Rapidly improve keyword rankings for high quality is the key chain

Although There are many ways to improve the

keywords ranking promotion mainly from aspects of the chain, the chain resources dream weaving administrator of the home is more, the chain is mainly derived Links, Admin5, Chinaz and DoNews contribute to link the some webmaster forum links, love and love to know Shanghai Shanghai Wikipedia links. The Links submission links and love Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know that the link quality or relatively high. Leave a link method in Shanghai love Wikipedia has a lot of, can refer to this article "the promotion website" love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion products at the same time, in Shanghai on the left link know love can bring me days and months multiplying, not less than 60IP per day, read more

Single station PK Taobao shopping guide guest website

1. simple Pinyin domain name, unique and memorable website, is must have a good shopping guide website. In the name of the web site on a bit, will definitely let you twice later in the promotion. Now three words Pinyin domain name is still relatively abundant resources.

in fact, the reason is very simple, just like we can’t use the free space and free domain name is a reason, free guest program is suitable for beginners to joke. Free program has a lot of disadvantages, such as the number of procedures for the use of too much, causing the site no stereotyped personality, such as the program unstable to the back door, such as no technical support etc……. So there are a lot of people will choose to purchase fee program, the technical problems to professional people to do, saved time and energy can be used in the promotion of the website operation. read more

Website optimization how to take cold flow increase efficiency by keywords

we can see that the above two popular keywords must be promoted by the expansion method, the top keyword more time, this is the fundamental way to ensure website to get profitable revenue, but how can we do the popular keyword in the popular keywords of contraction of

told us the popular keyword setting and promotion in the website of the efforts to increase the import flow, then as a webmaster how can we do the popular keyword expansion? Popular keywords here to talk about my understanding of the situation of expansion. read more

Why does the company website ranking is not stable

network optimization

many sites are not typically not because he did not want to have, due to technical limitations, most owners will choose some free open source web application to build your own website, basically build a website with installed software is the same, this will result in quantitative network station.

, a website development orientation is not accurate

is also optimized, the key is to follow the search engine, but many webmaster do this one up the reason is not adhere to update the content every day, if you can keep updating the quantization and update frequency. read more

Want to rely on Shanghai Longfeng profit, the website first packaged into stores

Many of my friends let me help to see the site before

reminds me of the "store" this concept is based on a rice seller’s relatives, the beginning of my relatives is a small town of the rice shop, and two years later today, he has a monopoly of the entire county is 1/3 of the market, the marketing method is very simple, is to create a professional selling rice shop, at the same time, the price is slightly adjusted, two years to make such a marketing success, have to admire.

. A "store" website and "grocery store" site between read more

The reason has been ranked examples of the old station suspended in midair

optimization of the old station will often encounter such a situation: in accordance with the normal optimization steps do 1-2 months, but the ranking is always suspended in midair even optimized too, suck in more than three months ranking, seems to do optimization are white, ranking or without doing the optimization of time position. A few such cases, the author and some colleagues talked about this problem, we should face this kind of situation to do? Why do some old station ranking has been suspended in midair? Old station are likely not the same, so only according to the example analysis to these two problems, the following is a a case of the data, as shown below: read more

The novice website often wrong way

. However, when the site is not a novice, reflected in action. For example, some beginners do not know there are many good places for free space. The first is the stability of the site. Free space does not have a good stability, there is only a pure space. Other elements of this space does not have, even at any time will be recovered. We can’t trust website here. Because here is not safe, and prone to collapse. So, every moment in the site faces might disappear. If you are using this free stuff, we must be careful. Before you do, novice to do to pay the psychological preparation. In order to save some money, we have to use no guarantee of space. There is no guarantee, people lose a sense of security. Beginners always see a free space to use immediately, without considering the consequences. When bad things happen, is a bolt from the blue. The effort quietly disappeared. In the end, a white. In a word, do not use the free space, otherwise serious consequences. read more