Webmaster friends, please take care of your mailbox

When the

site is attacked, the webmaster must first associate the server with a vulnerability or program vulnerability. Perhaps, you can not think of a simple mailbox will also make your site was attacked, the domain name A records have been modified, the site was down right, and so on. The younger brother will tell me a real experience, and I hope you can keep your mailbox after reading,


it was a dark and stormy night, I sat alone in front of the computer to update their own website, update to half, suddenly the site open. Visiting the home page, I saw a black and flowing string with green numbers. Bad, the website was attacked… read more

Online shopping system construction, JAVA, PHP programming language analysis

with the successful promotion of e-commerce in China, the successful operation of large-scale B2C integrated online shopping mall such as Jingdong, Suning and so on, a batch of independent online shops have also developed in full swing. Along with this upsurge, online shop system and other related derivative shop platform, the industry also appeared jet well development. At present, there is a certain impact on the online shop system, there are more than a dozen, such as users familiar with the JAVA shop system: SHOP++, Probiz, PHP, online shop system: SHOPEX, ECSHOP, etc., has been successfully serving about 400000 businesses. We compared the shop system has its own characteristics and advantages in function, performance, service and other aspects, the ultimate goal is to sell online friends, here we simply analyze how programming language of JAVA and PHP in the shop system construction, of which programming language is more suitable for online system construction. read more

Personal views on the travel industry website

I have engaged in the tourism industry in Hunan, Zhangjiajie, witnessed the Zhangjiajie tourism industry website number from a few years ago soared to more than 700 now, the growth so rapid, intense competition situation, certainly there will be a considerable part of the site will gradually disappear, said his opinions on tourism industry website here. I hope you can help and understanding for everyone in the tourism industry (individuals over a period of time attention to the Zhangjiajie tourism network zjjok.com). read more

On the 5 day, Baidu Google collected my website

half a year ago to do a station, and now Baidu has not included, did not expect to do when the National Day hao369 site home, today Baidu included. Baidu snapshot time is October 9th. After the website is formally submitted to Baidu, I inquire at least two times a day about the site of Baidu’s collection of my website. Now do web site than looking at the site of the station more, everyone wants to be included. Let me talk about how a new website will be collected in the shortest possible time. read more

Why does the registration network raise $100 million These 3 time nodes are the key

October 13th, registered net C $100 million round of financing, by the Tencent, LED light, etc. Morningside with investment, registered net overnight become the focus of attention. Now, we sort out the registration network 3 important time nodes, to see the company’s development process.

the first time node: by the end of 2010, step on the registration network

registration network CEO, Liao Jieyuan get 100 million financing, the media said, registered network success is the time point, step on the right. In September 09, the Ministry of Health issued "on the implementation of reservation service work opinions" in public hospitals, public hospitals began requiring all three to carry out the real name registration service appointment, while the hospital provides more telephone booking form, registration difficulties are not reasonable improvement. By the end of 2010, Liao Jieyuan’s team began to do registration network, he said earlier or later, registered network can not do it. Document "2011 public hospital reform pilot work arrangement" again proposed, requires all three level a general hospital in a variety of ways to make an appointment for diagnosis and treatment, this is what Liao Jieyuan said "good time". read more

Some experience with a rookie garbage station

in this article and rookie webmaster experience chat, master don’t scold.

7.11 months, bought a shared space, want to do a garbage QQ station, want to own technology not much how to do, have no intention, in visiting Adsense nets found in the sale of 10 yuan / share of QQ station program, bought a copy. (buy time, flying fish, etc. I N long, the CCB online banking is not going, money can not be played, flying fish, etc. some of the time, it is estimated that the appointment was late. Oh, here you say sorry, brother). read more

T Dr. tea first big Chengdu talent network promotion problem diagnosis

question: personal encountered some problems in the promotion process. Do not know how you look at the prawns? (this article only published in this forum) or what good ideas, if good suggestions or comments were adopted, and so my site developed, we must remember feedback:)

1, when did you start investing in


my site 8 months time, has been more and more, but the promotion I trial is mainly three, 1 is the blog and is a member of the 1 group promotion, mail promotion, the 1 is the search optimization (this is some simple optimization, such as the head and below). read more

Know the week source how to answer the community to achieve the ultimate

But can

consultation makes knowledgeable will become so frustrated, but also non

use for small needs group wisdom, you know

was going to ask?

