan Mata’s goal for United took Louis van Gaal’s side within one point of Manchester City in the fourth and final Champions League place. In other matches, visitors Swansea beat West Ham 4-1, Bournemouth drew 1-1 with West Bromwich Albion and Crystal Palace beat Stoke 2-1.last_img read more

Science Replication: An Ideal in Crisis

first_imgJournal editors are uniting to confront a crisis of confidence: lack of reproducibility of science results.According to naive conceptions of science, replication is a source of confidence in scientific results – or as Finagle put it, “Experiments should be reproducible; they should all fail the same way.”  Unfortunately, what sounds good in theory is not always true in practice.  That’s why Nature and Science both posted special editorials titled, “Journals unite for reproducibility.”  After all, “public trust in science is at stake.”Just how bad is this ‘replication crisis,’ as Jonathan W. Schooler calls it in Nature?  “In disciplines such as medicine, psychology, genetics and biology,” he says, “researchers have been confronted with results that are not as robust as they originally seemed.”  This is in addition to many sciences that concern historical events that are not reproducible even in principle, such as big bang cosmology, the origin of life, and universal common ancestry.  Any science that relies on singularities or contingent events is not reproducible.Nature’s editors state the ideal of replication:Reproducibility, rigour, transparency and independent verification are cornerstones of the scientific method. Of course, just because a result is reproducible does not make it right, and just because it is not reproducible does not make it wrong. A transparent and rigorous approach, however, will almost always shine a light on issues of reproducibility. This light ensures that science moves forward, through independent verifications as well as the course corrections that come from refutations and the objective examination of the resulting data.It’s interesting that they should speak of “course corrections that come from refutations and the objective examination” of data, when the journal routinely screens refutations and objective examinations of Darwinian evolution.  Be that as it may, the editors reported that journal editors met at the AAAS in June to formulate Guidelines in Reporting Preclinical Research.  It’s part of “quality control” that Science Magazine says leads to “best practices” in science; “the important point is that a large number of scientific journals are standing together in their conviction that reproducibility and transparency are important issues.”  The public needs this assurance; “The hope is that that these guidelines will not be viewed as onerous, but as part of the quality control that justifies the public trust in science.”You’ve just been Gruberized.  You were lied to; your science teacher told you that science was self-correcting and reproducible, and that’s what made it so trustworthy against all other forms of knowledge generation.  They didn’t want to reveal how inaccurate that claim is in the real world, because the American public is too stupid to understand it without a nuanced presentation.  It was important to get the hype passed by the media, because the elites wanted their exalted reputation to be swallowed without debate.  Now that they’ve been caught red-handed with their deceit, they are in damage repair mode.  “Don’t worry,” they tell us too late; “you can still trust us.”Replication is a simplistic ideal that is rarely followed in practice.  Except in rare high-profile cases, like the cold fusion claim of the 1980s, scientists are simply too busy to try to replicate someone else’s work.  And who is going to replicate the Higgs boson discovery without a CERN supercollider to use, and hundreds of researchers?  Obviously, some of the most worldview-dependent claims about big bang cosmology and evolution’s “great transformations” cannot be replicated.In the philosophy of science, only a few branches of science, like chemistry and mechanics, even lend themselves to replication.  Some are replicable in principle, like medicine, but are often too plagued by complexity to obtain solid reproducible results in the lab.  Psychology is hopelessly confused by the largely unpredictable actions of free moral agents.  The worst sciences at reproducibility are the evolutionary historical sciences.  How is one to replicate the emergence of a particular species, especially when there is no fossil record?  In cosmology, how is one to replicate the big bang, or the multiverse?  Different methods are needed, one argues; well, the same is true for non-science fields, like history or theology.If we can just get past the false dogma that a “scientific method” exists, we should focus our attention less on “scientific reasoning” and more on “logical reasoning” about evidence.  There is no one scientific method, but a series of disparate fields of inquiry, all grasping at the honor of the word “Science,” each using different methods, tools, and types of evidence.  Their explanations also vary widely in quality and evidential support.This entry reminds us of how important integrity is to science.  Integrity is not made of particles, nor does it evolve.  Without a reliable, changeless standard of honesty and love of the truth, science cannot exist.  The Bible provides that standard.  Secular materialism does not.  When the leading journal editors wring their hands about the necessity of transparency, public trust and convictions, tell them to kick the Darwin habit and read the Ten Commandments. 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Ohio twins take on National FFA Convention as state officers

