Sonys Elder Scrolls Online FAQ confirms dedicated megaservers for each

first_imgPlaying an MMO on a game console has always been a somewhat sketchy proposition. The experience is usually not the same as the PC, and in the past you wind up sacrificing quite a big just so you can sit in the living room. Elder Scrolls Online and the next-gen consoles offer a path out of that perception, and recently Sony offered up some much needed answers regarding gameplay on the PS4.Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4 combines a lot of incredible things that could mean something truly exciting. The first is obviously the game itself, taking the Elder Scrolls into the MMO space sounds fantastic, and everything we’ve seen so far suggests they are ready to pull it off. Skyrim, the last of the Elder Scrolls games, was tremendously successful on previous consoles, so the huge performance boost will be great for this game in particular. Still, there’s a lot that needs to be known here.How will the subscriptions be managed for the game? Will the controls be unique to the console or will we see a similar experience between the PC and PS4 versions? What about the touchpad on the PS4? Fortunately, Sony stepped up to the plate with more than a few answers, though they do seem to invite more questions.Sony’s Playstation blog fielded some of the most common questions, but managed to dodge a few in the way they answered. On the topic of subscriptions, a PlayStation Plus account will not be required to play the game. All you will need is a subscription to the game after you’ve paid for the game itself. Sony didn’t explain whether or not you’ll need multiple subscriptions if you plan to play across devices, but it seems likely since the PS4 version of the game won’t talk to any of the other versions of the game.A gameplay system that incorporates the PS4 DualShock controller is being built so users will have a custom experience that is optimized for the couch, according to Sony. Multiple button configurations for the controller will be available to the user, with a focus on making abilities available as quickly as possible. Given what we saw from Blizzard when Diablo 3 came to consoles we know it is possible to have a fun gameplay experience that is built specifically for the console controller, so it seems likely ESO will deliver something similar.The other big question on everyone’s mind is when can we play, and really that applies to just about everyone looking to do something new with their PS4 right now. There’s no official date for an ESO beta, but Sony confirmed that the PS4 will have an exclusive beta for users to play. Once the game is out, the UK and US servers will be separate permanently, and the PS4 players will be kept separate from PC and Xbox One players, and while that’s a bummer it was an expected one.There’s still plenty of questions that we’d like answered, especially about PS4 gameplay. Given the big push to PS Vita remote play by Sony, it’d be nice to know if that is going to be an option for users when the game is launched. Another is whether or not the button configurations will be exchangeable at all outside of the presets Sony has created, or if a mouse and keyboard will be permitted during gameplay. There’s also the earlier question regarding subscriptions, and as always time will tell and we’ll know for sure when the game is launched at the very latest.last_img

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