this is a science and technology reporter recently visited an NetEase in Beijing almost antithetical couplet knows 768 Creative Park office, from the "book of history" in the "small personal consultation makes knowledgeable," (it is difficulty to ask others will continue to progress and profound, listen to the opinions of others is opinionated is not easy to fall into a sentence, arbitrary) is the legend of the famous literary man Ma Boyong (rational meditation: small auspicious Royal Free) in Lunar New Year Eve is known to almost exclusively written, as rational literary men know almost founder Zhou Yuan will be posted on the door to know it between the office area, look there is no sense of violation and. read more

Dong Jingyi Baidu related search and drop-down box principle and mplementation

traffic wizard can replace some repetitive work in SEO. There are three main aspects as follows.

one, about keyword optimization,

we all know, search engine rankings for each site, traffic is one of its more valued scoring points. The external traffic search engines may not be able to monitor, but the search engine from the search engine’s antecedents is well informed. For example, when a client retrieves a keyword, a total of 10 natural home display results, if the majority of users click on the eighth ranking website, so that a search engine will think the eighth ranked sites than in the top 7 sites are more popular with users, resulting in the next update the search engine. The site will be ranked eighth points in the flow of scoring points, this website will enhance the overall score, may pull the target keywords ranking promotion. read more

Many fans of economic nonsense Correct understanding is the key

fan economy, in short, is consumer behavior caused by a particular brand or a star. Nowadays, the application of more obvious millet, hammer and other new generation of technology products, these products are also well-known because of the fans economy. But with the rise of sports star, the brightest star of the hype means also meet the eye everywhere, broken sooner or later meet the eye everywhere, the trick to be identified, so the "passers-by turn pink" is the phenomenon of It is often seen. then, in such a rapidly changing society, how to retain and even expand their fan base, how to drive yourself the development of the operator or from the media become particularly concerned about the topic by fans economy. So, the topic back to the original place, facing the fans economy, how should we grasp, how to know, read more

A station master failed to teach

New Year’s first day of work, just sit down into the office, the phone rings, the phone came the sweet voice of MM, " Mr. Yang, we wish you a happy new year, your domain name and space business has to do the work, please renew timely, thank you! ". I reluctantly answered a sentence" good ", he hung up the phone. I remember last year’s experience of the site, I thought a lot. At the beginning of 2008, I lofty into the establishment of the work, the dream through the website to earn their first bucket of gold, but the reality is without any success, one year I bought a domain name, constantly changing with the theme of the site, no one is going. The result can be imagined, not only lost a lot more money, wasted a lot of time. read more

Analysis of how to establish user feedback system

              video; I have been watching Youku, based on Internet practitioners, and regularly give advice to the site. This month I made two suggestions to Youku, which were put forward through official feedback channels. First, the game suggest getting rid of the home channel editor in chief of micro-blog; second, the content page navigation bar add search box 3.5, Firefox Firefox version 3.6 is not compatible with the above two suggestions are corrected in the later. read more

Five years to do station experience from doing technology, back to do the station

when I contacted in 2005, I started doing web work. I remember using DZ program to do a film and television download exchange website. If you insist on it, at least it can reach 100 thousand every day. For me at that time, or brilliant, shameless University era, with the support of their own vision of doing a lot of young times should not have things. At that time I am very general technology, Win2003, *nix, web server, what do not understand. Remember every day to play with DW, and finally draw a web model, out of excitement for a long time. Thanks to DZ, I was able to bypass the level of technology. read more

decorate the road of entrepreneurship

summer afternoon, the beautiful Nanchang city hero, Castle Lake DIO coffee shop, < from Beijing; Chinese entrepreneur > magazine reporter Yuan Yin of course I founded makeup dot nets made a personal interview, she talks quietly, thinking carefully, as if I returned to

10 years ago…

Jiangxi Nanchang, a Chinese Internet industry underdeveloped City — the red revolutionary base, is the birthplace of the FACE network. 12 years ago, I from a village in Jiangxi of Jiujiang carrying nearly 20 thousand yuan of debt, after graduating from college, stay in the city I love, doing art and planning in an advertising company, 290 yuan monthly salary to maintain my life, 97 years after the Spring Festival, I he resigned to go to Shenzhen to work, I spent half the time to pay off the debt owed by the school. Because not willing to work career, perhaps in his youth dream… By the end of the year, I returned to Nanchang. Opening a gift shop with a friend. Because the shop is very limited space for development, not long after, I put the store dish out, he founded solely an advertising company, at that time coincided with the advertising industry to flourish, plus my original project selection, only one year for me to the accumulation of life first bucket of gold 1 million, it was 1999. Later, due to many objective reasons, the company operated a lot of detours, the operating situation was not ideal, and in 2005 even returned to my initial stage of entrepreneurship. read more