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt ReeseBrother and sister duo Grant and Grace Lach from the Bloom-Carroll FFA Chapter are both serving on the Ohio FFA 2018-2019 Officer Team. They are the first twins to ever serve together as state officers in Ohio.“We have no choice but to work together and we make sure to make the most of it. I’d say we work together better than average for twins,” Grant said. “We don’t have many sibling fights.”“Sometimes we finish each others’ sentences,” Grace said. “Having a twin is like having a built-in best friend. We treat it as such and we work together really well.”Along with the rest of this year’s Ohio FFA State Officer Team, the Lachs have been hard at work getting reading for this week’s National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.“We have been really busy doing prep. At National Convention we are responsible for being on committees and changing things so they fit more with what our members need,” Grace said. “We have done a lot of work and research for our committees.”They are both looking forward to the events this week.“We have competed at National Convention before and we get to do this again this year and serve as delegates,” Grant said. “I am a part of the committee for the implementation of technology and social media in FFA programs and activities. It is something I really care about and I am excited to contribute positively to that aspect of the National FFA.”Beyond National Convention, the full calendar will continue for the twins with a packed schedule of FFA, school and family activities in the months ahead.“Our mom misses us, I’ll say that much,” Grace said. “You have to find that balance between school, being a state officer and family life. We are finding it, but they always say that National Convention is where it really hits.”Keep up with Grant and Grace this week via the Lach Twin Cam photos in this post as they progress through their busy National Convention. Making our way to Indianapolis with our teammates Holly McClay and Emma Dearth! Started delegate training today! Super excited to represent our state and enact positive change! Grant and Grace Lach We are setting up our Agriscience Fair project and honored to have the opportunity to represent our chapter and our state as we compete at the 91st National FFA Convention! GARTH BROOKS WAS OUTSTANDING. His performance was one that will be hard to top! He did a great job really involving the audience! Catching up with the family! We were able to meet up with our cousin Sheridan and our little brother Sean! Headed back to the hotel after a delegate business session – it didn’t end until 11:30!last_img read more

Get Better Results from the DaVinci Resolve Motion Tracker

first_imgThe DaVinci Resolve motion tracker is fast and simple to use. Let’s explore how to get the most out of this already amazing tool.The DaVinci Resolve motion tracker’s efficiency always seems to impress clients, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Let’s take a look at how to best utilize this fantastic feature.Resolve’s lovely tracker at work. The tool automatically picks points within a vignette to analyze.Track the Best ObjectThere are a few basic scenarios where you may want to use tracking. You’ll either have a moving camera, a moving subject, or both. Most of the time, it makes sense to place a power window on the moving object in question and track it. However, sometimes the object is stationary and you just want to compensate for the movement of the camera. In these scenarios, the best object to track may actually not be the talent, but an inanimate object that remains in the frame during the shot. After tracking for camera motion, you can reposition the power window onto the subject.Let’s assume this was a particularly shaky shot. The interviewee may not be the best place to start, since she’ll be moving around during the shot. The black circles are some inanimate areas that would likely yield a good track.Track Without SoftnessWhen creating a tracking node, I’ve gotten better results by setting the softness to its minimum. If you’ve performed a correction on the node already, inform the client of the lack of softening which will make the correction stand out temporarily while you perform the track.A vignette with zero softness, while optimal for tracking, immediately gives away the effect. Notify your client so they know you’re about to perform a track.Only Track Relevant DataDon’t create more tracking data than you need. Is the subject moving from left to right? Is there a camera zoom or pan you want to stay with? Before you initiate tracking, consider what elements should be tracked. By default, Resolve will track the pan, zoom, tilt, and rotation parameters inside the power window. That doesn’t mean you need all four for every shot. In fact, tracking data you don’t need can cause the track to get confused and produce inferior outcomes.Don’t Be Afraid to Track Multiple TimesSometimes the original track fails midway through the shot. The DaVinci Resolve motion tracker is fast enough where minimal time is lost by retracking. If you keep getting the same results, consider resizing your power window. Pick an area of the shot with defined regions of contrast to optimize for the best tracking performance.On particularly difficult shots, you may even want to take advantage of Resolve’s Track One Frame Forward or Backward commands, accessible via the Color menu.Multiple Windows Can Use the Same TrackIf you need to perform multiple corrections on tracked information, you can use Copy and Paste Track Data to prevent tracking the same objects again. The commands are located on the top right of the tracking panel. You can paste into another node or another shot entirely. To get it to work, make sure you have a vignette style selected first.When Tracking FailsResolve’s tracker isn’t perfect, and sometimes tracking will fail. In these cases, you can use keyframes to move your power windows around manually. To do this, select the node you want and click the Mark menu, select Keyframe Timeline Mode, and then Color. The bottom right of the Color page shows a timeline representation of your nodes. Selecting the Color mode will highlight your current node.The interface at the bottom-right of the Color page. Click the diamond icon to automatically add keyframes as you change the parameters of the window.The easiest way to work is to turn on the automatic keyframe feature, which is the diamond shape next to the lock icon. Now any change you make will be recorded as your first keyframe, so navigate through the frames and create subsequent moves. New keyframes will automatically be added.I’ve seen people get tripped up on making too many keyframes. This can result in power windows that jerk around and give away the correction, the last thing we want. Instead, start at the extreme ends of the shot and note where the move should begin and end. Follow the subject through the duration of the shot, and when the correction lags behind, adjust it.This technique of going halfway will create less keyframes. Keyframing can take some time to get right. If you’re in a fast-paced session, notify the client to set expectations, or refine it when they’ve signed off on the overall grade. I often track into the shot handles when my client has given me the green light to begin rendering.Ask: Do I Need to Track?There will be times when you think tracking will help the shot you’re working on, but if you’ve made an adequate qualifier, you may not actually need to. For example, if the subject is not moving much and you have a power window on their face, as long as you’ve softened it out enough, you may not need tracking.Just because Resolve has a great tracker, it doesn’t mean we require its use for every shot. Exercise your judgement to see where attention should be given.Looking for more insight into the possibilities offered by DaVinci Resolve? Check out these articles from PremiumBeat:Tips for Achieving Real-Time Playback in DaVinci ResolveDaVinci Resolve: Working with Memory ColorsDaVinci Resolve Tutorial: Using Offline Reference ClipsDo you have any additional tips for using the DaVinci Resolve motion tracker? Please share them in the comments below!last_img read more

In times of trouble, radio plays just music in Kashmir

first_imgFor 12 days now, it’s back-to-back songs and no shows on all five major FM radio channels in Kashmir, in the wake of the complete communication blockade, including the Internet. Vijdan, a Radio Jockey (RJ) with ‘Radio Mirchi,’ is waiting for the restoration of the Internet to get connected with his fan base again. “It’s difficult to reach office due to security restrictions. With Internet and phones down since August 5, it is impossible to produce shows. We are running back-to-back songs for now,” Vijdan told The Hindu. There are five popular FM stations in Kashmir valley. All were started to provide entertainment to the young population of the Valley, where cinema halls were closed down in 1990s. Though there was a bid to reopen cinemas in 1999, it failed to take off. RJ Nasir of FM Tadka used to run a popular show, ‘Srinagar Local 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.’ The show would run songs on listeners’ demand. “I would receive around 50 calls from listeners for my show. These are difficult times to reach out to our audience base. The absence of Internet ‘derailed’ my ‘Srinagar Local’ too. I check the Internet connection every day but feel sad to see the red light on since August 5. My show completely depends on the Internet connection,” Mr. Nasir told The Hindu.In an indication of the ground situation, the government-run Doordarshan and Radio Kashmir too have had to discontinue with popular debate shows, as the offices remain out of bounds for civilians and participants because of extra security deployment around these installations.last_img read more