Adsense speech plagiarism, also want to have a little technical content

we generally believe that the ten fingered and know the left mouse button to determine the right key attributes of the theory can build a website, the space for you to solve the hardware, Baidu Google software for you to solve, and you have Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, the left mouse button and other simple even monkeys through software and hardware can be imitated the operation of organic combination of a web site even if built, even if there is content. Further, understand Baidu Post Bar post, Baidu know can answer the question, the website can be used to exchange links this thing people will be able to do hundreds of thousands of traffic. If a commercial color words, know the website alliance is to eat or drink, MMS messaging is used to make the site traffic and Spring rolls in thousands of the webmaster can be in the Internet on a piece of gold. read more

Dry goods livestock enterprises how to choose suitable network media advertising

went to the end of the year, back in 2014 will soon be over, industry has undergone rapid change, animal husbandry industry new pattern of electricity providers emerge, excess production capacity of pig related decline in corporate profits, business transformation is imminent. There is no doubt that the Internet media brand marketing has become the best platform for enterprises, how to use the Internet media to do network marketing, business planning staff is the most troublesome thing. At present, enterprises in the network marketing budget is mainly Internet advertising, Internet advertising on how to more effective? How to choose the most suitable network media? How to improve the conversion rate of advertising? How to evaluate the effect of network advertisement? The author has been engaged in related work, to solve these problems, share some practical dry cargo read more

Click once to punish 200 yuan

everyone’s been lured in. First fined 200 yuan, huh,.

this is a kind of marketing method is practical in SEO optimization techniques, we all know that the content of SEO in the optimization of the king, as the link, but how can let the content become the real king, and attract users in reading? This time the title is our most needs to be polished, to optimize the part. Then SEO optimization what are the most commonly used Title SEO


there are several kinds of titles about this:

1.: shock can attract eye-catching title.EX: Subaru SUV Winpard. read more

Do network promotion must be patient and confident

do you know, promotion is a very important and not the lack of a step, for a long time, often a friend asked me to add my Q, he tried a lot of methods, the daily working time is very long, how old are not what effect such problems. In fact, I am just a learning network, promotion time less than 2 years of new people, below I say a bit of view on these issues.

one, it depends on our audience,

, whether we promote websites or commodities. The first thing we need to know is how big our promotional audience is. A previously encountered enterprise website promotion personnel, often ask me a question, we do not go to the website how the total flow? Tell him through my observation, the use of their products Group Co., the reason is very simple, their products are large and heavy industrial products. General enterprises and individuals, buy useless. Especially the online shopping crowd is certainly very little. So I was advised that he should not pay too much attention to traffic, targeted user traffic is difficult to have a big breakthrough, and now need to consider how can these incoming traffic into users. That’s the point. If you do IT digital products promotion, the audience of such products will be great. Digital products, has been one of the best-selling products in the network, a wide range of users. It can be said that the existing online shopping crowd, a large part of the Internet has been buying digital products experience. Therefore, the promotion of such products, whether it is from the flow or users, the effect of natural than the previous said that the effect of this product is much better. Therefore, we should consider the effect of network promotion according to the audience size of different products. This is not only for the staff, but also for the Department heads. Don’t focus on traffic every day. read more

Discussion on the optimization technique of film station (two)

nice to meet you again, a few days ago to write an article, the article called on Optimization Technology of the movie station said some movie station primary optimization skills, because I left a QQ number in the above results, understanding the stationmaster of a lot of movies, and when we chat, found many friends there the same question is included, more difficult, or even a friend standing near March Baidu are not included, today and everyone said the problem under the new sites included.

the following view is firm, the inadequacies of everyone pointing read more

How to do websites on the sustainable nternet (four)

micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) third articles written strategy marketing solutions, network marketing personal and enterprise of course, network marketing is far more than these, marketing is a very meaningful term, it will change with the changes of the times, and network marketing as a new marketing the way, compared with the traditional way of marketing a significant advantage, it spread fast, can directly across the region and ignore the layout of the time constrained maximum display in front of the users. Today’s fourth article explains how online marketing is profitable across domains. read more