Nominated Candidates for General Election 2016

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items: Providenciales, TCI, November 21, 2016 – The Turks and Caicos Islands Elections Department wishes to advise the general public that following on from the stipulated Nomination Day which was held on Friday November 18th, 2016, a total of 52 candidates have been nominated to stand for election.This includes thirty one (31) candidates across the ten (10) Electoral Districts in the Turks and Caicos Islands and an additional twenty one (21) All Island District candidates.Fifteen (15) candidates have each been nominated to stand for election on behalf of the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) and Progressive National Party (PNP); twelve (12) candidates on behalf of the Progressive Democratic Alliance and ten (10) Independent candidates.TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS DEPARTMENTPRESS RELEASE LIST OF NOMINATED CANDIDATES FOR GENERAL ELECTION 2016ELECTORAL DISTRICT 01 GRAND TURK NORTH1. Derek Rolle PDM2. George Lightbourne PNP3. Kwame Odinga Smith PDAELECTORAL DISTRICT  02 GRAND TURK SOUTH AND SALTCAY1. Noel Terrence Skippings PDA2. Edwin Astwood PDM3. Arthur Lightbourn PNP4. Valerie Jennings INDELECTORAL DISTRICT 03 SOUTH CAICOS1. Ruth Blackman PNP2. Keno Shamado Forbes PDM3. Christopher Emanuel Hall PDA4. Mc Allister Eusene Hanchell INDELECTORAL DISTRICT 04 MIDDLE AND NORTH CAICOS1. Mark Anthony Fulford PNP2. Ralph Higgs PDMELECTORAL DISTRICT  05 LEEWARD, PROVIDENCIALES1. Ezra Ringo Tyrone Taylor PDM2. Calsada Carolie Johnson PDA3. Akierra Mary Deanne Missick PNPELECTORAL DISTRICT  06 THE BIGHT, PROVIDENCIALES1. Dozzlie McLom Delancy PDA2. Porsha Stubbs-Smith PNP3. George C.D.Pratt PDMELECTORAL DISTRICT 07 CHESHIRE HALL AND RICHMOND HILL, PROVIDENCIALES1. Amanda Misick PNP2. Douglas Parnell PDM3. Charles Delancy PDAELECTORAL DISTRICT 08 BLUE HILLS, PROVIDENCIALES1. Ciclyn Been PDA2. Mixmillian Goldray EwingPDM3. Claudine Ewing-Pratt PNPELECTORAL DISTRICT 09 FIVE CAYS, PROVIDENCIALES1. Sean Rickard Astwood PDM2. Rachel Marshall Taylor PNP3. Bobbie D. Chambers PDAELECTORAL DISTRICT 10 WHEELAND, PROVIDENCIALES1. Hudson James Parker IND2. Dameko Canez Dean PNP3. Vaden Delroy Williams PDMALL ISLAND DISTRICT1. Sharlene Cartwright RobinsonPDM2. Josephine Olivia Connolly PDM3. Hugh Derek Taylor        PDM4. Robert A. Been PDM5. Karen Evadne Malcolm PDM6. Rufus Washington Ewing PNP7. Charles Washington Misick PNP8. Sheba Latrice Wilson PNP9. John Malcolm        PNP10.  Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner PNP11. Oswald Skippings        PDA12. Herbert Andrew Swann jr. PDA13. Shirley Louise Clarke-CalcanoPDA14. Samuel Iotis Harvey PDA15. Michael Misick        IND16. Damian Wilson IND17. Clarence Wesley Selver IND18. Sabrina Elizebeth Green IND19. Oscar O’Brien Forbes IND20. Jasmin Walkin        IND21. Courtney  Missick          INDLister Dudley Lewis Supervisor of Electionscenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Eibar proud of their female President

first_imgEibar president Amaia Gorostiza has spoken of her ‘pride’ of the club’s board being comprised of a female majority, reflecting the values of the Basque society.The Basque side have maintained their La Liga status since gaining promotion  in 2015 with Gorostiza leading the club“Eibar is a city where women have always had a very big role in every aspect of society and the club is nothing else but a reflection of this trait,” Gorostiza – whose side face Real Madrid on Saturday – told an interview with Reuters and cited by Football Espana.“We don’t have any policy in the club and this all happened naturally, we haven’t pushed it. Whenever we employ someone the only thing we look for in candidates is quality. We look for ability and worthiness without considering gender.“I cannot deny the evidence that today being a woman in a position of business responsibility still exposes you to certain attitudes which are never applied to men, but that is changing and those attitudes will disappear eventually.“I prefer not to give any importance to these incidents or enter into details. Things end up falling into place and you have to do things as naturally as possible.Barcelona play the kind of football De Ligt wantsMatch Preview: Eibar vs Barcelona Boro Tanchev – May 19, 2019 Barcelona travel to Eibar on Sunday afternoon for the last round of the 2018-19 La Liga campaign.“We’ve never aspired to be an example in this or any aspect, we just do what we believe.“But if there are other clubs and organisations that believe that there are some things they can learn from us that’s great, and we feel proud about that.”Eibar’s Patricia Rodriguez is the only female CEO in La Liga also spoke of the difficulties which her gender has brought her in football.“It was not easy. In my first months, when I spoke, sometimes my opinion was not heard as much as that of my male colleagues,” Rodriguez said in the same Reuters feature.“I had to make an effort to show people my work and achieve my targets at the club. I had to show I can do the same amount of work or be better than my male colleagues. But now I can say that all my colleagues behave normally with me.”last_img read more